Learning the art of home management

Alongside the maintenance of the house, what must be done with prudence to feel the joy of every moment enjoyable is what the art of home management is called! The home management isn’t merely limited to the cleaning and sweeping of house, cooking food or washing clothes. Home management is also an art the knowledge of which is but imperative. Know this art through this essay.

A few walls are enough for the inhabitation of lives. Under the shadows of these fore walls sleeps soundly the yearnings of love. Days are spent over within these walls. These walls are not in fact boundaries but the dream house. Upon what factors depends the basics of the art home management is going to be discussed now.

Paper work and planning- vital for home management

  • The basics of the home management depend on your paper work. The better you will do your paper work, the more better the planning would be.

  • Merely a good paper work is not enough, but following it with equal honesty is also essential.

  • Take a diary or a spiral note book. On everyday in its newer pages, after noting down that day's date, prepare that day's list of all your works and needs of that day. The benefits of it would be that you would remain fixed towards your works and stay updated with it too as to what works have been completed and what are left out to be completed.

  • Do the planning of the whole week related with the food and drinks and prepare the grocery list accordingly.

  • Put a big wall calendar down the wall and note down on it all the family appointments or whatever is to be remembered. Take out at least 15 minutes daily to rearrange the accessories of your house and carve out some times for cleaning and dusting job also.

  • In place of washing clothes of the whole week, wash them at 1 or 2 days of intervals so that the burden doesn't befall on your head on a single day.

  • Keep one whole day aside for depositing all the domestic bills so that all the bills are deposited on time leaving no confusion behind.

  • Keep your routine such that the rule of early sleeping and early rising remains maintained. Its greatest advantage to you would be that you would be getting extra time to finish many incomplete works.

  • Make the house cleaning rule in such a manner that suits you. Fix a time and date for this. Don't take the burden of cleaning the entire house in a single day. Clean one day all your bedrooms, your bathroom the next day and so and so on.

  • Whatever broken or unwanted accessories are there lying no more in use should be disposed off.

  • Keep your dust bin always clean.

Plan your budget

  • Plan the whole month's budget in advance and make the essential expenditure list separately.

  • Children's expenses are separate, hence should be planned separately.

Some easy management tips

  • Much of the works could be completed while watching TV also as for examples peeling off the skin of vegetables, slashing and chopping it, beating floor dough etc.

  • Everybody should wash their own hanker chief, undergarments and socks.

  • Ask everybody in your family to wash the cups and glasses to avoid the overload on a single sole after drinking tea or water.

  • It would fall with a thump on your head if you would be leaving the whole day long used up kitchen utensils unwashed to be taken care of later. Wash the pots simultaneously after using them.

  • Doing work thinking as a burden would augment the load of your work. Take interests in your works. The work will take interest into you without letting you feel boring at all.

  • Seek helps from the other members of your family too.

  • Train your children to clean their room on their own.

  • Ask your husband to keep the items on proper place in stead of littering it everywhere in rooms

  • Allot the duty and responsibilities to every family members in house.

  • Take helps in soft works from children and husband also.

  • Put back everything on their designated places after their use.

  • Finish half of works for the next day in the night itself because everybody would be in a hurry to go out early in the morning.

  • Prepare the timetable and learn the art of management first.

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