Moblie phones is boon or bane

Today in this modern world communication has become the important factor of life. In this article i am going to about desire about mobile phones which play a vital role in connecting people of different parts of world followed by role of mobile phones in day to day life. Uses and ill effects of mobile phones are also discussed.

introduction :

In this modern world communication plays an extravagant role. Mobiles play a vital role in the field of communication. In the ancient times, the pigeons were first means of communication. Then slowly letter began, it took lots of times like almost more than week to send letters from place to the other place. To make people happy and send letter faster telegram and speed post were introduced, this made the delivery of letters faster that is in three to four days. And even by the telegrams and speed post were also taking lot of times. Then later pagers were started, and this consumed lot of times. So hence landlines started and people communicated well, and this was very fast communication which human being has never seen it. Later as the time passed people started landlines as in convenient as it is not possible to carry land lines where ever they go. So hence as technology started increasing cell phones were invented. As cell phones were invented people felt it was a gift of the advanced technology. In fact all the credit goes to the advanced technology as it changed the communication from pigeons to letters to telegrams and speed posts to pagers to land lines to portable cell phones. The cell phones became the most effective in the field of communication. Communication is very essential in this modern world.

Social networking is also available for communication, but in countries like India not many know English and cannot afford to place a computer system and internet connection at homes, so it mobile phones plays a vital role in connecting the people. It is of low cost, very one can afford a mobile phone because ten rupees is more than enough to get recharge and maintain contact, if they can't afford outgoing they can at least receive incoming and this at least is possible. This is major advantage of mobile phones. Mobiles phones also provide employment various people of various sectors. They are various people working in mobile companies and maintaining their families, these mobile companies provide employment to thousands of people. These companies become means of living to many families and get and lots of benefits. Mobiles are best source of communication. Communication is an important factor. Once just imagine the world without phones, life becomes miserable. It becomes a very important aspect in day to day life. There are many kinds of mobiles of different ranges, as features increases the cost also increases. Nowadays mobile is not comfort but it is a basic requirement for every individual. The mobile also becomes status symbol in high society. Mobile also plays a predominant role in today society. Mobile acts as a status symbol in high society. Different mobiles have different features.

Mobiles provides internet, gaming option, video camera, loud speaker, music players, F M radio, messaging, calling, remainders, calculators, alarms, internet networking includes checking mails, to go social networking sites like Orkut, face book, quitter and followed by many more social networking sites, they can also official bank sites and check their transition done every day. This is very helpful to the customers. Internet services on mobiles phones charges. There will be rates for different package. It is the users wish to opt which ever package is convent to you. Though it charges it becomes very effective and highly useful to the customers. This is only available to few phones like black berry, I Phone and few other phone provide this feature and these phones are very expensive, and they cannot afforded by people of poor sector. It can be afforded by upper middle people and high class people.

Mobiles phones has became so cheap that even vegetable vendor, servant maid, watch men, cleaner, driver are also maintaining cell phones. At times we will be astonished by seeing mobiles in the hands of beggars. It is very good to hear as well as to see that beggars in India have no food, no proper clothing and no proper shelter but they has mobile phones to communicate through the mobiles cost is less. Mobiles are useful communication when they are someone waiting for you at home hoping that you will come. So they play a major role in the fields of communication. It is useful if and every person in the home contains a mobile, it becomes easy to communicate. and likewise you will informed about the important updates of your family member easily and it is also for communication purpose also.

Role of mobiles in day to day life :

Mobiles are mainly used for communication purpose. Mobiles play an extravagant role in day to day life. Mobiles are the basic needs of today young stars, teenagers, worker, officers, business man, teachers, labors and all most each and every individual living in the society. Today there is no doubt in stating mobile phone has become a basic need for specific person in India. A day will come that day people will say that, "If you are an Indian, you must have a mobile phones with you". We all will wait for that day. Mobile phones also contribute for the development of the society and will contributing new technical mobiles and gift it to society. Mobile phones are a gift of advanced technology. They are seeds for communication, and they do an irreplaceable mark by sharing the happiness and sadness of customers from one part of the world to the other part of the world. These phones will always be with us, they do not have the feeling whether they are in hand of a poor man or rich man. They serve their best to everyone.

There are thousands of mobile phones available in the markets. They are mobile phones present in many places, if the tower cannot the area were you are, the signal will be low, the users can't anyone and the person calling user gets an announcement that the mobile phone number you are calling is not reachable so please after sometime or latter. At times there will low charge in the battery so the mobile phone gets directly switched off and the person calling the particular user will get an announcement that the mobile phone number you are calling is currently switched off try after sometime or later. If you wonted switch of your mobile phone, the person calling the particular user will be informed that the mobile phone number you are calling is switched off please try after sometime or later. They will be many different phone of different company. For example, in India the most important brand is airtel, it is opted by many of the customers. They are different phone company like black berry, I Phone, AT & T, t mobiles, Sam sung, nokia, Sam sung galaxy and many more company. All these mobile phone companies manufacture different mobiles of different ranges. They manufacture mobiles according to need but not in excess.

