My interview experience in Tata Consultancy Services

In this article, I will share my interview experience in Tata Consultancy Services. I will share all the questions which my interviewer asked me and the answers I have told to them. Also, know about the interview process and eligibility criteria for a job in TCS.


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the first IT Company that came to our college for campus selection. The headquarters of TCS is located in Mumbai, India. This is one of the TATA groups of companies. The Chief Executive Officer of TCS is N Chandrasekaran.
The tag line of TCS is Experience Certainty. TCS is the No.1 software company in India.

Eligibility Criteria:

The main eligibility criteria they told us was one should have got above 60% aggregate from school to college and they told that students with 2 arrears are allowed to attend the interview and if they got selected, they should have been cleared with all the arrears before joining date of TCS. But this eligibility criterion may differ from college to college and year to year.

Campus interview process of TCS:

The first step in interview process is writing the aptitude test. This is online test from their software. One who clears aptitude will be allowed to sit in the direct interview which is combination of both HR interview and technical interview. There is no group discussion in TCS.

Aptitude test:

First one is the aptitude test. We prepared well and went to the college to attend the aptitude test.
First of all, we are asked to sit in a seminar hall where the people from TCS presented a pre placement talk which is all about their company such as their CEO, CFO, clients, branches and their revenues and stuffs like that. Then they allowed a little time to ask them questions. In this question time, you can ask them any question regarding interview process and about their company.
Then they asked us to sit in a computer lab which is specially arranged for this interview purpose. Then our faculties have explained about the procedure to handle the software which is to attend the aptitude test online. At last we are cleared about attending the aptitude test online.
We started attending our aptitude test at 11 am and completed within 1 hour. Then we are asked to wait until 4 pm for the results of aptitude test because there are many batches that are attending the aptitude test on that day.
We were much tensed and went to canteen to have lunch and we were thinking whether we get selected or not. We are told by some seniors that if one selected in aptitude test, that's all they are selected 90%. So we were praying to god that we should somehow get selected in this aptitude test.
Then finally the results came. Our college placement coordinator spelled the names of selected people in aptitude test in department wise. In our department list, my name also came and in a second, I couldn't react to anything when I just heard my name. Then some of my friends who got selected in the aptitude patted at my back and told me to come along with them to attend the next process.

Just before interview:

Before making us to sit in the interview, they asked us to fill a bio data form in which they have asked the basic things we have mentioned in our resume like educational qualifications with percentages, hobbies, skills we are strong/weak, and personal information.
Then we went to bathroom to wash the face and we wore another set of dress we had in our bag. In our placement training, we are told to bring one additional dress with us which should be worn in interview. This is because, one may sit in interview at late night or we don't know the exact time when we are going to attend the interview after we know that we are cleared in aptitude test. So we always need show them a fresh look. Our dressing style and neatness brings 50% success for us in interview and rest 50% from our talent and confidence.

HR and technical interview questions:

Now we were ready to go and attend the interview. We are made to sit in a chair at the entrance of big seminar hall where interview is going. They took one copy of resume with them before sending to interview. This copy is for the interviewer. Now I went inside. The conversation between us can be well understood if I write like this as below,
  • Me: good evening sir.

  • Interviewer: yes, take your seat.
    Me: thank you sir. I sat down (without dragging the chair making sound)

  • Interviewer: how r you?
    Me: I am fine sir.

  • Interviewer: where are you hail from?
    Me: I said where I am coming from.

  • Interviewer: tell me about your background?
    Me: I started saying we are family of 5 and I said all my family member's name and I told what are they doing.

  • Interviewer: your final year project looks interesting. Can you say something about that project?
    Me: I just said a small introduction about my final year project. I told the programming language we are using to implement our project.

  • Interviewer: what do you know in C?
    Me: I know basics in C.

  • Interviewer: can you write any program in C?
    Me: yes, I can write any program in C sir. (I just said with more confidence)

  • Interviewer: write Fibonacci series program. Here is the paper.
    Me: I started writing the program and finished it in 2 - 3 minutes.

  • Interviewer: can you write the Fibonacci series?
    Me: I wrote Fibonacci series which is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…

  • Interviewer: can you explain your program with this series you wrote now?
    Me: I just explained my program and how can one print the Fibonacci series using this program.

  • Interviewer: okay. What is your hobby?
    Me: my hobby is watching news.

  • Interviewer: what is the hot news in this week?
    Me: I just said news about the spectrum scam. (This was the hot news in January 2011. My interview was happened at that time.)

  • Interviewer: that's it. Go and stay in the main seminar hall.

Finally selected:

That's it. We came and we were in the main seminar hall till 10.30 pm. Then they came and listed the selected candidates.
I was one in that list. I was very happy to get selected in TCS finally after many years of training and practicing aptitude tests. But there was a little feeling about few of my friends who didn't get selected in the final interview. Then after some days, they got selected in HCL technologies Company. This is my interview experience which I couldn't forget in my life.

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Guest Author: viki10 May 2012

Im a 1st yr stud.I hav an arrear
in maths-1 . .
Can I get placed well if, I clear it before the campus placement. ?

Author: Gopi17 May 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Hello viki,
There is no need to get panic. If you don’t have any arrears at the time of campus interview, it’s enough. Since you are in the first year of your college, you are having much more time to get prepare for your placements and to clear all the backlogs that you are having now.
But at the time of your campus interview, they will surely ask you why you got failed in Maths 1 exam. So prepare an answer for it.
All the best

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