Great business ideas for beginners with small capital

Everybody aspire to becomes an entrepreneur when he plans to start a business. Here we will discuss some innovative and good ideas for business with small capital for beginners, and manageable with minimum manpower and human resource for fresh wanna be entrepreneur.

Everybody aspire to becomes an entrepreneur when he plans to start a business but some people don't able to make the plan properly, some lacking ideas, some lacking finances, some lacking freshness which result in loose of time, labor, money and confidence. Here we will discuss some innovative ideas for business with small capital, and manageable with minimum manpower and resource for fresh wanna be entrepreneur.

Food deliverer:

Everybody is this fast world where time is less and work is more getting exhausted and needs some support in time saving by shredding some common works like cooking or eating outside. Also there are many great restaurant in India, but they don't have the necessary infrastructure for home delivery. This is the time a dedicated food delivery company comes handy. You have to connect with various big and small restaurant in town and then anybody can call you and tell you that I want to eat from that restaurant with that menu. You have to take the ordered food from the restaurant, and deliver it to the requesting customer. This is surely going to shine in the shining India as a lot of people generally don't have the time to cook and also don't have the time to go out to their selected restaurant and eat it out there. So obviously they will going to call the food delivery. Also once get habituated, it will be very difficult for customer to run away as even they want to change the taste, they don't have to change your services and they will become your loyal customer. You need to tie up with a lots of restaurant, specially the renowned ones and then you can hire some 10 guys with bikes with initial capital around 80,000 on them and then your home delivery service is ready. This business is still rare in many growing towns and can be quite successful with dedication and good services.

Uniform maker:

These days as India is shining so you will find there is good spending everywhere, a lots of private schools and colleges and private security agencies and also law and medical colleges out there. All of them have a dress code and they all needed their students to wear uniforms. Here comes the Uniform making business as there is a huge number in totality for this uniform and even with a small employee you can earn big revenue out here. All you need is to tie up with these institutions to deliver dresses at student-friendly prices. To create a infrastructure for stitching the dresses, you will be needed around Rs.80,000 as a start-up capital and 5-6 employees and your business will run smoothly without any hick ups. You can further contact some other manufacture in the start up and later think about production on your own.

Wedding planner:

This is really a business to be look for in the future in India. Everyday we are hearing huge spending on marriages and it is increasing day by day. Even the stars are called on the weddings to uplift the mood of the marriage. Rich to poor nobody is ready to loose the battle of spending in marriages so there will be no shortfall of this business. All you need to do is to understand the marriage institution, its customs, its rituals and every part is to be carved according to the need of concern party. Weddings in India is a long drawn process so you will be engage in a Marriage for at least 1 week so that makes the occupancy schedule hardly an empty one. Important thing for this business runner that he must be very creative and have some good infrastructure or at least tie up. Initially you need to tie up with your potential supplier of items for the marriages and may be around 300,000 as a start-up capital will be cool with 15 dedicated employee. Later on you can buy things on your own to reduce the spending and get huge profits.

Recruitment Scrutineer:

Presently lots and lots of companies are hiring new employees in India. Many company who are hiring don't have a infrastructure and admin department ready to take the challenges to recruit new employees. Here this business makes great sense and utilization for the small company as there is a talent crunch in India. You can help companies hire workers by preparing tests and then evaluating applicants on the basis of their performance. The employees should be perfect in sales and marketing. Initial capital sum of Rs.300,000 will be quite handy with well qualified & HR specialized 10 employee can do the job to establish the company.

Travel guider:

Today, in this busy life people are sticking to one kind of routine life style as due to time shortage and over busy schedules and work load, people don't find any change in life so here comes a travel guide who can help them got away from this hectic life to their dream paradise in earth. You can customize trips to forests, valley, sea beaches and mountains for the clients according to their liking's and their budget. This business required a good idea of places in India and abroad and further some tie ups with travel related companies, Airlines, Hotels, Train service, Bus Service, restaurants, spas, beauty parlor, fun parks. This business can be start with a working capital of 500,000 with 3-4 employees initially but you need good communication, and networking skills for this as you have to bring maximum number of hotels, restaurants, travel agency and others related to the field under your umbrella.

Final Words

Don't just think and plan only, execute your new business plan as soon as possible and become an innovative entrepreneur.

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Author: stephen ndungu18 Jun 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

Some established enterprises have now ventured into social entrepreneurship. For example some internet providers have now embarked into providing solar panels to communities so that these people in the rural areas without electricity connectivity are able to charge their mobile phones. The solar charging stations are also used in lighting and charging other devices used by the communities. These include refrigerators in shops and hospitals to preserve foods and medicines.

However the investors find it hard to convince the shareholders of the enterprise to fund such social projects which are not direct business investments. They have to look for other avenues to find the required funds like from non-profit organisations and other funding agencies. Governments should make great efforts to network established entrepreneurs who intend to run social enterprises with the right funding agents. For the entrepreneurs to be in a position to know the right people to approach for funding the government must act as the link between the two parties. That is the funders and the entrepreneurs who will offer the expertise both in form of labour and knowhow.

On their part the entrepreneurs must search for sponsors of their proposed social projects. This might be by getting mentorship from other companies that have had a successful story in the same field. This funding information can also be searched for from the internet forums, networking events and conferences related to the course. It would be easier to get funding for social entrepreneurship if the enterprise sets up a foundation independent from the core business. This has worked well with Microsoft Company and Safaricom in Kenya. Microsoft and Safaricom foundations easily get funding from other organisations so as to run their social agendas.

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