A year of international celebrations - 2012

2012 can be called as a year of celebrations. In India 2012 is celebrating as National year of mathematics. Along with that 2012 also witness for four major celebrations at international level. This article deals with the important celebrations of 2012 both national and international level.

National mathematics year

2012 is 125th birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan the most renowned mathematician of India. Indian Government has planning to held several programmes as part of National mathematics year. At the same time it is very unfortunate that the real caliber of Srinivasa Ramanujan hasn't get a proper recognition. The misunderstandings related to his biography are still spreading without correction. The major argument among them is that the real genius of Ramanujan was discovered by the British mathematician named G.H Hardy . Ramanujan had made several researches in the mathematical field along with G>H Hardy. But the truth is that majority among them was found out by Ramanujan alone. But this truth doesn't reach in front of the world. Srinivasa Ramanujan put forward almost more than 3000 mathematical principals. Though the British media at that time interpreted all such principals belonged to G.H Hardy only. The real caliber of Ramanujan was still in a mystery. The main motive of National mathematics year is the revealing of the real talents of Srinivasa Ramanujan in front of the world. Along with that National Mathematics year celebration provides immense opportunities to encourage the mathematical interest of new generation.

International year of sustainable energy for all

United Nations Organization (U.N.O) celebrating 2012 as International year of Sustainable energy for all. United Nations Organization hopes that the availability of energy may help to develop the life status of people in the poverty line. Energy can activate health, protection and educational status of people in an advance level. International year of sustainable energy celebration also proclaims to avoid the misuse of energy. Along with that International year of sustainable energy celebration advices to make a maximum usage of traditional energy resources.

Alan Turing year

2012 is 100th birth anniversary of the most popular computer scientist of the world named Alan Turing. Alan Turing was the first person who contributed certain valuable ideas to the technological field. Certain ideas developed by him are considered as the basis of almost all the revolutionary discoveries in the technological field. His developed version of turing machine is considered as the basis of modern digital computer. Alan Turing was born on June 23 in London in 1912. Turing analyzed the enigma code messages of German during the Second World War .

International year of co-operatives

General assembly of United Nations Organization proclaims to celebrate 2012 as International year of co-operatives. The main idea of International year of co-operatives is that Co-operative institutions play a vital role in the social and economical development of the people. Such a conclusion is put forward by evaluating the previous history and activities of co-operative institutions. Co-operative can play an important role in reducing poverty, job availability and increasing of job opportunity. Co-operatives play a vital role to assure the unity of society. United Nations Organization believed that Co-operatives become stronger in order to full fill the millennium development goals which had not yet achieve properly.

International year of active ageing

European commission announces to celebrate '2012 'as the year of active ageing. The quantity of working people became less in Europe. The number of senior citizens increasing per year in Europe as a contrast to this. There are different reasons for both. Contrasts among both these quantity are increasing per year in European society. Year of active ageing planning to arrange health and pension schemes to aged people. It also inspires people to work for a long time. The main motive of Year of active ageing celebration is to avoid the combined retirement problem in the future especially in between 2015-2015.


Author: Dileep V. Sathe13 Aug 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 4

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The transit of Venus of 6th June 2004 and 8th June 2012 was because of distance of Venus is less than the distance of Earth from the Sun. Now next transit will be after 105 years. Then obvious question from students / public is: How to prove the validity of above distances.

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