How to track your lost mobile phone?

In this article I shall let you know regarding how to tack your lost mobile phones, what you have to do if you lost your mobile phone. You will get the information how to locate your all Android, Window operating, Blackberry and Apple mobile phones. You can locate your lost mobile phone remotely with the help of internet. You can see the location of your mobile phone on the map by using below mention software’s.


In present age mobile phones are playing very vital role in our daily life. In other words we can say that we can spend our single day without mobile phone and we are feeling very alone without mobile phone. We are performing too many tasks on the mobile phone these days like browsing, chatting, calling and storing lots of personal information in our mobile phone for our personal use. We are carrying our mobile phone always with us every place in our day to day life. There are some chances that you may forget your mobile phone in any place or someone can steal your mobile phone. These days many cases are arising that mobile phone was stolen. We have keep eye on our mobile phone always while we are traveling in the public transportation, public places or our work places, business places. Always keep your mobile phone safe place. When you are buying the new phone then must have to note your MREI number of your cell phone. From MREI number you can tack your mobile phone even the thief can change the SIM card from your mobile phone.

What to do when you're mobile get stolen?

If your mobile phone get stolen then your first task is to call the customer care of your service operator like if you are using the Airtel SIM card then you have to call Airtel customer centre that your mobile was get stolen and I want to block the SIM card, so that no other person can use your mobile like no one can call from your mobile phone. After registering the service request regarding SIM card block then you have to lodge the FIR in the police station that your mobile phone was stolen. These two things anyone has to be done in case their mobile get stolen for safety purpose. The reason is behind that these days when you are buying the new SIM card that time you are giving the address proof and your photo copy. You might be in big trouble if some did misuse of your mobile phone. You will be easily caught if some did the complaint against your cell number although you lost your mobile phone. If you have to FIR then you are safe.

There are many tracking software are available in the market these days. You can use these software's for tracking if you lost your mobile phone. You can download these software's from the internet free. These software's available in all types of mobile operating systems like Android, Window operating, Blackberry and Apple. What you have to do? You have to install these software's in your mobile phone when you buy the new phone and create your Login ID and password. This will help you when your mobile phone gets stolen. You can relocate the location of your mobile phone on the maps.

How to locate your window phones?

If your Window phone gets stolen or you forget somewhere, you can locate your window phone from
When you buy the new Window phone from the market, you have to go setting of your cell phone the tap on find my phone and click the options connect to these features faster and save my location every few hours. After doing this on your mobile phone then it allows to track your mobile phone location precisely.
When you lost your mobile phone after you have to open the from any computer and login yours Window Live id and password. After that go to my phone and click on find my phone and from there you can see your phone location on map. From there you can make it ring your phone, you can lock your phone with password, you can display the notification on your mobile phone or you can delete all your contents remotely from the windowsphone site.

How to locate your Android phones?

If your Android phone gets stolen or forget or misplace somewhere and did not get back, you can locate your Android phone from Avast mobile security. Avast providing the all the security solutions for Android devices. Avast Mobile Security includes an antivirus scanner that scans the local files and warns of malicious URLs. Avast Mobile Security also scans the application in the android phone, Call filtering, SIM change notifications and complete anti-theft and tracking service.
The good features of Avast Mobile Security is that it has the anti-theft feature which allows you to control mobile phone remotely by sending the SMS commands, you lock your phone, you can activate the siren, you can see the location of your phone.
The key feature of the Anti-Theft is that it works in stealth mode so that once activated. Once anti-theft feature is activated it's very difficult to remove this software from the phone. If the thief changed the SIM card, you will receive the notifications of new number so that you will able to use the remote control commands.The Avast Anti-Theft is one of the best anti-theft applications currently in the market. You can download the the Avast Mobile Security from the android market in your phone.

How to locate your Blackberry phone?

You can locate your stolen Blackberry phone from the BlackBerry Protect software. You can download this software from blackberry app world. Form the BlackBerry Protect, you can locate the location of your Blackberry phone.It also backup settings and all your data to the cloud. If you misplace or lose your phone what you have to do? You have to go to and log-in with your balck berry Id and password.

When you login the site after that you can make the phone ring at full volumes, you can also see the locations of your blackberry phone on the map. You can also lock the phone with password or delete all the data remotely from this site. The feature of the BlackBerry Protect is that you switch the one blackberry phone to another blackberry phone.

You have to download the BlackBerry Protect software in your new blackberry phone and login with old blackberry id and password and it will automatically sync data associated with your id to the new phone.

Locate your iPhone, iPAD,iTouch from Find my iPhone?

If you are iPhone user and your iPhone get stolen or misplaced then you can find your iPhone from Find My iPhone from iCloud service of Apple. You have to go to setting, tap iCloud and enable Find My iPhone with the location service switched on from your iPhone. If you want to use the iClloud service then you have to login with your Apple ID and Password in for tracking your iPhone.
From iCloud you can see the location of your iPhone on the map. You can lock your iPhone remotely, you can wipe your data, you can play the sound on your iPhone and display the notification on the iPhone. Notification all other things will only possible in the iPhone if that iPhone is connected with internet. Find My iPhone is free application

Find your mobile phone from Prey project

Prey project is all in one application in which you can track your Android, Window operating, Blackberry and Apple operating systems mobile phones. You can track your mobile phone from the Prey Pro. Prey project is one the best software to track or locate your laptop, mobile phone, and tablet. Prey is free application to track and find your mobile phone and prey is supporting all the operating systems like Mac OS, Linux plus mobile devices running Android or iOS. From Prey pro you can perform any action on your stolen devices by sending the SMS or by sending the command from the internet.

You can lock your mobile phone from Prey Pro, you can find the location of your stolen mobile phone on the map. From Prey you can also wipe out your personal data, can send the notification message on your mobile remotely with the help of internet. you can Prey is Wi-Fi auto connects. Prey Pro checks that if there is any wifi connection is open it connect automatically to that Wi-Fi network. This feature helps to locate you mobile phone.
For more information and download prey software check prey site


Always keep your mobile in the safe location and place when you are in office, in home, in public place or while driving. When you are using the public transportation make sure that your mobile should be in your pant front pocket not in the front pocket of your shirt. Women can keep their mobiles in their hand bags. Try to avoid the use of the mobile phone in the public transportation there are lots of chance that someone can steal your cell phone. In home keep the mobile phones away from the reach of the kids and safe place. Always use the lock your mobile phone with strong password.

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