How to develop good English speaking and writing skills?

In this article I have discussed about the importance of English I modern life and how to learn it by providing some useful points that will help to enhance English reading and writing skills. English is in great demand today being an international or worldwide language. Besides knowing a regional language one must know at least how to write and understand English.

Importance of English:

It is a language that everyone understands. If you are talking on worldwide level English is the first thing that comes in our mind. To understand other things we must understand English. For instance if we buy a new juicer grinder we use its manual to understand its working. The manual is written in English so if a person does not understands English he will be not able to understand the working of the machine and he cannot use it. Similarly if you are visiting a foreign country you must know a common language that everyone understands otherwise you will have difficulty to communicate with others. In such situations we feel it necessary to know at least basic English reading and writing skills.

Why only English:

English is the only language that is understood worldwide. It is the most spoken language in the world and almost all things that are shared in among different countries are in the form of English. With these things I refer the information, knowledge and news that one country gives and borrows from others. This whole communication setup worldwide is based on a single language which is English. No other language provides such a great flexibility and ease that it could be used on such a vast scale. All the web pages are available in English on the Internet. It is impossible to think the modern world and the setup of the communication system without English. Some nations though give more importance to their national and regional language but eventually they have to borrow the help of English. They cannot even dream to develop into superpowers without proper knowledge and importance given to English. English now cannot be included as a language of a particular country but it should be considered as language of the world.

How to develop English reading skills:

English reading is very important because we come across many places in our daily life when we must possess a good knowledge and English reading skills so as to participate in social or personal activity. Few points that will help you to make yourself a good English reader are:
  • Read as much as you can. No other tip is so much helpful as this one. The knowledge of English is endless and you can develop good English by just reading and reading as much as you can in a day.

  • Use a proper dictionary which is latest to the date. A dictionary serves as the best teacher and a great friend when you are trying to inculcate good reading skills as well as your pronunciation is developed if you refer to a good dictionary at times.

  • Use magazines o increase your reading skill. Read as many good English magazines as you can. Magazines contain English from great professional writers so it is always important to read a magazine to gain the latest knowledge of English.

  • Try to read English news papers in morning. What more can contain English more than a newspaper? A great collection of thoughts of eminent writers compiled together in the form of English. Nothing can be more knowledge giving. You will learn new words easily from English newspapers.

  • Try to develop a habit of reading novels. Read novels with simple English first then develop a habit of reading and switch to higher English novels. By reading knowledge you enhance your virtues and morals along with English.

  • Always try to give yourself a task for the whole day. You must set a task that you have to complete that many pages of English magazine or novel in a day. Enjoy it and don't take it as a burden.

  • Note down the new and important English words that you come across while reading along with its meaning and it's pronunciation in a notebook. Refer to the notebook time to time so that you can memorize those new words along with their pronunciation.

  • Try to watch English news channels. They keep on flashing attest news headlines at the bottom of the screen. Try to read them out at the same pace without skipping any headline. If you miss any try to get back to same speed from next one. Don't panic if you are unable to test this in starting. After some days you will be at perfection in it.

  • Try to read the messages fast in your cell phones so that you are able to read out and understand at the same pace.

  • Always try to include English in your daily conversation. Even if you are uncomfortable in the starting you will feel yourself better to represent yourself after some time. Don't hesitate and think what others will feel. Even if you wrongly speak a word try to improvise next time.

How to develop good English writing skills:

English writing is very important these days as it is the best way to represent your views and opinions in front of others. English is necessary ion official works and many people find it difficult to represent their thoughts effectively on paper. Also English is very important in higher examinations and in aptitude tests. So one must be good in English writing. Few tips to increase your English writing skills are:
  • Try to write down your thoughts in form of small paragraphs or articles when you are free. It is the best way to increase your overall English knowledge.

  • Use a good English dictionary to find synonyms of weak and ineffective words in your writing. Replace the older ones with new effective ones. This will put a great impression on the readers who read your piece.

  • Develop a habit to write essays of limited words in limited time. In this way you will be able to clear your opinion in short and effective way.

  • Don't use flowery or roundabout language in your writing. You may think that increases its charm but it may change the impression or meaning of your writings.

  • Try to have proper punctuations at proper places. This is the greatest mistake done during English writing.
    I will give you an example which tells how commas can even change the meaning of your sentence: for example
    Mary likes to cook her family and her friends.
    This is properly written in meaningful way as:
    Mary likes to cook, her family and her friends.

  • Try to use prober grammar. Be careful not to use his in place of her or their in place of there.

  • Last but not the least, spelling mistakes is the biggest flaws in your writing. To avoid mistakes read different pieces, refer a dictionary and review your article or piece several times so as to detect any spelling or grammatical mistake.


English is of great importance in modern life and so are its reading and writing skills. One cannot claim that he can know English without proper writing or reading skills. No one is perfect but one thing for which everyone strives is improvisation not perfection.

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