Means of Communication-In Modern life

This article mainly describes the definition of means of communication, history of communication and the various ways of communication which we are using now-a-days in which Communication has increased a lot of way.

Definition and Introduction:

Means of Communication means which helps us to send messages and ideas from one place to another. Today, means of communication place a very important role in the developing nation of India. In olden days, it is very difficult to send messages and receive messages from far off places. Methods which are applied to send messages or information to people at individual or mass level are known as Means of Communication. Some people confuse them with means of transport which are different from these. Today means of communication has increased such a lot that we can receive or send messages from or to far off places. Various means of communication which we use in the modern world are Posts and Telegraphs, Telephone, Radio and Television, Telex, Fax, Pagers, Email, Newspapers and cinema.

We know in history Ashoka, the Great king, conveyed his messages of love, non-violence and 'Dharma', that is, adherence to duty through rock edicts. In olden days,Kings sent messages each other which were written on the skin or hides of animals and were send through birds.

The postal system in India is said to have first been introduced by Sher Shah Suri. The carriers of such post from town to town, mainly situated on the Sher Shah Suri Marg (G.T.Road) which was built by him, rushed on galloping horses. During the Mughal period a crude form telephone through which a message could be conveyed by a person in one room to a person in the adjacent room, had come into usage mainly among members of the royal family. It was however, during the British period in India that the modern means of communication came into full usage all over the country.

Ways of Communication:

1.Posts and Telegraphs:

India has a department of posts and telegraphs all over the country even in the mandals and villages. It has thousands of post offices all over the country. This department carries our mail, money and messages all over the country. IN big cities we have a special type of letter called QMS(Quick Mail Service). Telecom department is the second largest department in India. Letters are the cheapest ways of telecom communication. Later, the department introduced special service called Speed Post. For important messages we can send through Telegrams. Letters can send through road, air or by ship.


Telephone is another way of communication in India. Initially we have a system of Trunk Dialing system which we can talk to any number we have to wait for several hours. Later, they have developed a machine called Telephone which we can talk to any number by dialing a code of that area and that number. They are connected by cables. Later, a wireless device came called Mobile was invented. These can work in a certain range. These mobiles can be carried through in a pocket also. Today, most of them are using these telephones.


These are another ways of communication like newspapers in which a illiterate people can go through it an can earn a lot of knowledge from these newspapers. They bring us the latest news, sources and communication.


Fax sends a copy or duplicate one of printed copy or the picture to any other machine to any part in the world. It makes use of the telephone lines. later, a technique was invented such as pager, which was connected by wires and it can be send through air signals through any part of the world.


Cinema is also another means of communication. Today, almost every town has a cinema hall. It has also a great educational concept. Today, Government of India has also introduced Cinema mobile vans and shows films to tribals and shows every documentary films regarding their policies and programmes.

All the means mentioned above are well-known to us and all of them are used to convey messages at personal or individual level. Now, we have means of communication, on which now degrees and diplomas from various universities and institutes are also available. Some of these means of communication are Radio, Television, DTH, Newspapers etc., Programmes are now telecast all over the world through satellites.


The system of telephones which is now so popular and is spread with its area all over the world, also depends on reception through satellites. This system is known as the System of Telecommunications. Information Technology which includes computers, world wide web, Internet, etc., is also dependent on satellites. So, satellites through themselves not a means of communication, have become a part of the system in a big way.


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