How to solve unemployment in India

Unemployment is one of biggest problems of any nation. The fact is, unemployment can damage the economical standard of any country. Here I am focusing on what is the main problem of unemployment in any country? What are the steps to removing this problem of the country as well as the how to handle this problem.

Unemployment in India

India is a vast country of the world. India has several resources to development. The main capital of India is human power. But the main problem of our country does not use the human power in suitable manner. The maximum number of people in India has unemployment during independence. Unemployment means a stage where peoples are agreeing to work in low wages. But they have no work to do. When, we say about unemployment. That means people have no work to do under age group 15 - 60 years. Nowadays Unemployment becomes a major and complex problem for India. It has been increasing day by day. There are various types of unemployment available in India.
Since last 20 years, the population of India has been increasing at 2.5% rate per year while the rates of employment have only 2.2 percent per year therefore the increment in unemployment are moving very fast . In this time approximately one million peoples have unemployment. To solve this problem our government needs to follows following steps.

Production Growth
It is necessary to increase the production of the various fields like agriculture, Industries, Information technology etc. The government of any country needs to help for development in various sectors like self employment, small sector industries

High rate of capital formation
The country should keep high rates of capital formation. We need to courage the work of capital formation. The ratio of capital production should be according to populations so the rate of capital formation should be high while the rate of capital production should be low.

Help for self employments
There are 65 percent peoples are involved in self employment of India. Most of them are belonging to agriculture while we have many sectors for self employment such as small industries, real state, business etc. Our government should provide the special facilities for farmers like good quality of seeds, fertilization, watering, credit etc.

Change the education system
The education system of our country is very traditional. We need to change this education system and make a practical base education. Education system should have vocational from the beginning. Government needs to provide special features for teachers, doctors in rural areas and the main motto of education should provide an environment for employments in all sectors.

Change in industries technology
Industries are the main place where nay country is using their human power. So, country needs to open more industries to reduce the problems of unemployment. After all Industries are the second sectors of the economics. It generates maximum vacancies for unemployed persons. But industries should focus on development of consumer products. Our industries technologies are traditional. So it needs to change and use the method technology like information technology

Importance of employment planning
We should focus of planning that help us to increase opportunity of employment. The growth rates of employments are increasing day by day. Our government should make powerful planning for employments. Without planning we cannot consider a good jobs market. Government needs to create rules and regulations for all sectors and follows these rules strictly as a planning. Our five years planning should be based on the employment in all sectors.

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Author: Phagu Mahato26 May 2012 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 0

Dear Webmaster
Please tell me how much more time to approval my articls.

Author: Chitra20 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 12

I think above all the mentality of our people should change to reduce the unemployment problem in our country. They should understand that not all can be doctors or engineers, there is a limit in recruiting people of these two fields. The next option is to pursue MBA and to be in the managerial position. A company needs maximum five managers in various departments, small companies do not even need them. In such a situation how do we expect unemployment to get reduced?

If we sincerely want to get a job, then we should have the will power to do any decent job. By any ob I am not asking a qualified person to do cleaning job but any job where his qualifications and talents can be used. A fresher can't just dream of getting a high profile job without experience. Understand these facts and if you fail to prove yourself a successful candidate in many organization, then change your way of thinking. Either study something which is of great scope in the period or start up your own venture on a small scale basis. Not only your qualifications can be capitalized but certain of your other talents can also be used for the same.

Have a aim in mind write from the beginning, and accordingly choose your course rather than repenting after the completion of a course. If you have a strong determination and aim, surely you can achieve it. Do not expect others to offer you job as soon as you pass an exam. It is your duty to fetch one. I strongly believe if these thinking of our youth change, we surely can have a unemployment free nation.

Author: Lienda21 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

I have to agree with @Chitra that it is high time that people really have to change their age old mentality that my son or daughter will become a engineer or doctor. You may or may not agree with that more than 50% of research vacancies remain unfilled (this condition is still going on) and the same in the condition in the education field (lack of resourceful teachers), management field, law field and so on. Every year, lakhs and lakhs of engineers pass out of colleges which in comparison to the number of students passing out in different other fields is way more. And to provide employments to all these engineers isn't possible for a nation due to instability in the software and technology market. So, people really need to try out some other fields which can not only guarantee them a good job with good salary but also will helps in the development of the nation.

Every field can produce the standards and salary we always dream of and for these, some amount of dream, ambition, willingness to work hard, dedication and most importantly the desire to go for our dreams.

Author: Jagdish Patro21 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 7

Yes, Our attitude should change. Fault finding and blame game have become a common phenomenon in our tendency and everybody expects job through campus recruitment these days. Government cannot generate job resources to all the population about 130 crores and this article fails to explain the various resources available in the country to cope up the issue.

We are having abundant natural resources and the proper exploration of the resources would generate more employment. For example, the exploration of mineral resources like Coal, Gold, Uranium etc would involve the engineers, the scientist, the skilled persons for processing and other manpower. it also facilitates development of infrastructure and urbanisation of the surrounding vicinity. The construction of various dams and ground water exploration would generate good employment in these area. In addition, ours is a traditional agricultural country, people are leaving this field but the development of agricultural resources would help in establishment of Pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer and pesticide industries. Once these areas get proper attention, it would be feasible to students to opt for study in these areas. The education system need not be changed but our orientation needs a change.

It is not that Government is not taking care of the things but the action is not with that pace that is required for the development of this country.

Author: Joseph23 Nov 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

The greatest problem that India is facing today is the unemployment. The main reason behind this problem is the population exploitations and other things. There are many ways that we can practice to avoid the unemployment situation. First of all students were following and wishing to go into the field of either engineering or medical there creates some problem that is if candidates try to approach these fields only then there occurs unemployment situation if candidates think about a different field then he or she will more capital and many job opportunities. However I never say that they need to kill their dreams for unemployment situation but need to think about it. Excellent article and good topic selection.

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