Computer is boon or bane

Computers are very useful in day to day life. They are many fields depending on computer. In this article I am describing about role of computer in this modern world. Followed by role of internet and uses of internet. uses of computer and ill effects of computer are also discussed. A computer is a basic tool of this modern world.


"Computer is an electronic device which can store data and process it into meaningful information." This can store a lot of information which a human brain cannot remember so much. Computer plays an extravagant role in day to day life. A computer is a great gift of technology. Software field would become a dark continent. Nowadays we find computers in every house. A computer makes the life of human being very simple and easy. It is highly effective and useful. There are different types of computers. Computers are founds in school, colleges, shops, markets, banks, offices, homes, schools, resorts, cinema halls, general stores, hospitals, shopping malls, movies making, marriage hall and where not we find computers everywhere today. In this modern computer has becomes essential commodities like food, clothing and shelter as so computer has become one of the basic commodities in today world. Computer was invented in the 17th century. It plays a predominant role at that stage only. The computer in the beginning was as large as it occupied a room full of space. It language is in the form of binary codes that o and 1, it is a important factor that almost all the data given by user is converted into this binary form and processed it into meaningful information and again converted back to information to user understandable language and then contributed to user understandable language and stored it in system. A computer consists of three main parts. The main parts are CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This is the basic devices which any computer consist off. Computer also has two types of devices; there are input devices and output devices. Input devices are mouse, keyboard, CPU and many more. Output devices are scanner, joystick, printer and more devices. Computer plays a vital role in day to day life. They are many uses with computer.

Computer is very useful and makes life of human being easier. It completes the task faster than other machine and it consists of much outstanding result in many cases. They is a engineering group named as CSE which deal with computer and it languages and it again split into information technology and these branches play vital role in software companies like Wipro, Infosys, Tata consulting service, Delta, Sat yam and there are many companies coming up in the cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pane, Chennai and many companies are placed all these cities. These are major to work. It is most important computer plays wholesome role for both the entertainment purpose and business purpose also. This is most useful factor in this modern world. I am very proud that today every house consists of a computer. This is a key factor of today to show development in India as well as different part of the world. It is very useful at the same time very informative. Computer controls all the children as they are found of playing games. They do not react to surrounding that easily as they completely enjoy playing games and never get wicked or bored of playing continuously. They also enjoy playing hours together enjoying all the games. Even we can enjoy lot of movies and download them and watch whenever we want to watch them we can watch them. It is the entertainment factors. We can download movies from internet and store them in our mainframe. It is very useful for entertainment purpose and children as there are found of movies watch movies all day long. It consists of a collection of database called Internet. INTERNET is mainly consists lots of information about any particular topics. We find thousands of reviews in GOOGLE and this is really very useful to the users.

They provide best possible services to customers or user and the services are absolutely free of cost. It provides the basic services. It consists of many uses and also few disadvantages. This maintains many advantages and also many disadvantages. It is likes if you need some information regarding anything in this universe, everything is noted and serval thousands of result is published in GOOGLE. This maintains a key role in helping people for every users and providing best knowledge to the users and customers. It really gain knowledge and share that knowledge to all users.

Role of computer in day to day life:

Computers are used for small to big purposes like shopping malls, offices, software offices, Karena store, banks, airport, railway stations, bus stops, airports, offices, school, colleges, super markets, software offices, railway stations, hospitals, cinema halls, cinema field like graphics and many more and more fields. This is very useful in all these fields and maintaining importance of the field. It makes work more simple and constructive. It is a gift of technology and maintains all possible way of promoting how technology is increasing in day to day life. This is useful and more effective. It works faster than the human brain. This is most a miracle that human being has invented a machine that is works better than their brain. This is been a wonder and shocking to many people. It becomes very useful and a stage has come that today without computer nothing can be possible. Computer serves the people the best. It makes the task of the human being easier and useful and also effective. It also provides employment to thousands of people and becomes means of living to thousands of people. It is so it also contributes for the development of the country and plays an effective role in gaining information. No other machines can replace the role of computers in this modern world. Computer is best priority to many people. They are Eco friendly and do not consume much lot of power and it is not harmful at lot. Computer provides us lot of knowledge and awareness about society. Computers are most useful in day to day life. A day has where it has that without computer man cannot lead a proper life. Everything is computerized in this modern world.