Sometimes it might happen like this that the mobiles manufactured in excess may not sold in market and they may lose their properties and reined their life and a settled career. These entire factors play a major role and thereby they must manufactured keeping the demand in mind but not in excess which later revolves into many problems. The mobiles have different mobiles services like airtel, vadophone, aircel, idea, hutch, touch, reliance, Tata dot com and many more different companies of mobile phones. Depending on the number is fixed. The sim card is given by taking address proof of a person and will approve within two day. Now it is also possible to change from one network to the network without losing the number. This is charged. Even if the user loses his or her phone, they can block the sim for within two three days by providing address and will be retained with the old number within two day if you lose your mobile phones. We must be proud of mankind for increasing technology. Technology is increasing day by day. In some countries mobiles are very cheap in countries like India. India has got an important place in the world.

We export and import good to large kinds. Let Indian be proud of him and enjoy the comforts and rights given by our mother land India and share all the responsibly and duties of mother land India. In India mobile phones are very cheap and thereby they it contribute a lot to communication lots of people. Every time you recharge some taxes will recharged. This is why we do not get full amount when we recharge. Even when we buy mobile phones some tax will collected on every purchase of mobile phones. There by Mobile phone contribute a lot for development of country. Mobile phones are always helpful in day to day life as they are portable and very effective for communication. It helps to maintaining contact with friends and family. Even if there is any problem with the phone like if you are getting lot of wrong call and blank call you can change the sim.

Mobile phones are a great gift of technology. They play a predominant role in the field of communication. They contribute a lot to people. Every devices invented by mankind will have both uses and disadvantages.

Uses of mobile phones :

The mobile phones have many uses and play an important role in the field of communication. People are influenced by it and are infatuated with mobile phones very easily and get easily attracted to mobile phones. It plays an important role to communication. As it is portable and that is very useful. It plays a vital role in passing lots of information. We can operate social networking sites in many ways. Mobile phones are used for mufti tasks like gaming, messaging, phone book, remainders, alarms, internet networking, checking mails, phone book, messaging, calculator, mobile prayers, call register, music, video, camera, movies and many more. Messages are very useful as they can convey a lot of information with one and only one message. There are message offer available and they will be highly useful as they cost very little and give a lot in return such as for twenty two rupees the customers get two thousand two hundred messages in return. This is dam cheap, and this message offers are mainly opted by student as they can spend very little amount on phone. This offer also helps them to save a lot of money.

Making calling becomes very expensive as you talk very less because it very expensive. So message are very useful and they can chat a lot, and it is time consuming so it favors people a lot to message and to spend their free time with friends even at home or anywhere else. Messages are mostly preferred by children and student. No wards we also find back of message as they find more money saving opting message offer than calling. As the time progresses we also find a lot of people including elder will start messaging. By using mobile phones we can also use internet which cost a little amount. Again here also package are provided and people can opt packages according to their own will and wish. By having internet in mobiles people can see or log in into social networking at any time and check their recent updates and they can updates themselves from mobile phones like their status, post something on wall, check message, conform add request sent by friends or family and many other user. They can also upload photo snaps taken from their mobile phones without converting into computer and uploading them, it saves a lot of time. They can also save a lot of time by operating social networking sites through mobiles. They can even see other friend wall post, tag them, message them, and comment on their wall and also most post comment. In addition to there are many more benefits like checking mail, bank transition, booking tickets, Gars, locating land marks and also followed up by many more services useful to the customer and also make wide different in their expenses. They provide the best services to customers.

Customer care is also provided to classify all the quires and get information regarding various packages. Even they will many services like hello tune service, melody pack and many more services that provide entertainment to customer. Hello tune service means the person call you the person will hear a song set by the customer instead of normal ring. This is just to do show off and it is chargeable. Likewise every month thirty rupees and extra money will also be charged to download songs very month. It is only to do show off. Mobile phones are very essential and useful in today life. In this modern world we must make the best use technology and make our life more comfortable. In fact the mobile phone is best gift of technology.

Ill effect of mobile phone :

Mobile phones have many uses they also have many ill effect. We find kids getting addicted to mobile phone and behave as if are attracted and infatuated with the mobile phones. It influences them a lot. They also waste a lot time on spending in mobile phones. Their concentration on other thing decreases. They spend their valuable time on mobile phones. Nowadays we find children are given mobile phones at very early age this gives them a lot of privacy and make them to maintain more screechy. That means they hide thing from their parents and their well wisher. Poor parents cannot understands what their kids are actually doing and they believe there kids so much that they really do not realize the problems of giving mobiles to children at a very young age and all this result in many problems. Children have less experience to understand all this and parents are unnoticed with deeds of their children and this causes a lot of problems.

