How does Belkin wireless router work?

Here in this article, you will know how to install a belkin wireless router and steps needed to complete the installation process. Every people will find it difficult to install the wireless router in a proper way and this article will help you to find your problems in a good manner. Normally when people purchase the products from the companies, directly most often they do not check it properly and it will lead to more complex problems and it will be difficult for them to solve it.


After you have purchasing the Belkin wireless router, you will be getting a user manual regarding on how to use the Belkin wireless router and you will see on how to configure your wireless networking and performance of your network. When you are following our simple steps, you will be able to setup your Belkin home network.

Belkin Wireless Network: Advantages

  • Mobility:
    If you are having a laptop or a computer desktop, then you don't need to site inside a room and you can work any where you like in a perfect wireless range.
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  • Installation:
    The Belkin wireless network wizard will help you to setup the network in an easy way.

  • Flexibility:
    You can setup the Belkin wireless router and you can share your printers and other computers from your home at any place.

  • No cabling:
    You don't have to put any cabling or wires to get the internet connection. You can surf from your home or at your office in a convenient time. You can share the wireless routers from different range of products.

How to place your wireless router?

When you keep your computer at a closer range from wireless connection, then you will be getting performance from wireless router. As you move from the wireless router or access point, then performance will decrease as the normal distance between for a wireless router is 100 to 200 feet. As you move from farther from the router, then your performance will decrease. The main cause of weak signal will be due to interference of wall and buildings. If you are having any problems regarding the performance of wireless router, then you can move your wireless router to some other places and check that you are satisfied with speed. Still if you are having any problems, then you can contact the technical supportive of the Belkin. You have to take care of some tips before you install the wireless router and they are described as follows.

Wireless router or access point placing:

In order to get good wireless network coverage, you have to place your router close to the desktops or laptops so that you will be getting better coverage. To get maximum coverage, you have to place your wireless router or the access point antennas in a parallel way and if the router is put in a vertical position, near to the ceiling then you can place antennas in upward direction to get the maximum coverage. In double story homes, you must place your wireless router close to the center of the room so that you will get maximum coverage in proper manner. Always check that you are not placing your wireless router near the cordless phone. Go through the article on How to buy belkin wireless router

eliminate Obstacles and interference:

Don't place your wireless router near devices which emits radio waves and it will make a disturbance for your work. The devices which can interrupt your work are as refrigerators, cabinets, UV tinted windows etc. If you are not getting proper connection, then you must check the some areas where the connection is getting interrupted.

Cordless phone:

If you are having any cordless phones near the wireless router, try to move the cordless phones near the router or access points. Remove the battery from the cordless phones so that your disturbance from the phone can be avoided. If the phone is supported by the channel selection, then you can change your channel to a different area so that you can operate your wireless network in a proper way.

Select the channel which is quite for the wireless network:

When the home and office are in one building or in one apartment, then wireless networks will conflict with your network. Always use the site survey utility that is found in the wireless adapter and it checks whether there are any other network and selects a suitable network.

Use secure connections like VPN and AOL:

Secure connections are connections which needs a username and a password and it is good to have a secure connection, if we are dealing with important documents. The different secure connections are,
Virtual private networks are used to connect remotely to a computer or a network.
• AOL, is the American online which uses a broadband service which is supported by cable or a DSL modem.
• Most of banks will have a secure connection to protect the details of their clients and when we are using secure connections, it will ask to enter the username and password to access the personal details.

Product features: Belkin wireless router

Since you have the seen which are different problems related to get a wireless connection. Here you will see the features of the Belkin wireless router which will be suitable for a home or office.

  1. Suitable for PCs and Mac computers:
    The wireless router supports a different network environments like Mac OS 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, Apple Talk, Linux, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP. We need to have a internet browser which supports TCP/IP standard of internet.

  2. LED display: Front panel
    LED displays in the front panel of router gives an indication that it is working in good condition. Once router is connected to internet you will see a lighted LED on the front panel of the router, so that you don't have install any advanced software.

  3. Advanced Web-based User interface.
    If you are having any web browser, you can set up the advance functions in a easy manner. You don't have to install any software on the computer and you can change network at any time easy and smart manner.

  4. NAT IP address sharing:
    You can share your IP address by using a network address translation service which is designed by the internet service provider and it saves the cost of using additional IP services.

  5. SPI Firewall:
    If the router is protected by the firewall, then you can protect your network from hacker attacks like IP spoofing, DNS attack, SYN Flood, UDP Flood attacks etc.

  6. 4-port switch:
    Router will be having 4 ports which makes you to connect your networked computers and thus you can share the documents, videos and music and anything you like. Switch will detect the settings automatically and it adjust speed of network. It will transfer the data between the computers without making any interruptions.

