All about the history of Noodles

In this article, I will explain all about the history of noodles. I explain everything from the origin of traditional noodles to recent cup noodles, also the history of maggi and its brand popularity in India.

Noodles in India:

The noodles are very much liked by children. Not only children, but also all the age group people usually like noodles to eat because of its spicy. Parents are also cooking the noodles for their children as the daily morning food to have. Parents prefer noodles to cook in morning because of main three reasons. One is the less time to cook it and the second reason is they like it and the third reason is that it is easy to eat as well. Noodles are the favourite food for most of the children.

Maggi and its history:

Maggi is one of the noodles brands that are very famous in India. Even most of the people call noodles only as maggi. This is how the brand name of maggi played very popular in India. This is very famous for its 2 minutes preparation. In 1982, Nestle Company introduced this Maggi to India and it is going good till now.
Julius Maggi was working in a mill and he saw many women were started working in that mill. Then he thought who is preparing food when women too are coming to work. So then he introduced this noodles which he thought must be less fat and easily digestible one.

History of noodles:

China is the only country who introduced the noodles and there starts the history of noodles. Noodles are prepared from wheat. China is having this food as their regular food as we Indians have rice and chapatti as our regular food. We can even see many Chinese in Mumbai. This is because of the business they had with us many centuries ago. So they came to India and settled in many places. Chinese are more popular for their teeth specialist but soon they became very popular in foods too.

In most of the dynasty of china, the noodles can be seen as their food and there were many names for this food in different dynasties. Finally in sung dynasty, the present Chinese name which is Mian was kept. Even in many olden day songs of Chinese, this noodles has got its place describing as a tasty and most liked food.

Noodles are prepared from wheat, small amount of Maida and a little water. In birthday celebrations, Chinese have a habit of eating long noodles. The reason they say for this is that if they eat long noodles in their birthday, then they will have long life. Also in New Year celebrations, they have noodles for the same reason as they will have good life from the New Year.

Dan Dan noodles were very famous one too in china. When in some point of time, people there had no business to work. So a person called Chen Baobao was started making this kind of food in his home and started selling in the streets. Since the noodles he sold were hanged in bamboo stick, the name Dan Dan noodles where Dan means bamboo in china.

There are some Chinese noodles which are prepared from rice too. It is all because of the place and cultivation in their respective places. North china has more wheat cultivation, so they noodles from wheat is more famous there. But in south china, paddy is more cultivated, hence the noodles from rice is more in their food habits. Recently cup noodles are becoming very popular among youngsters and especially among bachelors who stay in rooms away from their parents.

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