The importance of physical education in our society

The article highlights the merits of Physical Education and we should all consider Physical education much more than just games and sports. It plays a vital part which most of us are very unaware of and there are many misconceptions about it which I like it to be cleared.


Physical education is very much needed in today's active world where people hardly find any time for themselves. It is a very broad concept which has many known benefits and merits. It not only helps in bringing physical fitness but also in mental as well as emotional development of a person through various medium of physical exercises. In today's competitive world, a person need to be an all rounder and healthy and Physical Education helps in fulfilling that dream.

As H.C. Buck quoted "physical education is a part of general educational programme, which is considered with growth, development and education of children through the medium of big muscle activities. It is the education of the whole student by means of physical activities."

Benefits of physical education

Physical education has many benefits and advantages but the foremost aim of physical education is the development of a person. Firstly, physical education improves the health and fitness of a person through various activities and not only that, it also maintains these trials throughout the lifetime of the person. It also provides vast knowledge about various communicable and health hazard diseases and physical education provide efficient ways to keep these diseases at bay. Physical education brings in more alertness of mind and concentration as they are an essential and vital part of any physical activities and also helps in reducing the reaction time of a person.

Physical education also promote emotional and mental development by helping in overcoming stress, anxiety, tension and various other emotional related problems. As a result a person feels less exhausted and more happy. It also helps in improving and promoting leadership qualities in a person. A person comes across various participants and when they meet and interact, it helps in improving the social skills and also gets rid of shyness or any fear of communication with people. As a result a person feels more self-confident and can easily tackle any problem, thus helping in building up socialization.

Physical education enhances the characters of a person and making them fit for a society and enables them to face hardship, endure defeat and take proper decisions and risks, which is very much needed in today's competitive world. It also brings in a sense of fraternity, sportsmanship, co-operation, sympathy, courtesy, loyalty and many more among fellow participants. Many people also believe that physical education has the ability to develop the human body in good proportions.

Misconceptions regarding physical education

People are mostly unaware about all these advantages and hold many misconceptions regarding physical education and neglect the very benefits of it. Many parents believe that physical education has only to do with playing games and sport and there is no emotional development of the child, which is so very wrong. It is true that there are a lot of physical activities but parents are unable to understand that these activities actually sharpens the mind of their child and helps them to be more confident and active. People also believe that physical education is just a waste of money and time. Parents put more pressure on studies and complete neglects games and sport. As a result the children become lazy, inactive and unable to compete with the world and are left behind. Physical education actually helps the child to concentrate more on studies and remain healthy and fit. People also feel reluctant to spend money on physical education and most believe there is no opportunity or future in physical education. But they are so very wrong, a good sportsman always earn a lot of money. Physical education is not wastage of money, rather is a way of making more money.

Another most common misconception is that people believe that physical education makes people aggressive and violent but in actual fact, it helps in bringing about discipline and manners in a person.


Due to all these misconceptions, physical education is not getting a proper importance and status in the society. We all must try to spread the advantages and take in the benefit of physical education and also clear away all these misconceptions of the people for better spreading of physical education.

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