Guideline for Hajj Pilgrimage for Indians

In this article, we are going to discuss various important guidelines for Indian Muslims to perform their Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Mecca. We will find the details of contact details to form submission till the travel and return from Saudi Arabia. The procedure of Hajj for all Muslims brother and sister.

Hajj is a holy pilgrimage for any follower of Islam religion. It is considered as obligatory once in a lifetime for those who are able bodied and financially sound in Islam. Hajj is performed from the 8th to 12th day of Dhul al-Hijjah and Muslims from all part of the world comes to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and perform their Hajj in a large numbers. Last year the number of Hajj pilgrims was around 2.5 million. With the increase in various facility, the numbers are growing every year. Indian muslims also performs the hajj in large number as per their quota in each state according to their population.

Procedure for Hajj

Applicants requested to obtain the Hajj application form by downloading from the website or can obtain the form from State or Union Territory Hajj Committee offices along with the Guidelines and fill up according to the instruction there. Any person who is able bodied can apply if he didn't perform any Hajj in last five years and he/she don't have a communicable disease like AIDS, Tuberculosis, infectious leprosy or suffering from any mental disorder. The ladies are not allowed to perform Hajj without any immediate relative with them or any ladies with advance stage of pregnancy. Any person who have court rulings against him and cannot travel abroad should not apply for Hajj. The passport should be valid at least for 1 year from date of application. The form which consist of Two same application one is addressed to Indian Hajj Committee and another one to the State Hajj Committee with a solemn Declaration and Undertaking along with self attested copy of Passport and a Medical Screening and Fitness certificate from a doctor in prescribed format should be submit with photograph and a fees of R200/- to the State/Union Territory Hajj Committee office on stipulated date. Applicant should attach the passport copy for the present address. If present address is different than what is in Passport then he/she should attach Ration Card Copy or Driving Licence Copy or Electric Bill or Telephone Bill of Land-line or Voter's Identity Card Copy. You should apply from only one state hajj committee as applying from multiple SHC will ultimately result in cancellation of all of your hajj applications.You should get a single cover number for upto Five Adult and Two Infant family members in one application. Getting a Cover Number is most important as without it they will not consider you for Qurrah(Computerized Random selection of applicants). In the Qurrah the preference is given in this manner First-70+ category, Second- 4th Timers appliant, Last- The general applicants. The name of selected candidates generally appears in their website or receive a SMS message on their given mobile number. After selection they have to submit the amount of R51,000 along with Original Passport of applicants. After 30-40 days later they will advise you the balance amount of money for the pilgrimage by SMS message or advertise in local news paper. You can also get this details by calling the local hajj committee in your state or Union Territory. After declaration of the balance amount, they will advise you to submit the balance amount within a time frame of 10-15 days. Here after they will provide you with Allotment letter of Rubat and confirm your Visa and ticket, and you are ready for the pilgrimage. Every applicant must obtained the Health and Training Card(HAT) and a vaccination certificate for meningitis and Polio before there travel.

Travel to Mecca for Hajj

The first batch for Hajj pilgrims start reaching Mecca after End of Shawwal month. They flight allotment will be sent SMS before 15 days of their travel and will also be sent through post. It will also will be available on their websit Under any circumstances, the flight details can't be change. The most important thing for travelers to remember is the rule and regulation of Air travel.They should make two piece of checked in baggage of maximum 22 Kg each and of size not more than Length 75cm+Breadth 55cm+ Height 28cm. In addition to the checked in baggage, they are allowed to carry a hand-carry baggage of maximum weight 10 Kg and of size Length 22 inch+Breadth 16 inch+ Height 8 inch as a standard. The pilgrims should arrange a further payment of SAR2100/- if currency fluctuation happens at the time of departure. After arrival in Saudi Arabia pilgrim will be let stay in Green Zone or Azizia accommodation. The buildings generally have Air Conditioner, A Gas connection, supply of Zamzam Water and with Kitchen and Bathroom. One Kithen not more than 30 and One Bathroom may be shared with 12 pilgrims. Building more than four storied generally have lift facility and lesser than that you have to use staircase. Pilgrims has been strongly advised that they should practice for walking and should try to built a stamina as weather is very hot out in Saudi Arabia and although the arrangements here are of very high standards, still due to the age factor Haj can be really tiresome for week and feeble. Pilgrims should have habit of walking some distances. No matter what are there staying zone but it will be far from Kaaba.

Hajj Rituals

This part of articles is just a guideline and for detailed information the reader should get in touch with some religious scholars. The process begins on the eighth day of the Islamic calender of Dhu al-Hijjah when pilgrims has to put on Ihram (Two part Big Towel)clothing and pronounces a new will at the place to perform Hajj. They moves to Mina soon after the morning Prayers. After leaving Mina, the pilgrim goes to Arafah. In Arafah pilgrims climb on the Mount of Rahmah (Mountain of Mercy). Here Pilgrims should not make crowded on the Mount of Rahmah (Mountain of Mercy). They can stay in any place inside the boundaries of Arafah. Then pilgrims has to move Mina. The pilgrims should atleast minimum stay should exceed most of the night. otherwise, the pilgrim will required to make a sacrifice. On the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah, the same procedures as the 11th take place. The pilgrim stones the The first Jamrah, then the Middle, and finally the Big one in the same consecutive order, after midday on all three days. On the 13th of Dhul-Hijjah the pilgrim may return to Makkah after throwing pebbles on the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah to perform Tawaf al-Wada farewell circulation.

Return from Mecca

After completion of Hajj the pilgrims should note down his return flight. The pilgrim should report to Airport of Medina or Jeddah 8 hours before his schedule departure to avoid any trouble. He/she must travel by the date mentioned in his ticket. In return pilgrims are advised not to take any Zamzam water as 10 liters of it will be provided by the Airline in return. The Indian Government is providing special facility for collecting the baggage from the pilgrims accommodation 24 hour before his departure from Saudi Arabia.

Contact Details

Haj Committee of India
Haj-House 7 A,
M.R.A.Marg(Palton Road)
Mumbai- 400 001

or you can contact your State Hajj Committee for further information.

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