How to calculate the value of resistance by color code method

Do you know you can calculate an electronic component value by just taking a look on that. In this article I will explain you a way to know the value of resistance by color code method. It is a simple technique known as a color code method. In this technique you just have to go through two step and you will know the value of Resistance.


Resistance is a electronic component which is used for the purpose of opposing the current flow. It's unit is ohm. It is mostly used component in any elctronic project or you can say in electronics instrument. This component help us to maintain the proper flow of current inside the circuit.Now with the help of this article you are gonna learn a method to determine the value of this widely used component. I have divided this method in two different for better understanding.

Part-1 Instruction

When you take a look on any resistance you can easily find that that there will be four different color. Color help us to determine the value of resistance so we call it Color code method. As I said there will be four different color which help us to determine the value of resistance and these four different color have some unique value. the fourth color is known as the tolerance band. Tolerance band is mainly used for the purpose of maintainance of aging effect.
you can follow the given below table for calculation of the color code of any resistance, which is arranged in alphabetical order.
No. Color Code
1. Black 0
2. Blue 6
3. Brown 1
4. Green 5
5. Grey 8
6. Orange 3
7. Red 2
8. Violet 7
9. White 9
10. Yellow 4

Value of fourth band or Tolerance band will be following.

1. Gold = (+,-) 5%
2. Silver = (+,-) 10%
3. No Color = (+,-) 20%

Part-2 Formula

you have to follow given below way for arranging the value in the formula.
1. First band (color) code value at the unit digit.
2.Second band (color) code value at the 10th place.
3.Third band (color) code vale takes that much zero's to 100th place.
4. Fourth band is tolerance band.

Value of Resistance = A (unit place), B(second place), N no. of zero's (100th place, where N is value of color code), (+,-) Tolerance band color code value


If a resistance have color code arrangement in a given below way.

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