Computer is really essential in 21st century and people have totally been dependent on it. They must use it according to necessity and not wasting a lot of time on computer doing useless think. This helps updating technology in day to day life. This helps in maintaining relation in day to day life. It is very useful in every part of this modern world. This plays a vital role in day to day life. Computer was invented in the 17th century; it was very tough in the begging stage. Computer was as big as a room in the begging and it used get heated up every soon. It was not working for then two to three hours of times. It used charge a lot of power and money were used in those days to run or charge a computer. Computer was very expensive in those days. In the begging computer were used for only official purposes. It was not at lot used for the housing purpose. It is only in the 21ST century, that people started using computer for housing purposes. In the begging computer was able to understand the binary language. Binary language means it converts all the amount of data given by the user into meaningful information. Binary language consist two numbers that is 0 and 1. Computer converts all the data given by users in the form of binary language and process it into meaningful information and there by again convert into user understandable language and process it into meaningful information. A computer can store a lot of information that a human being cannot remember and it is the best invention of technology. It really benefits all the people that are children to old people. It is very effective and very effective and interesting to human beings. It helps in coordinating lots of work.

Computer is used for various purposes in day to day life. It consist many operating systems like window 98, window 99, window 2000, window 2001, window 2002, window 2003, window 2004, window 2005, window 2006, window 2007, window 2008, window 2009, window vista, window XP and many more operating system. It also consist of many packages like paint, power point, MS word, outlook, Info Path, access, outlook, paint, publisher, excel and more and more package are available in computer system. These packages are per-fixed and are useful to human being. Packages help us in various forms as it is easy to operate. It is basically useful for making work easier and simpler. These are already design and the only thing is left to the user is to work on that it and use it in the best way. It is designed in such a way that everyone can operate it. Moreover it is made by the computer trainer for the children to parties it. This is most easy and interesting factor of life in life. Packages are very useful. In addition to this package they are languages like BASIC, JAVA, C, C++, LOGO, COBOL and many more languages. This is complicated then the packages. It is use by the engineering students. It is most important that students learn step by step and be confident with the concepts and commands. This makes them understand the languages in a better manner and very useful in this modern world. It also gives very effective uses of learning languages at school and college level also. It is really beneficial for the students who have learn t it in a better way. It is difficult to learn languages than package, it is very important to learn a language perfectly you must command on language.


Computer has many uses. Without computer life leads to many problems. Computer is basic need like food, clothing and shelter in today life. It is a great gift of technology. This is basic requirement in this modern world. It is a very useful to users all ages. The users do not get bored even after working hours together. In modern world everything is computerized and nothing will be done without computer. After the computer is invented it made the life of the people very simple and easier. It brings a lot a change in the human being after the invention of computers. It has a lot of uses with computer in this modern world. This makes life very fast. It is able to store a lot of information and as well as we find computers everywhere in this modern world. This increases knowledge and awareness on the technology at an early stage. "Computer has become a basic commodity like foods, clothing and shelter." Nowadays computers are most advanced technology like dell and many more. We are getting main frames, laptops, and palmtops. Laptops are portable and where ever the user wants to use it. It is mainly used by students and software experts.

Computer plays an important role in today world. Computer makes the life of the people very easy. In school computer are used for various purpose and many more. It can be highly useful in many ways. In school computer are used for students. They will be computer lab in very college. Every computer lab is equipped with twenty to twenty five computer systems. This is for betterment of the student and to student learns basic about computer in an early age. Computer knowledge is important and essential in this modern world. This should be trained at a very early age as grapping is very fast. Computer trainers are appointed in very school. They assist the student lot of patience, to make them learn how to operate computer? They are many schools in India. Each school follow it own method of teaching. Some schools have particles classes and theory classes. Whereas some schools has only particles classes but not theory classes. It results in the interest of school. In schools the computer are also used for administration purposes also. It helps in maintaining the records of the students like fees and other information. In schools question paper are also typed in computer. Computer is very useful at school level for teacher as well as students. It also provides a recreation to children after the busy class all day long. In a week, they may two or three classes. Sometimes some schools give grade where as some school gives marks.

