How to apply to change your name in the gazette of India?

While preferring a name change to have fortune vibes due to its paramount significance in our lives, the name change procedure legally becomes possible but time consuming to some extent in our country. This article deals about how to apply for change of your name change in the gazette of India and guidelines for name change legally for various reasons.

Depending on how the name of a person is spelt out its sound and vibration matter a lot influencing the life of the person, researches do acclaim. Since name plays a vital role in improving each and every aspect of our lives we sometimes wish to go for a change in our names obviously on several grounds.

Why do people wish to change their names?

Being multifactorial, name change could be done for just no reason at all if they don't like their name. But it is absolutely legalized.
1. People tend to change name simply because of not liking the name given at the time of birth by parents that sounds tweedy, peculiar, could be misspelled or embarrassing.
2. From futuristic standpoint, change of name is requested to have better lifestyle than the present one.
3. Change of name upon marriage is common among women in India with maiden name desired to be husband's name.
4. To include mother's name/initial as surname along with father's name/initial as surname is also desired.
5. Certain individuals may opt for name change on ethnic/religious grounds favoring inheritance of family name to be added upon to their existing name.

How to change your name officially in India?

Applying to change your name in the gazette of India and name change procedure in India is simple and legally permitted as scheduled by the Indian judiciary but to certain extent a bit time consuming process whatever the reason might be. Name change process will take some time and require a couple of visits to local magistrate office to obtain the documents of attestation. Payment of fees at each step while processing the name change must be required. As per a proposed revision of the existing Registration of Births and Deaths Act, name change in India has never been permitted more than once in a lifetime of the individual. Hence, due consideration should be given to name change. Let us go ahead with the guidelines for name change in India legally.

Requesting affidavit
If you desire to change your name you need to be ready with an affidavit on Rs. 10 stamp paper in front of any legal official/magistrate of the area of your domicile/notary mentioning in the affidavit that the reason for name change, old name, residential address, father/husband's name, and then new name, address, father/husband's name, etc. The legal authority will attest your affidavit in accordance with your application. If you are an NRI, your affidavit should be attested by the corresponding Indian Embassy/Indian High Commission. The clerks of the civil court who are knowledgeable in this process will get the affidavit prepared since they keep the formatting of the affidavit. For this they will collect a fee. Then you need to get it attested with a signature by the magistrate. You also have to get another affidavit on Rs. 10 stamp paper attested with the above details in the first affidavit.

Filing declaration form/ProForma
Filing declaration form known as ProForma is required to be made in duplicate in accordance with the specimen given by the Department of Publication in New Delhi. Two copies are essential. You have to sign this ProForma in front of two witnesses and get their signatures as well in the document.

Attesting photographs
Two passport-sized photographs should be pasted on an A4 paper and also attestation by notary is a must.

Placing advertisements in a newspaper
It is important to place advertisement in at least two local newspapers stating your change of name, old name, your father/husband's name, address, and why you want to have a name change. You are recommended to obtain original copy of this advertisement appearing in the newspaper, to tear the whole page of the newspaper with date and name of paper visible and highlight change of your name publication. It is better to have more than 10 copies of each newspaper for future reference.

Publishing in the gazette of India
The name change procedure will be completed when the name change is declared by publishing it in the gazette of India Part IV by paying a fee in advance. The fee for publishing in the Gazette can be paid as cash or by DD/Indian postal order in the name of Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54. If you are residing in India fee for your name change has been Rs. 700 and Rs. 2300 for NRI inclusive of airmail charges. Are you in need of two (maximum) more copies? With the addition of Rs. 35 for each copy you can obtain by mailing a single DD of Rs. 770/Rs.2370. Along with this fee, following documents namely original advertisement, declaration document/ProForma, attested affidavit, and two attested passport-size photographs must be sent through either registered post or in person to the above-mentioned address. Thereafter, change of your name will be released in the official gazette by the respective State Government in its official gazette. You can thereafter purchase copies of the relevant gazette where the name change is published as official authentication of the name change.

Obtaining copies from the gazette
You need to wait for at least 15 days to inquire about your status of name change after mailing the above required DD and documents by mentioning your old and new names as a reference. And if everything goes fine you will receive copy/three copies of the gazette as the case may be through post. Now, you just enclose the gazette copy of your name change wherever it is required. At last you are done.

