Explain the characteristics of society?

The word society has come from the Latin language ‘socius’ that means friendship or companionship. The meaning of companionship is sociability. You can read more details about characteristics of society.

George Simmel pointed out that society is the element of sociability that explains the real essence of the society. Society point towards that a person lives always with the company of other persons. Aristotle has said that a person is a social animal hundred years ago. People live in villages, tribes, cities, towns and they will not live alone. Loneliness brings a person fear and boredom. People require society for the purpose of living, enjoying life and working. For human life society has become a significant situation to continue and arise. Society and human life forever go together.

Characteristics of society

The characteristics of society are given below:
Society consists of people. Without people there is no society. There is no social life and social relationships at all.
Mutual awareness and mutual interaction – Society is the group of persons by continuous communication between each other. Society refers to mutual contact with more two persons. Society is the process by men interpenetrates the minds of one another. The limitations of the society are marked by the social interactions limits. Social interaction is only made possible because of the mutual awareness. Society exists where social beings behave towards each other in ways determined by their recognition with each other. Without mutual awareness there is no society. Social relationship therefore involves mutual awareness.

The main principle of likeness is important for the society. It exists among those resembles each other in mind and in body. People have resemblance with regards to their requirements, values, ideals, aims, works and outlook towards the life. Likeness refers to the resemblances.

Society also entails variations. Society is based upon entirely on uniformities and likeness is bound to be very loose in socialites. Suppose if a person is exactly alike then their social relationships will be limited. There will be only little reciprocity, give as well as take. They will contribute little to each other. More than that, life becomes very bore, uninteresting and monotonous if there are no differences. Therefore, you can find differences in the society. Hence, differences cannot alone create the society. It is secondary to likeness.

Society is dynamic not static. Changes are present in each and every society. Unpredictability is an inbuilt quality of human society.
Each society's culture is distinct from one another. Every society is same because it has its own way of life. Culture encompasses whole range of life. It encompasses morals, judgments and attitudes of man. It also encompasses bullets, values, ideologies, ideas. Therefore society and culture will go together.
Society and human life also go together. Man has born in the society, bred up in the society, nourished in the society and nurtured in the society. From the childhood to the adult stage, from adults to the youth stage, from youth to the maturity stage, from maturity stage to the old age until death, man lives in the society. Man depends upon the society for the purpose of protection, comfort, education and nature. Participation in the society is important for overall development of the personality.

Society makes your life livable. Society is like the nurse of the youth, the arena of womanhood and manhood society is, hence, it is more than your environment. Society limits the activities. It also controls their behavior in countless methods. Society shapes your ideals, morals, beliefs and limits. Intellectual maturity, emotional development, material comforts and satisfaction in physical requirements are impossible without society. Society is one of the part of your mental equipment and we are one of the part of the society. It also stimulates the growth of your personality. It controls and liberates your capacities and talents.


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