In college the computer provided a lot of information. They will have to write many tests on online and also they will lot of study material in internet and many other places. It is very useful for college student as almost every student has internet in houses and will be able to learn it. We can book air tickets, train tickets, bus tickets. We can watch movie and download movies and watch them whenever we feel or wish to watch movies and it is easy to watch movies in computer system. It is very expensive to watch movies in teeters as they are expensive and family needs lot of money to go movies. Instead of watching movies in teeters, it is easy to watch movies from computer systems. It is very easy to download or watch online and it provides complete family entertainment to all the family members. Children love to play games all the times. Computer games are the best to play. Computer games are informative and very useful for children to play in their free times. This kills their times and allows them to play a lot of games in day to day life. They are the best entertainment to children. It also helps them to learn the technology faster and become more intelligent. Software stream depend on computer. IT is biggest factor if the software. IT contributes a lot in the development of the country as well as technology.

Role of Internet:

Internet becomes a key factor of life. Internet is very useful in this modern world. If there is no internet, they would be no course named engineering. It is very useful to all ages. There would no development for business oriented company like America, Japan and other countries. Internet consists of articles related to everything in this universe. Internet consists of many uses. It is very effective in day to day and encourages people of various fields a lot. The articles written in the internet give good knowledge to people and bring awareness of unknown fact. There are many uses of Internet. They are millions of people who have internet service in their houses. It plays an effective role in the field of engineering. They are many programs which even may money. Internet attract most of the youth as they can see all important factor in Internet. It has millions of users who have internet connection their house all through the world. Even if they are no internet at home, they are many cyber café available in every area of cities. Nowadays we find internet connection at home even in villages and cyber café also in village. This is good news.

The major sites which are mostly used by many users are GOOGLE, YAHOO, RED IF mails, Face Book, Orkut, Indian study channel, Quitter and many other sites. Internet provides a facility to play game online or download. Downloading games may bring virus, this makes your computer system slow. So think twice before you download. They will be many articles which is knowledge gaining to the users. This is very useful for people. It is very useful for learning and also completions. They are websites which provide good music. There are thousands of sites which provide good music. "Good music provides the relaxation and peace to minds." Social networking helps in maintaining contact with friends and family. Social networking sites are mainly Face book, Orkut, Quitter, Skye which is mainly used for chatting with friends and family and also sharing photo graphs also. Movies are also seen with the help of Internet. Movies can download or can be seen on online. Online movies consume lot of time. They are sites to check mail like Yahoo, G mail and Red if mail this help in checking mail and sending mail to friend and family. In addition to this there are official websites for banks, air booking, train tickets, shopping malls, banks, school, colleges and all other sites.

Ill effect of computer:

Computers have many advantages and also have a few disadvantages. It spoils the eyes of the users. Computer may sometimes cause blindness. It should used in a limit if it exceed limit it might cause problems. If the users are in front of computer for hours together they might get many physical problems. It is very tough to sit in front of computer for hours together after the user gets certain age. There are many disadvantages for computer. It increases stress and strain if we spend number time in front of the computer system. It is very hard for a software expert in sit in front of computer for whole day long. It results in lot of health problems.

Nowadays children and youth are using bad sign of technology that is they are using computer for playing games, watching movies and also social networking sites. Internet is not necessary for children and youth, because it is the age to study not to enjoy. Enjoyment is also require but in a limit. It also deviate the path from studies to all unwanted tasks. Nowadays cyber crimes have also become common. It is not easy to come out of cyber crimes, if it is proved and result in lot of problems. Movies in today world are creating lot of problems. It is very easy to download or watch a movie online but it result in bad behavior and children deviate into wrong path like love, attraction, infatuation and all such unwanted feeling at very age. It results in many problems. Computer is evil for children, if they use it for a long time. Parents must check their children deeds on computers.


As the technology increases it is very beneficial as well as it has some disadvantages also. Computer is very useful in day to day life. It is the best gift of technology. It all depend how a user uses. It is in our hands to use a computer for a constructive purpose or for a destructive purpose. It is the human who has created technology for benefits of very user but few of them are using it for destruction of other or themselves. "Let us all take an oath that we will use computer in a beneficial manner to all users but not in a destructive manner."

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