How to continue after name change?

On fulfilling the above steps obtaining your name change published in the gazette of India, you can have your passport, pan card, driving license, bank accounts bearing a desired new name. While for persuasion of higher studies or to apply for jobs in the public sector, you need to replace your new name in place of old in the 10th, 12th and degree certificates. In India, 10th and 12th standard certificates are of great importance and change of name in these certificates is definitely a time consuming procedure taking minimum of three months. To get these certificates assigned with your new name, letter must be sent to the respective board/examinations official along with copies of name change proof. This is posted only through registered post acknowledgment due only and not by courier. You must possess the registered post receipt and acknowledgment card along with application copy ready in hand. So that you can go for any query in case you will not receive any response from the board authority in obtaining the originals endorsed with new name. In the interim, you are supposed to hold on without these originals for a due course of time.

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Author: K Mohan01 Apr 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

This is the useful information provided by the author. I think the changes must be made at the local municipality also so that proper communication is received from the government.Even certificates must be duly verified before accepting them.

Guest Author: rgd17 Jul 2014

Sir, I am a resident of Assam. I have changed my name and published it on gazette of India (Delhi publication). Can i use this gazette notification in future as my name changed document.Please reply. I am confused. Thank you

Guest Author: Naveen Kumar21 Jul 2014

I live in Meerut (U.P.) near Delhi and I want to know where I have to apply(Gazette office) for change my name.-Naveen Kumar (Meerut). Please suggest.

Guest Author: mohd ziauddin ansari09 Aug 2014

Respected sir,
Please tell me where have to apply for gazette notification in Uttar Pradesh for name change?
I want to add surname in my name. I have got a affidavit and publication in 2 newspaper (English and Hindi). Now I want to get gazette notification in Uttar Pradesh. Please help me for the same as soon as possible.
Thank You

Guest Author: Raj Aryan22 Aug 2014

Respected sir,
Please tell me where have to apply for gazette notification in south Delih for name change?
I want to add surname in my name. I have got a affidavit and publication in 2 newspaper (English and Hindi). Now I want to get gazette notification in Delhi. Please help me for the same as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Raj Aryan22 Aug 2014

Respected sir,
Please tell me where have to apply for gazette notification in south Delhi for name change?
I want to add surname in my name. I have got a affidavit and publication in 2 newspaper (English and Hindi). Now I want to get gazette notification in Delhi. Please help me for the same as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Naveen Sharma15 Sep 2014

Kindly send the required proforma matter to my e-mail id.

Guest Author: Anirudh Singh09 Oct 2014

As far as I have researched, people from Uttar Pradesh need to publish the change of name in gazette of India. I am stuck at the same point. Now going ahead and will publish my name change in gazette of India.

Author: Bhavani11 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 6

Hi rgd: Since the procedure for name change in India varies from state to state you need to follow the guidelines as per your state procedure. If printing of name change in the state official gazette (Assam) is not allowed you will get notification of your name change published in the gazette of India. In case of such instance you may go ahead with your Delhi publication. You please verify with your local legal expert.
Hi Naveen Kumar & Mohd: You may visit the following web portal for further information:
For Gazette of India publication the following link will provide the details:[10].pdf
Hi Raj Aryan & Naveen Sharma: Please follow the guidelines mentioned in the above link, i.e.,[10].pdf
Hi Anirudh: In case you do not find any printing of name change in your State (Uttar Pradesh) official gazette you may proceed to get the name change published in the Delhi publication (Gazette of India).

Guest Author: Dewans Ghetia14 Oct 2014

Respected Sir,
I am a student of standard 10th and I want to correct the spelling of my surname. Will gazette help me in any way?

Guest Author: Puneet01 Nov 2014

Me and my wife want to change our names according to numerology. Can we change our names in one go and what would be the procedure? We are residing in Delhi.

Guest Author: Sheikh Aamir08 Nov 2014

Respected sir,Please tell me where have to apply for gazette notification in south Delhi for name change?I want to add surname in my name. I have got a affidavit and publication in 2 newspaper (English and Hindi). Now I want to get gazette notification in Delhi. Please help me for the same as soon as start on 2004 ..

