Global Warming: Its History, Facts, Reasons And Remedies

This dissertation deals with the dangerous problem of global warming threatening the very existence of humankind. This quandary for decades is lurking on our face eating at our vitals and shall continue to gnaw at our nerves till something serious is not done by individual citizens in the entire countries of the world. Being mentioned in this article are some facts, history and causes of this tormenting problem.

‘Global warming’- these two words are hanging fire since decades for the entire mankind on this planet. The temperature of earth is rising alarmingly and the balance of earth is tearing apart to smithereens. Are we inching gradually to obliteration or else have the count down already begun? Is there time still left for us to save the earth and thus save ourselves? Let’s delve deeper into it.

History behind the origin of the global warming

Regarding the approaching danger of global warming, warning was issued already some 150 years back. This was the time when Charles Darwin was busy giving finishing touches to his theory of evolution. 6 months before Charles Darwin could publish his book ‘Origin of Species’, John Tidual of Royal Institute of London readied up ‘Green House Effect’ by experiments in his laboratory. Tidual moved ahead the explanation of his former French scientist Joseph Fourier. Joseph Fourier had written in 1824 that some gases of atmosphere keeps the heat stocked up after absorbing it. Joseph Fourier named it ‘I’effect de serre’.

Greenhouse effect

Tidaul in 1859 upon the experiments conducted in his laboratory had had declared that our atmosphere though allows entry of the sun heat into the earth’s stratosphere but it doesn’t allow it to go out of it as a result, the earth’s surface is warming up.

After this, in 1897, Swante Ermius tried to find it out that to what extents carbon Di oxide can increase the global warming? He had said this that by increasing the earth’s carbon Di oxide to a degree of double, the temperature of the earth can increase up to 4-6 degrees Celsius (present assumption is of up to 2-3 degree Celsius).

But the countries of the world are insensitive towards the increasing danger of the global warming. The change in assumption that there was no notable threat from this danger was evidently noticeable when the Earth summit was held in 1992 in Rio D’ Generio in Brazil, and the Inter Government Panel of Climatic change (IPCC) was established to deliberate upon this looming threat.

It’s 20 years past since the Earth’s summit was held and probably a single solid step even has been taken to stem the tides of the global warming. The reality is that since the last 18 years, emission of carbon Di oxide gas due to the burning of the bio gases has increased up to the level of 40 % increasing the temperature of earth by 8 degree Celsius.

Some facts regarding global warming

  1. If the same situation continues on, then the quantity of carbon Di oxide gas shall increase by up to the extents of 90 degrees Celsius.

  2. About 2000 Himalayan glaciers have already melted down since 1950. If this pace continues longer, all the Himalayan glaciers would melt down by the end of 2035.

  3. Since the last 100 years, the temperature of earth has raised up to 0.8 degree Celsius. This appears ordinary, but it is exerting serious consequences on earth.

  4. After 1870, the water surface of earth is swelling up at the rate of 1.7 mm thus boosting up thus far up to the extents of 20cm. With this rate, some coastal countries of the sizes of Mauritius would vanish into the seas.

  5. Owing to the melt down of ice in the Arctic seas, dangers of earth quakes and calamities like tsunami would loom large.

  6. Food production would reduce down to 40 % if the increase in the temperature stays like this unabatedly creating a massive scale of scarcity of food grains.

  7. Diseases would thrive due to the increase in temperature. Sun stroke, malaria, dengue and brain fever would torment the human kind.

What is causing carbon gas?

Crude oil is the main culprit behind the increase in the carbon gas. The crude oil alone accounts for increasing the quantum of carbon gas emission by up to 33.5 %, out of which, 19.2 % of the share goes to the diesel guzzling vehicles. After this, coal has its share of up to 27.4 % into this vex. The production and uses of coal and crude oil is continually increasing by leaps and bounds. These two items alone share the burden of increasing the level of carbon gas into the atmosphere by up to the extents of whopping 60 %.

Besides this, the responsibility of increasing carbon gas into our stratosphere goes to:
  • The natural gases ( 22.8 %),
  • Hydro electricity (6.3 %),
  • Nuclear energy (5.9 %), and
  • Geological heat’s share 2.5 %.

As for the example as to which type of cycle effect is forming up due to the global warming is that due to the increase in the temperature, the rate of raging fire in jungle is also increasing by numbers and whatever carbon Di oxide gas is emitted by the jungle fire is alone accounts for up to 20 % of the gross gas present in the atmosphere i.e. a very enormous quantity indeed! Thus, the forest fires are also adding fuel to the fires of global warming as a result of its chain reactions, forests areas are being engulfed incessantly into the throes of jungle fires.

Sun is also the culprit behind enhancing up the global warming. There has been an increase of from 10-30 % into the incoming sun’s energy since the two decades last.

Some steps required for stemming the tide of global warming

The India Government has already told this from before that it would strive hard to bring down the carbon emission rate by up to 25 % in forthcoming years. This would be one giant leap forward attaining which would be quite a difficult task. As for that matte, some smallish kinds of steps too could act to stunt the growing problem of global warming.
    Around 100 kilo would be reduced down by keeping the filter of the air conditioners cleaned.

  • Keeping refrigerators out of kitchen would reduce carbon Di oxide by 160 kilo.

  • By drinking one cup of coffee less a day could reduce175 kg of carbon Di oxide.

  • Washing vegetables straight into the sink is a bad idea. In stead, wash it in buckets so that it could be poured on the plants in the garden.

  • If there isn’t much space in home, do the gardening in earthen pots on your roof.

  • If there is a park near your home, you can sow plant saplings there and look after it.

  • Use CFL in place of bulbs and tube lights. This will not only save energy but heat also would emit around less.

  • Get your vehicles checked up regularly from time to time.

  • Prevent attempts on felling of trees around your area.

  • Do not forget switching off bulb, fans etc and also inspire other members to do the same.

  • The increasing use of plastic is most damaging to the environs. At the time of going out from home for buying things from the market, carry along cloth bags from home to thwart uses of plastic bags.

  • Plastic jams up sewerages and cesspools forms accumulating due to it. This exerts adverse effects on earth wherever these are formed up. Research is long afoot to bring in to introduce bio-degradable plastic.

  • Make the minimal use of soap and detergent. From this, not shall you be saving from the use of chemicals, but you shall be contributing in the conservation of the environments as well.

  • Spread the peels of vegetables on to the soil in stead of throwing it hither and thither or in the trash containers. The fertilizing capacity of soil too shall increase with this attempt of yours.

  • Environment gets polluted not only by smoke, dirt, or intense heat but there also several other factors affecting its degradation.

Conclusion: Today, the shortfall of oxygen in the atmosphere and the decrease in the quantity of carbon monoxide and carbon Di oxide is giving invitations to a number of disease.

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None of the developed countries admit their contribution in Global Warming. The controls and restrictions they want from the developing countries,by just cosmetic application in their own case. Hence India had made its difference of view in this matter though our country has to abide by certain international norms.

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