  7. DHCP-Built in:
    The built in DHCP will makes you an easiest connection for your network. Server will assign a IP address to each system and it connects automatically without any complicated setup of network.

Product contents in Router

The different product contents in the wireless router are mentioned as follows
• Belkin wireless router
• Installation guide
• Software cd
• RJ45 ethernet cable of Belkin
• Power supply
• User manual

The main things which we need to run the wireless router in our computer are as follows
• Internet connection which is having a broadband connection with RJ 45 connection
• One computer installed with interface network adapter
• TCP/IP protocol installed in computer
• Networking cable which is having a RJ 45 ethernet connection
• Browser for taking the internet
• 64 MB RAM
• A proper operating system

The Belkin wireless router is designed to operate on a desktop computer. The LED are indicated on front side of the router to get proper visibility. The different parts of router are indicated as follows

Power or Ready LED:
When we give power to the router, within a short time the router will boots and you can see that the power or Ready will start to blinking and when router is completes the boot up process, then LED will of solid light which shows that router is ready for using.

When router is router is ready for use and if you switch on the Wireless network LED and if it shows green LED, then we can understand that the network is ready.

These type of LED will be having 4 ports at rear of the router. When a LAN port is connected to LAN ports, then LED will begin to light and if it shows a 10 Base-T device, then we can understand that device is connected properly. If orange light is indicated then it shows that a 100 Base-Tx device is connected in a proper manner.

Power Jack:
The power jack will be having a gray colour and it contains a 5v DC supply.

LAN Ports connected to computers:
LAN Ports will of blue colour and it will be having a RJ 45 connection, 10/100 connection, Ethernet cable of 6 numbers. LAN Port will be having 4 ports which is numbered from 1 to 4.

Modem connection:
Modem connection port is used to connect the cable or DSL modem in a proper manner. You will get a cable which is in the packet and use that cable only for good results. Don't use any other cable which is not supplied from company.

Button for Resetting:
Button for resetting is used, when router does not work properly. When you are resetting it will reset your router in a proper way.

How to connect and install your Router?

Your modem or cable need to have a RJ 45 ethernet connection port. Most of the modems will be having a Ethernet connection and a USB connection. For the first time, if you are installing your network devices then it is good to install the router first and then try to install other devices.

Step 1: Install wizard software, Run it
• When you are running any programs, then try to shut down it properly when installing any other programs.
• When you are going to run the install wizard, you must check whether you are having all the requirements for installing the router.
• Always off your firewall or internet connection when you are running your install wizard.
• Put your easy install CD into your computer and within a short time you will see a screen for further installation.
• After putting your install CD, you will now see a welcome screen and at this point make sure that your router is not connected. If it is connected try to connect directly to modem. Always click 'Next' button when you are ready.
• The install wizard will now show a progress on each time and you have to click the 'Next' button each time when you see it.
• The install wizard will now show a settings of computer network which needs to complete the router connection to internet. When it is finished try to click the 'Next' button for going to next step.
• If you are having more than one network adapter installed in the computer, then you will see a Multi-NIC screen. Select one network adapter properly and then click the 'Next' button.

Step 2: Setup of Hardware:
This wizard will take you to connect your router to modem and computer.
• This section is used to find out a cable in between your modem and network port on the computer. Put the cable and insert into the green port of router. Click the 'Next' button for continuing to next step.
• This section will guide you to install the blue cable included inside the router. Put one end of cable into the any of the blue ports and insert other end of cable to network port. Click 'Next' button for continuing.
• This area takes you to find the power supply which is inside the router. Insert the small connector to gray port of the router. Insert the power supply into empty outlet. Click 'Next' button for continuing.
• Ensure that all the light on front of the router is ON. Click the 'Next' button for continuing.

Step 3: Check connection:
• When you have completed your connection to the router, then wizard will check for connection and decide which type of internet connection you are having.
• If you are having a connection which needs a username and password, then you have to type it in the proper format. If you don't need this, then leave it as empty box.

Router configuration:
• This section will check for configuration of the router and at this time don't turn off your router or computer.
• Next it will find for a internet connection and it will take some minutes. Sometimes it will retry and it takes more time and we must be patient through this process.
• After internet connection if finished, then it will show that it is finished and you will see a LED which shows that it is connected and it blinks in solid green light and now we can see that it is connected to internet.

Now the router is connected to internet and you can surf internet by taking your browser and select your most interest page.

Belkin products comes with company standards and if you are having problems related to issues of wireless router, you can contact the company. For getting more information, you can visit at Go through the article on Which is best washing to buy


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