Tips for fancy dress competition

While planning and preparing for fancy dress competition merely flaunting oneself in a special apparel is not enough. A complete look which goes on with a theme matters a lot. A good make-up makes the drama exciting. The kids should be made to practice to perform well in the show. Yes, acting matters. Good and innocent performance by the kids gives unadulterated happiness to the parents and audience. In this article different themes of presentation of children in a fancy dress contest is discussed.

Go green

We are passing through such an era when plantation of plants and trees holds utmost significance. We should replenish our Mother Earth with greenery that is soothing to the eyes, fills our surroundings with high oxygen concentration and features sound mental and physical health.

In fancy dress competitions, it will be fun to let the children dress up like big shady trees with fruits on them. Children will be excited to become thorny rose plant bushes with lovely flowers on them. Smaller children can become colourful butterflies. Some can become sunflower plants yet others can become lotus flowers and sit on a kiddie plastic pool with water in it. It will be a better idea to give water-proof clothes to kids who become lotus.

Some children can become gardener's, they can hold garden tools, watering cans and buckets, garden spray guns, etc. It will be thrilling to see some kids dress up like mosquitoes, flies, crickets, fire flies, earthworms, moths, ants or beetles.

Monsoon fashion

Everyone loves fashion. Fashion never gets out-dated. Style and fashion trends continue to re-cycle with time-gap. In monsoon season, people generally get dull due to the rains and heavy downpours. Such weather changes often upsets people, they get stuck up and are unable to perform their scheduled activities. But now times have changed, monsoons bring a different fashion trend each year. Do not forget to catch-up with the latest monsoon trends this year.

Monsoon fashion theme is a wonderful idea for a fancy dress party especially for kids. You can dress up the children in differently styled colourful raincoats. Some can dress up like fashion icons with water-proof rubber boots, fashionable sun glasses, latest style short dress, skirts, pants or jeans. Little girls can use rubber bangles, latest mobile sets, belts, accessories and bags. With monsoon fashion fancy dress show children will get a lot of opportunities to learn and enjoy.

Women defence

The society in which we live has many different categories of people. There are many anti-social elements also. We can shun some but it may not be possible to avoid them always. Many woman folk become victim to such people. Many may recover from their bad experiences. But some get badly affected both mentally and physically. The situation dooms their careers or leaves them depressed. They may get victim to panic disorders. To avoid such situations women can train themselves in the art of self defence. You can take this as a theme for children's fancy dress competition.

You can make children dress up to perform martial arts and carate for self defence. Different dresses and belts for different levels can be used. The children should be taught to act accordingly. This theme will help many to learn the importance of self defence and the use of head, fist or legs to reduce once risks in times of danger and stay safe. This is a unique and interesting theme for fancy dress competitions.

Tea hawker

Children can become tea-hawkers. They can wear different dresses and choose a different style for selling their tea to the customers. Some can act out differently to sell tea on a road side footpath. Some can have a tea-stall shop others can choose a railway platform scene for their performance. Some can act to be selling tea inside trains in passenger and express bogies. This theme can be very colourful. Children may need a lot of practice. Some talented ones may change their voice and mimic tea-vendors. Children will love to perform. This theme is interesting for the children who are innovative and like fun. It will make the audience enjoy and laugh at the free-style performance of their children in the show.

Endangered animals

Take the opportunity of the fancy dress competition to spread awareness about the rarity of animals. Give the audience ample time to view the endangered species of our time. Children will learn and enjoy being displayed as the animals which are rare on earth. You will have to work on the theme much ahead of time. Designing and making such dresses may be a challenge for you but this theme is worth your time and energy. You will have to design outfits from head to toe. There are many rare animals in the universe today. Some are polar bears, turtle, sharks, rhinoceros, wolf, crocodile (ghariyal), small bush frog, white corals and many more. This theme is a lovely blend of enjoyment and awareness.

Space, planet and galaxy theme

This is a great idea. You can make children dress up in such a costume which should resemble a particular planet, star or galaxy. A lot of children can participate. You can keep the stage background scene dark. You can play appropriate music or adjust he sound effect differently for entry of each child representing a different planet. Make the children learn to enter in a different style. This is a beautiful theme for the said contest. You can also plan a good light effect to add glamour to the show and make it look very real. This will help children stay active and help them learn a lot about the different planets and galaxy. Your kids will become more active, intelligent and also innovative!

Indian brides and grooms

India is a country having diverse cultures, different religions and many festivals. The people hail from different caste-creed, culture and religion. A fancy dress contest can have a theme on "Indian brides and grooms". The boys can be made to dress up like grooms while the girls can dress up like pretty brides. Every culture has a different traditional dress for both the grooms and the brides. The auspicious occasion can be highlighted with shades of different vibrant colours. The children will love to dress up in these dresses. The parents will also get an opportunity to see their children become brides and grooms. This theme will add a touch of celebration, gaity and fun.

Indian traditional festivals

A theme on the traditional festivals of India for the fancy dress competitions is a wonderful idea. Many festivals are celebrated all over the country. It will be fun to highlight theses festive occasions. Children will get an opportunity to play the role of certain characters that might be very loving to them. Some can become Lord Krishna, Radha, Christmas father, Prophet Mohammed, Ram, Sita, Jesus and many more. This theme will be educative and interactive. It will spread knowledge and information about how festivals are celebrated with special highlights to the most important religious beliefs, thoughts and events. It will teach unity in diversity.

Indian writers

To highlight and encourage the children to write poems and stories, we can keep at theme on "The great Indian writers". This will help children and audience to get informed of the writings of great men. Children will love to dress up, act and become Rabindranath Tagore, Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Prem Chandra, Shobha De, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Salman Rushdie and many more. Such a noble theme should be included in fancy dress contests. Children are the country's future. Many may become great writers in the days to come. We need to encourage them.

Indian actors

There are many Indian actors who are hard working, skilled and talented. Children will love this theme for a fancy dress contest. They can dress up and act like their own favourite actor. This is a great opportunity for children to exhibit their acting and speaking skills. Some children may have wonderful skills to perform 'unique actions' that can be impressive and thrilling. The parents can avail this opportunity to watch their children perform. This is a great time for them to know and understand their childrens talents and God gifted skills.

Indian singers

Many children want to become play back singers, pop-singers or musicians. The fancy dress contest gives them a great opportunity to show their talents in public. Children can practice and reherse certain songs which they love and perform on stage. Some can become Lata Mangeshkar, Yesu Das, R.D Burman, Kishore Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Shaan, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Pankaj Udaas, Jagjeet Singh and many more. The children will develop interest and will try their best to refine their singing talents. Some children can become fans of the great singers to let the singers feel privileged and to add to the glamour of the stage.


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