Samsung Series 5 Review And Price In India

This article discusses about the new Samsung series 5 which comes in the category of Ultra book. What is the price of Samsung series 5 in India? This series will offer there users a new way of, which will be faster and new in approach. Let’s check out this article for further information of this topic.

Samsung which is major in manufacturing electronic products is ready to launch its ultrabook series. The thing which separates the ultrabook from normal laptop is that, they have hard and strong hardware in it. All the latest hardware is available in these ultrabook and there are slimmer than the regular laptops. But only thing which is not good in these ultrabook are that they are more costly than the regular laptops. Approximately they cost us around 1.5 times more than the regular laptops. But as for good thing we have to pay more here also we are doing the same. I will discuss the price of this ultrabook in detail later. Now about this device, I would say this is also a strong contender in the race for the best ultrabook available in India. It has better screen then the regular laptops and the hardware which is putted in the device is awesome in his performance. Let's starts this article by discussing the body and design of these laptops.

Body and design of Samsung series 5

In design if you are picking up any ultrabook of any series, they are awesome in this segment. Now Samsung this ultrabook series is also decent and more appealing in design segment. It is very sleek in size and has approximately 2 cm in width. Weight of this ultrabook is mere 1.7 Kg which makes it more portable then other laptops of regular size. There are many color variants which are available in Samsung series 5. The best finish which I liked was the metallic or you can say the silver finish of the back panel of the screen. You have very large screen and you decent keyboard to operate. But one issue with keyboard which I think company should sort out is that it does not have backlit display. Now by backlit display of keyboard you can work in dark light conditions also. So if you are business person then you will suffer a little here. For video calling you have a webcam in built in this device. But I think company should give little improvement to the webcam. If you are normal user you will not be able to find out the difference in picture quality. The mouse of the laptop is quite good but if it was little broader then it would have been more great for use. But don't mind it as the pad is not that small that you can't really work on it. On side of the laptop you will find the USB ports which are three in number. You have all the basic port you need to have like HDMI, Ethernet port, 3.5 mm music jack and yes the SD card reader. SD card reader is used when you need to connect the memory device of your camera and mobile phone. So you not need to connect the device by the data cable or Bluetooth anymore. Ethernet is used for connecting the LAN cable and hence you can run the internet. One thing which is very good I found was that among three USB port, 2 of them are 3.0 USB, which means faster data transfer. Company has also provided a decent DVD writer at the sides.
The mouse pad is having facility of the multi gesture and this is very good in upcoming version of windows of that is Windows 8. Multi gesture function allow you to do multiple work simultaneously like when you are selecting anything, at same time you can screen down also. I never seriously used this type of facility very much. But yes if offers lot of good things to you.

Processing power of the Samsung series 5

Samsung's ultrabook is having processor of speed 1.6 GHz which uses Intel Core i5 processor. But it would be good if company provides us the i7 processor. But still the processing speed is very good as it is supported by 6 GB RAM. I have first time seen that any laptops coming with such high RAM in it and really this made lot of difference in stating the windows and it took very less time to start and close down. Now since we are expecting windows 8 in summers, so this device will run that widow better. The inbuilt Wi-Fi is also very decent in performance and offers good range of catching. One thing which is very interesting for game users is that Samsung series 5 comes with dedicated graphic card of AMD naming AMD HD 7750 gfx. Processing speed is all right and overall quality of processing is good. If you want to check the processing speed, do this thing. Transfer 3 of 4 files which are heavy in size and the same time try to open the videos. If the device takes lot of time like 10 seconds then it means the processing speed is not good. That is the reason why install the RAM of higher capacity. The device comes with the Windows 7 Home premium and offers good navigation. But I would recommend the game users or heavy internet users to go for the Windows ultimate version. This version is better in performance and offers lot functionality.
Apart from offering best game experience, it also offers the decent movie quality. This graphic cards offers stunning graphic quality for like which are mission based or if you are playing the racing games on your laptop. Buy a portable joystick and enjoy playing games. But this laptop or any laptop should not be kept on your lap or anything like bed because when you run heavy application like software or games then laptops tend to get hotter at the bottom. This affects the p[performance of the laptop. Always keep the laptop at the table at a good level. In this way you will not feel the heat at your body.

Storage capacity and Screen size of Samsung series 5

In terms of storage capacity of Samsung series 5 this device offers a lot of space for you. Currently the storage capacity of this device is around 1 terabyte capacity. This much space is huge and will be fulfilling you all needs. My personal advice is that do around four partitions in this storage device. This will help you to carefully fill up your drive because 1 terabyte is lot of space. The basic idea of providing so much of space is that all games today cokes above storage of capacity of 10 GB. Large capacity of hard drive also checks out the hanging of laptop. Always go for that hard drive which gives option for better data security. Like for example the Seagate hard disk is very good in terms of data protection encryption. In my view I TB is huge space to fill up. It will cater around more than 20 thousand videos song and many movies.
Screen size of Samsung series 5 is good enough and size of screen is around 14 inch roughly. It offers around 1366x768 pixels which offer a decent picture quality and you will enjoy the blue ray format movies. But screen can be made clearer and brighter. I found the brightness of the screen little bit less than the other devices. But this can be compensated by the fact is that it will consume lot of power if bright is increased. More the screen means more the battery consumption and more the weight and size of the laptop. My advice for all the device in laptop series is that it does not matter that how much long screen you have like 12 inch is better than 13 inch if it offers great picture quality. The standard size of the screen that you should go fro is 13 inch. Yes another matter that if you like to play games in large screen, then you will require the 17 or 15 inch screen. But that makes your laptops more expensive and heavy. One thing which is very good about the screen of this laptop is that it does not offer reflection. So you don't have to worry about the shadows of the object behind. But this also fact that this makes the quality of screen bad.

Battery backup of Samsung series 5

Ultrabook offers good battery backup of any company. Now Samsung series 5 offers around 7 hours battery backup run in very basic mode like dim screen light and not running any internet. But if you use it for the heavy work then it can put up around 3 hours of battery backup quite. The cooling arrangement of this laptop is also good and Laptops cools down quickly after heating. So from side for battery backup got 9 out of 10. So don't worry about the battery backup of Samsung series 5. There is also one more fact is that if you can avoid is that keep your wireless device like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when not in use then definitely you can get the more battery backup from your device. This thing implies to the entire device. These wireless device lots of battery backup even in the idle state.

Price of Samsung series 5 in India

Current price of Samsung series 5 in India is around 55000/-. But you can go for other companies too like HP Folio and ASUS Zenbook. I think the price point of the Samsung series 5 is decent enough and worth the price. If Samsung could solve the little flaws in this then it will be better for the customer's. Try the other options too and check out the battery back and screen resolution each. Always go for device having good battery backup.

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