How to enjoy the ‘Summer Vacation Courses’

This article is all about planning the summer vacation courses as the summer has arrived already. Talents are present in every child. No child is born with it as even those so called talented children need honing their inherent from nature. It needs grooming. This essay emphasises the summer vacation is the best option for planning for summer courses for the children.

Planning needs to be undertaken for the summer vacation courses. Children are the source of energy. If the summer vacation is planned keeping them into mind, they are certain to benefit from it. Children learn a lot from the environs around them. And the experiences thus gotten from such environs sticks with them in their life deriving the helps learnt from such experiences later in life. If you wish to add some beauteous samples in the experiences of your children, the following websites could be very useful to you.

Empower Equity Camp is a huge present for those children who are adventurous by nature. Here, they get the experiences of from rafting to village tour to trekking and climbing. The two day weekend programme run in it would be a life time experience for your child. Website-

This often poses a big question mark before the guardians as to where to embark on during the summer vacations. This portal is one solution to this vexing question. You can do the advance booking of your choice place by filling in the online form on this portal. If you are internet friendly, you can make all the right type of planning for the summer vacation course camping. The website is

If your children have grown bored with the routine of their daily life, , they love going out on trips. The tour operators are filling funny colours in their boring routine. Today, several tour operators of our country are offering specifically designed theme based adventurous tour packages for children. From this, your child enjoys nature in the lap of it. The website is-

Just imagine the pleasures of mountainous terrains covered with snow- that also during the scorching heat away from plains? This would also teach a lot to your children. There can't be a thing nicer than this. For the people looking for something different while planning for the summer vacation camping, this portal has many things on offer and asking.

Summer courses- learning experience playfully

Summer vacations are turning into opportunities for students these days. Several institutions within the country and abroad are adorning it in different colours. The vacation arriving in summers is one such period. If the children make the proper use of this period, they can become master in various fields. To make their work easier, the latest trend of summer camps is proving to be hugely effective.

Finishing school

Finishing school concept no matter could be new for India but its beginning had taken place much earlier on in foreign country. Finishing school in fact originally is the link between the school and the professional college. The students coming in from different streams into the finishing school are given vocational training and made fit for jobs. This is to be remembered here that even till date, the practical training imparted at the higher secondary level in our country is far too inadequate to make students fit for any job. Majority of the students crosses over the class but are unfit for works. Under such circumstances, the importance of the finishing school rises up. After the 11th and 12th standard, students can take the shelter of a finishing school to search for a career for them to be able to become fit for job.

Rashtriya BAL Bhawan

Even the government too understands the implications of the importance of the training imparted to the children during the summer vacations. Through the ‘Rashtriya BAL Bhawan’, the government is implanting this aim into reality. Here the students belonging to the economically weaker section and the lower strata of society are given preference. The students getting admitted into the institutes get the opportunity of availing of the vocational training facilities of the trainings on a much subsidised rate of fees structure. The programmes run in the Rashtriya BAL Bhawan generally beign in the first week of the month of May. More details could be had from its website-

India Habitat Centre

The name of ‘India Habitat Centre the field in summer Camping is very widely known to all and need no introduction. This hosts different kinds of summer workshops every year round. In this centre, not only the job oriented but several other entertaining workshop/activities are organised. The speciality of this place is that numerous well known personalities of different fields visit the place to grace and guide the congregation here thus assembled during the time of the summer vacation camp. Apart from the traditional types of programmes like music and dance, programmes in calligraphy, mask making, glass painting, story telling, public speaking, illustration, creative writing, social understanding etc are also held here. Children aged from 5-18 years can take part in these programmes. For more information, you could log on to www. Similarly, the summer workshops are also run in ‘Triveni Kala Sangam’ and the ‘NSD’.

'Science’ Utsav

Being called the hub of Science and Technology of the country, Banaluru during the summer time round becomes the top destination for the students. Its reason is the top notch summer programmes run here during the summer vacations. Amongst all the programmes run here, the Science Utsav is special unto itself. Here, the children aged 5-18 are taught the lessons of by means of examples in use in daily life interesting experiments of science and technology. This enables children an easy and self propelled growth of scientific mind arousing the interests towards science and technology automatically.

Top Universities-top summer camps abroad

If you wish to do summer course in foreign countries by living for a few weeks or month, generally such courses are available in almost all the foreign countries. The average cost would come around 2 & ½ lack of rupees. Language is main area in the majority of the courses. Besides this, literature, creative writing etc are also the chief among the summer courses. Some of the locations are being detailed hereunder:

London School of Economics

Courses: Accounts, finance, law, economics etc.
Course duration
  1. Session 1- from 2-20 July, 2012
  2. Session 2- from 23 July to 10nth August, 2012
  3. Website is

Cambridge University

Course: Literature, Asean empire, Science history, medieval history etc.
Course duration: From 9 July to 15 September

Oxford Royal Academy

The website is-

Harvard University

Courses: Foreign language, astronomy, creative writing, journalism etc.
Duration: From 25 June to 10nth August.

Singapore National University

website is:

ICU summer course in Jpanese

Course: Language classes and cultural programme.
Course duration: Fro 4 August to 15 August,
email address:

German Language School, Berlin

Course: Berlin college, Berlin Villa, Berlin Riverside, Berlin Waterside, Berlin Young and Fun.

Summer camps gives off impetus to children’s hidden talents

Every child is born unique in his own ways. That special qualities inherently present them make them different from others. In such a circumstance, comparing their talents with others is wrong. Such hidden talents are exposed in summer camps and chiselled out to give them newer dimensions to the children’s future prospects through different programmes.

Tech courses

The coming time would be the era of digital technology. If your children are to stay ahead, it’s but imperative the children are well acquainted with the latest development obtaining in the field of technological advancement with each and every aspect in its changing shape and form.

Under this environs, if the child shows keenness towards IT, it would be better for him to get him admitted into the tech courses run in the summer courses. He can learn therein graphic designing, web designing, animation, and programming etc- that also in a interesting style.

Talent oriented

Many children often become victims to their parent’s anger owing to having a keen interest in music, singing and dancing during the course of their studies. But they needn’t be afraid of such vexes during this summer vacation time. They can derive full pleasure of these hobbies in summer camps. The programmes being conducted in these camps are talent oriented which will add more feathers to their caps


Most of the students have deep interests in plays but cannot give time to this field due to the burden of their studies. Summer camps are boon for such children. Most of the boys are seen in this sports section in summer camps. Children are trained here by coaches in cricket, football, tennis, swimming, riding, trekking etc. It has been observed that these summer camps have proved to be the turning point to the children.

Social skills and self development

Depending merely on academics is not enough to succeed in life these days. Development of social skills is also essential. Having a better interaction with people, personality, and public speaking are some important hallmark of social skills and self development. This is the reason why the importance of such classes in summer camps is growing. Under this course, the children are trained the manners to sit, stand, to make normal speeches etc.

Foreign language

There is a craze on account of foreign languages in our country. The reason is the direct job opportunity through the foreign language courses. If the child comes face to face with the nuances of the foreign languages in the very early stages of his life, his future would be bright in this field. Foreign language courses are also included on the score of its importance. French, German, Japanese, Russian, English, etc languages are taught in such summer camps.

Spirituality courses

Spiritualism has emerged up very faster in such a fast paced life becoming most imperative. As per the specialists, some experiments relating to ‘dhyan and yoga’ are immensely helpful for the concentration of mind. Under this situation, many camps run concentration augmenting meditational activities like ’Art of Living’, yoga classes and soft exercise training programmes. The advantages of such courses are derived by parents and children both.

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