How Does a Washing Machine Work?

Here in this article, you will be getting the information on how a washing machine works properly and what are basic parts of washing machine and how to clean clothes properly etc. You will find all these information in most detailed manner. All of them who visit this article will be known how to start your washing machine and how to clean the dirt inside the clothes.


Washing machine is the most common thing which we see in our home. It is mainly useful for washing our clothes in a easy and fast manner. The manual washing can be saved here and it saves a lot of time. It goes through the different process and it clean the clothes in very neat manner.

Basic structure of Washing machine

The main components of a washing machine are as follows;
• Agitator
• Inner and outer wash tub
• Electric motor
• Drain tube
Washing machine is also having valves, switches and timers which gives good comfort for washing and working. The hot and cold water through the washing machine will be passed through the valves. Timer will look through the functioning of the different cycles in a proper manner. A good washer will be having a switches to control different functions and it can be used to adjust different functions. Spinning speed and setting of hot and cold water are done by the switches. The valves, timers and switches will be different from models.

These are typical components which should be there in a washing machine and different machines will be having different features and each part will be having a desired function.

Parts of Washing Machine

Inner Wash Tub:
In the inner wash tub, the washing process starts and it adds the water and detergent mixture to clothes. Detergent will be having enzymes which makes the clothes a clean one. The types of enzymes are protease, catalyse. In the tub the clothes are mixed and moved to all the sides to make clothes really beautiful.
Agitator makes the enzymes to work on clothes. It is plastic cylinder which is put inside the inner tub and it is a finned one. The main aim of the agitator is to move the clothes up and down, so that the detergent will be mixed properly with the clothes. For a good amount of time, this process will be repeated. Agitator will remove the dirts from the clothes in good manner and the name of the cycle is known as wash. Inner tub will be having many holes and centrifugal force will pushes out the water from clothes and it goes through the holes to exit portion of the outer tub. Water will be going out through the drain tube.
Through the wash cycle, agitator and inner tub will be used in a proper manner by a electric motor which is most powerful in use. Washing process will be done through the acceleration of the motor. It is an important part of washer.
Outer wash tub:
Outer wash tub is of stationary purpose and the water goes through the outer tub. When the water is removed from the outer tub, then it is filled again through the inner tub. Agitator works on clothing and it cleans the dirt from the clothes in easy manner. It is second cycle known as rinse cycle. Main function is to remove the detergent particles which are trapped inside the fabric. Completing the rinsing, the water will be drained out from the machine.
Drain Tube:
Main function of third cycle is to spin it properly and to remove the water from the clothes. In these steps the draining process is used by drain tubes. When drained water is thrown out, the electric motor will again perform appropriate action. Inner tub will be done at high speed and centripetal force spins out the remaining water through the drain tube. This will take more time to complete this process. Clothing will become wet and it will start the process of drying.
Power parts:
Electric motors are used mainly to make process more speed. Washers are attached to make parts more smooth. Washers are attached by a clutch and this clutch will be similar to car clutch and it is having a drum pad which is used for functioning the drum. Some units will use drive belts and these drive belts will be having a pulley and it will be fixed in a proper manner.

Mechanics of washing machines

When you open the lid or door of washing machine, the first thing you have watched is the large drum. Inner part of the drum is known as basket and it is used to drain the water. Outer part of drum is known as the tub which cannot be seen by our eyes. It is a solid part which allows basket to drain water in a proper manner. Basket will be moving in a fixed position.
Pumps and hoses move the water through the washing machine. When you switch on the washing machine, you will see a hook hose which is having hot and cold water. One hose pulls the water from machine and it goes through a sewer drain pipe. Electric motor in the washing machine moves the basket. When you see the detailed information about the parts used, it will be same related to car. The most popular terms like belts, hoses, clutch, brakes will be used to function the washing machine in a proper manner. Digital and mechanical part will be carrying the program. Dispensers is used mainly to make the detergent and bleach it using a softener, so that when you switch on the washing machine you can dispense in a right time. When we are using dispensers, the detergent will be mixed in a proper manner.

Understand the mechanics of working of ashing machine should help you in deciding which is the best washing machine to buy?


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