Guest Author: avinash21 Nov 2014

The name of my sister's son was misspelled in the DOB certificate. How will I change the name but please note that his age is under one year as on date.

Guest Author: Saxena03 Feb 2015

This information is very useful. I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh and I am ashamed of saying that Uttar Pradesh seems to be the worst state in all the official proceedings. I checked everywhere and could not get any information on Uttar Pradesh official Gazette. They don't even know that any such thing exists. This really creates problem for people like us who have to produce name change proof when they move to other organized states like Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
Finally, I think I will be able to get my name change in the Gazette of India, hoping that this department is not like UP departments.

Guest Author: Amisha04 Feb 2015

I have sent all the documents in month of Dec 2014 for the name change notice to be published in Gazette of India along with the DD of Rs. 770/-. But just today came to know that the charges are revised to Rs. 850/- from Nov. 25th 2014. What should I do now and how should I contact them to send the balance amount?

Guest Author: Sumi14 Feb 2015

I am basically from Bihar, but currently residing in hyderabad. I want to know if can go through this procedure of name change in hyderabad itself or if i need to visit my hometown. I'm afraid I may face a lot of difficulty because the procedure may be too much time taking there. Besides the name change in PAN card, voter ID, Aadhar card etc, do I also need to change my name in the bank accounts or not as passbook also serves as a proof identification/ proof of residence.

Guest Author: Sanjeev Naavariya26 Feb 2015

Dear Sir/Madam
i want to know everybody want who have, his/her name change it's compulsory published in the Gazette Notification of India, or some condition like Govt. Employee and private Employee, some one says me that only Govt. employee must have name change published in the Gazette Notification of India ,and not to be require for private employee or Sector published in the Gazette Notification of India, only name change Affidavit and published add in two Hindi and English newspaper that's it, so please tell me, I'm very confused what i do for my best.

Thanking you
with best regards

Guest Author: md ahtashamuddin12 Mar 2015

I have changed my name only through an affidavit and newspaper notifications and applied for change in my voter id, which was accepted and new voter card is issued.I have got new pan card and my new name is registered with aadhar no but my educational certificates remains in my old name.Now what should I do as affidavit and paper notification was done 2 years ago.Should I continue with new name as I am applying for jobs in my new name with old name on certificate.What should I do now?

Guest Author: Saranya Sampath26 Mar 2015

Hi my son's name is written on birth certificate as J.Dhikshith now Iwant to present as R.J.Dhikshith according to numerology by addinghis grandpa's initial. Clarify me whether i have to go with change in gazette. My son is just 5 months old

Guest Author: Kuldeep30 Mar 2015

I have changed my name only through an affidavit and newspaper notifications and applied for change in PAN card which was accepted and pan card was issued. I have got my new name is registered with aadhar no but my educational certificates remains in my old name. Now what should I do as affidavit and paper notification was done 4 years ago. Should I continue with new name? Note that I am applying for visa.

Guest Author: mehar ali30 Mar 2015

can I apply for govt. gazette notification for change of name on line

Guest Author: satish Kumar Khetarp18 May 2015

I have published in the news paper for change of name . I want to publish the same in the Government Gazette notification because I am Central Government employees. Kindly advise the procedure. to whom I address my request. How much fees to be paid. what type of documents required. whether fees can be paid cash or only DD will be accepted. Whether any Deed change of name is required to be signed on non judicial stamp paper of Rs. 10/- duly notarized by Notary Public or others. Kindly clarify immediately.

Guest Author: Shahrukh Anwer30 May 2015

How many number of times can a person change their name? I'd like to change my name for the second time because my mother changed my name without asking me

Guest Author: anuradha10 Jun 2015

I got divorced. .my son initial is B.harshan..want to change and my initial before his A.harshan...what is the procedure.i residing in tamil nadu

Guest Author: Jagannath28 Jun 2015

Hi, I am based out of Delhi. My surname is 'Sharma' including in the passport where as my son uses Pandey in all correspondences. Even my wife's passport carries my surname as 'Pandey'. Now, I want to advertise that both 'myname&Sharma' and 'myname&Pandey' are one and the same person. Let me know in case I should initiate name change process and also publish the fact in gazette of India.