It also increases the relation between boys and girls and result in all unwanted thing like love, infatuation, attraction and many more felling which result in spoiling their brains at a very young age and even stranger keep sending messages and sometimes if your friends are not good they share your number with many people who are problematic and result in harassment and sometimes also leads to police complain and many more problems. Mobile phones are highly harmful. They build up difference between people. Even the people who cannot afford to buy expensive mobile phones will has to buy for their children as they require torture their parents to buy expensive mobiles as their friends have a better mobile phone than them. This lead to false presage and parents has to do so as they have no other alternative with them. Messaging also spoils children, teenager and youth so badly that they spend all the time on the phone messaging to someone or the other. This is not only done during the holiday but also done during examination also. Mobiles also cause many health problems. Mobile phone cause cancers and brain problems and loud speakers also affect the brain and ears. They are change becoming duff. Even it causes blindness sometimes as children and nowadays even elder people are spending hour together on mobile phones. Mobile phone plays a predominant role in spoiling the career of the student and other people. Sometimes children to make fun call a wrong number and talk nonsense if the people think it is disturbing or harassing them, they can claim to court for justice and this becomes a big issue. Even some sites provide free messaging offers people keep on messaging all nonsense and write something which hurts the people, all this is dangerous and puts an evil effect on children. Till children get some maturity, parents should provide personal mobile phones as it leads to distress and lot of problems in very young age. It influences their minds with all this useless stuff. Mobile phone also provides secrets from parents. It is very easy to learn bad at that age but it is tough to learn good so easily.

Learning bad is easier than good. But today in this modern world learning good has become very tough and committing sins and bad thing has become very easy day by day. So children have less maturity than elders it is easy to bad than good. So there is no doubt that mobile only show an evil effect on children. Children should be under the guidance of parent at least till they reach a certain age. It is important for the parents to know what they child is doing the mobile phone. Even if they provide a phone they must see that is a postpaid sim because parents will know how much money charged in their child mobile phone and they will the number calling and messaging with them. This facility is not available in prepaid sim and they are a change of even stealing money from their parents pocket or pursues and this remains unnoticed to parents. Children close door in room and chatting in the mobile phone or they keep listing to songs in mobile phones and the poor parents will be under impression their child is studying very hard. Children also use their mobile phones in their colleges and they never focus on the lecture given by the lecture where as they keep messaging from one end of the classroom to other end of the classroom.

It becomes a though for lecture to see what every student is doing. So students take it an advantage and repeat the everyday. They neither listen to the lecture nor write the notes deviated by the lectures and all these contribute in scoring low marks. There is no use of mobile phone it instead spoil the minds of the children at a very early age and mobile phones should not be provided to children at a very young age as they result in many problems. Later there will be nothing in hands of neither parents nor children. Parents should take proper care and keep an eye on the activities done by the children with mobile phones and if they find committing any mistakes by their children they must the ill effect of mobile phone with love and affection so that the child respect and understands the feeling of parents.


Mobile phones play an extravagant role in the field of communication. They help in maintaining contact with friends and family. As there is advancement in technology, it is very useful to mankind and also makes life of mankind very easy. Besides advantages as the technology increase, there will be disadvantages. It all depends on how one uses the advancement of technology. Mobile phone is an ultimate gift of technology. It connects people from various parts of world. It is very important that we must have control on mobile phone and also talk only useful or it must be informative to others and money saving and time saving to you. In this modern world time is very valuable, so let us not waste time by talking too much on phones. Phones are very useful and also at the same time phone might become dangerous. It all matters only how you use it and utilize your time on it. Phones have many services like messaging, internet and many more and more. Phones cause health problems. Phones also strain to eyes. Sometimes even people might become blind also. Mobile phones also result in many problems. Constant messaging also results in hand paining. This also results in various problems in children like love, attraction, infatuation and unwanted friendship. Parents should take care they do not provide personal mobiles to their children till they get certain maturity and they must keep an eye on the action done by children and if they anything wrong with their behavior they must explain them in a soft manner and show more care, love and affection on them as they are too young to understand what their agony is and they always be over confident on themselves that they anything. But later if something goes wrong children will have nothing to do expert weeping and this might also results in deviation from studies to all unwanted or useless deed increases. The concentration on studies decreases and important thing become unimportant thing. This sometimes may spoil the career of people. So parents should not provide mobile phones to children till they get maturity they must be kept always away from providing a personal phone as it save them many tensions centering them. Even though if the parents feel that their children has a need of mobile phones at a early age it is better to provide a postpaid mobile phone than prepaid mobile phone this reduces the problems caused by providing a personal mobile phone to some extent, and they must also keep an eye on action of their kids and keep warning them about ill effect of society. Let us take an oath that we will use mobile phones only for constructive purposes but not destructive purpose.


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