Television: Its Advantages And Disadvantages

In this changing world everybody wants to keep in touch with the changing events. This is only possible if we have Television (TV). In this article, I have given complete information about TV’s advantages and disadvantages. We shall learn how TV is boon or curse to mankind.


The twentieth century was the age of science. Science is knowledge and knowledge has no end. It has brought about a revolution in every walk of life. Television was invented by J.L.Biard. In India, it was introduced on an experimental basis in Delhi in 15th September, 1959. Colour television was introduced in 15th August, 1982. Television is one of the most wonderful and useful invention of modern times. It is the most powerful and far reaching means of communication, education and entertainment. Without TV we would be like a frog in a well who knows nothing of the outside world. Let us see some advantages and disadvantages of TV.


1. TV programmes are useful for educating the people. There are famous educational channels such as "Discovery", "National Geographic", and "Fox History" which provide lot of knowledge. Even the subjects which are said to be uninteresting can be made interesting by specialists through TV programmes. TV is used to teach people different arts and crafts. Classroom lessons of schools and colleges are supplemented by TV. Thus, TV is boon for educated and uneducated also.
2. TV is used as effective aid in the fight against anti social elements such as corruption, dowry system, alcoholism, drug addiction, untouchability, smoking, etc., by arousing public opinion against such evils. "Satya Meva Jayte" on Star Plus is the latest one which fights against anti social elements. "Crime Patrol" on Sony awakes the people about crime and alert them. There are many other news channels which are doing the same.
Entertainment: TV helps us to entertain ourselves according to our tastes and likings. Lovers of classical music may watch and listen to the best singers. Latest film songs can be easily enjoyed. Latest movies, cricket matches, serials, reality shows, etc can be easily watched on TV. If a person is alone in his/her home, he/she cannot bore if TV is available. If a house wife wants to cook some special food, just switch on TV and learn step by step method on channel "Food Food".
Communication: India is a democratic country. The communication between the government and the people is very important. News channels play vital role in it. We can listen to the important news from any corner of the world. The government places its policies and programmes to the public with the help of electronic media. The public also uses them to express its satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the government.
Advertisement: Because of the popularity of TV programmes and their powerful influence on masses, TV has become an important means of advertisement. Daily we hear on TV, the advertisements of film promotions, ready-to-eat food, medicines, cosmetics and other articles. Because of advertisements, we come to know about the latest products which recently launched in the market.


1. Excess use of anything is always bad. It is harmful to spend more time in front of TV. It affects our eyes. It may leads to Short-sightedness and decreases stamina.
2. Children watch their favourite cartoons or shows for hours together. TV is now extensively used for playing video games. Sometimes children neglect their study. They become TV addicts. Some violent shows are telecast and children become criminal minded. Thus TV can be curse for mankind.
3. People do not go outside from home because of TV. They hardly go out to meet relatives and friends. They don't welcome relatives or friends if they happen to visit home when some famous TV programme is going on.


Disadvantages of TV are comparatively less than its advantages. One can easily overcome the shortcomings of TV. TV makes people lazy, but we still love to watch it and we cannot discontinue watching TV. If TV programmes are planned to make better citizens, TV will be great blessing to the mankind.

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