Guest Author: Shivaraj07 Jul 2015

I applied for name change in the Gazette of India in May. But till now it is not published. I have not received the copy of the Gazette also. Could you please help me how to check the status? There is a Toll Free and another phone no (1800 11 5064 and 11 23915064) but none is not working. Please help me as soon as possible.

Guest Author: Lalit13 Jul 2015

I am from Jalandhar. My father died when I was 5 years old. My mother got remarried again in 1978. In my passport there is my step father's name but I want to change it. I want my biological father's name in my Adhaar card, Voter card, passport etc. Please help me.

Guest Author: lalit13 Jul 2015

I am based at Jalandhar. I am 43 years old. I have my step father's name on my passport and surname. I want my biological father's name in the passport. How to change it?

Guest Author: Vedika Sonali21 Jul 2015

Hi All,

Kindly go through the website :
there you will have click the option Name change -Major or whichever you are looking for.
or for any assistance you may dial the landline no : 011-23813761/23817823.

Guest Author: Pankaj21 Jul 2015

Hello sir
I want to add my surname. And I want this new name on my voterId/adhaar card/pan card etc. But my 10th/12th/B.Tech documents don't have surname. Can I continue without adding my surname in 10th/12th/B.Tech.

Guest Author: Arvind singh dhakar15 Aug 2015

In my 10th class mark sheet, my name is Arvind and in my 12th class and graduation certificate it is given as Arvind Singh Dhakar. After gazette notification, do I need to get change in my name in 10 class certificate or I can use gazette notification to support my name in class 10 without getting it changed in 10th class certificate as the board authority says that it is not possible to get name change in 10th class certificate? Please suggest the better option.

Guest Author: Raaj30 Sep 2015

Thanks for the correct information.
It was very useful for me to know about the name change procedure.

Guest Author: Trilok Suman21 Oct 2015

Respected sir, Please tell me where have to apply for gazette notification. I want to add Full Father name instead of short name. I have got a affidavit and publication in 2 newspaper (English and Hindi). Now I want to get gazette notification in Delhi. Please help me for the same as soon as possible.

Guest Author: shubhanshu12 Dec 2015

How to proceed in complete change of name, i.e. First and Last Name (Surname) both.
It is my wife's name to be changed - after marriage she changed her first name and last name too. I reside in Delhi.
Kindly advise and guide me for the same.

Guest Author: DURGADAN SINGH HADA31 Jan 2016

I have submitted an application regarding change of name from D.S HADA to DURGADAN SINGH HADA along with all necessary documents and DD No 514633 dated 11 Dec 2015 for Rs 1000/- but the copy of gazette of India have not yet been received even after one month. Please provide the same as early as possible.

Guest Author: Mustaq Ahmed31 Jan 2016

My wife's maiden name is Faridunnisa and my name is Mustaq Ahmed. After marriage my wife's name has got changed as Faridha Ahmed. Now her name is Faridha Ahmed in employment record, bank book, Pan Card etc. But, now I find it difficult to apply for passport as there is no official record for change of my wife's name as Faridha Ahmed and the proof of date of birth required by passport office is only her certificates and in certificate the name is mentioned as Faridhunnisa. I want her name changed as Faridha Ahmed. Please advise me what to do.

Guest Author: Anurag Gupta24 Jun 2016

My old name is Anurag Kumar and new name is Anurag Gupta. My father's name is Arun Gupta. On my passport and Aadhaar card, the name Anurag Gupta is printed. Now when I applied to change my name on my Pan Card they are asking me for publication of 'name-change' in gazette.

I am confused whether I should publish the correction in the gazette of Maharashtra or Gazette of India. I am staying in Mumbai now.

Guest Author: MOHD YUSUF03 Jul 2016

I want to change my name in all documents name is MD USUF but I want to change it to MOHD YUSUF. Please give guidance how to do so.

Guest Author: shivansh ojha07 Feb 2017

I have changed my name and published it in gazette of India. Could I use my new name in forms of government jobs even if I have no documents in new name?

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