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10 important reasons to learn foreign languages.

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Learning Foreign languages has become a necessity and trend these days. In this article importance of foreign languages and the reasons why people go for them are discussed. Various educational reasons, economic reasons, cultural reasons, etc. are stressed upon here.

Why should we learn a foreign language, when the whole world speaks in English? Some reasons are practical, some are inspirational, some are intellectual and others are sentimental. The reasons for learning a new language are many, but the importance of learning foreign languages is universal that is it will always benefit you in one way or another.

Why foreign languages?

  1. Educational reasons:

    On the educational point of view, including foreign language as a side subject provides a new insight for children belonging to the age group between 4 to 5 years old. It improves their listening, speaking, writing and reading skills efficiently, ultimately resulting in an overall development of a child's mental sharpness. As per statistical survey conducted by Ministry of Education, it has been found that creative and logical skills of children having knowledge of foreign language are much stronger as compared to other children.

  2. Cultural reasons:

    Every foreign language has its own culture which is unique in its own. So learning a foreign language allows an individual to learn about its culture which includes its mythologies, rules, principles, deities, holy shrines and many more things.
    Language has no existence without culture. Culture is like the soul of language, that's why many countries are putting their efforts for the protection of endangered languages and their respective cultures. In order to have a better knowledge and understanding of the other's culture, it is very essential to learn its literature, songs, poetry, ceremonial rituals, etc. by heart and soul.

  3. Personality development:

    Learning a new language provides two benefits: first, one can approach to new horizons and second, one becomes able to build up its own identity resulting into self-confidence build-up. It not only builds up self-confidence but also helps an individual to improve its overall personality. Zeal and passion for learning new languages is growing gradually among people when they are realizing its vitality in grooming one’s personality. Hence, everybody’s is making them their cup of tea.

  4. Economic reasons:

    It’s in daily news that German technology is getting advanced day by day. Germany is a vast market of technological products and items. It hires engineers, specialists, researchers, scientists, etc., giving priority to the ones having a sound knowledge of German. Similarly, Chinese companies hire employees having good Chinese language skills.
    Countries like China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Russia and many others are in the list of top 25 countries with wide network of export trade all over the world. A person who speaks German, Chinese, Japanese or any other language will be able to communicate better with business partners ,other companies officials , local people ;etc

  5. Emigration:

    We can communicate and integrate easily with the local region if we have knowledge of local language, when we emigrate to that country or region. Learning helps us improve our relationships with the people of the local regions in any foreign country and we ourselves take a lot of interest in understanding their feelings, emotions and their way of living.

  6. Work:

    We know that communication is very important medium in companies to accomplish tasks properly. For example, if an individual, working in a company is fluent in foreign languages then he will be able to communicate well to the foreigners and will be able to handle and solve problems quite easily. Besides this, chances for an individual increases in getting a job for having a knowledge of foreign languages. Moreover, promotion and chances of transfer to overseas also increase. A 5-star or 7-star hotel, hires employees for the post of manager, recipient, waiter, etc. on the basis of good foreign language speaking skills.
    Some businessmen do not bother to learn foreign languages because they feel that others would know and understand English language well. But in case, if there are present, a few number of people who don't understand English language, they are provided with interpreters and translators according to their convenience. But this setup, usually don't seems to be right, it rather creates difficulty to the people who are unable to understand the ongoing communicating language. Discomfort arises either due to slow processing of translator or due to any other technical problem. This type of problem generally results into cancellation of the deal.

  7. Travel

    People usually believe that English is the language spoken by almost every person in the world. But this is not true, however, English is the official language spoken by most of the people. For instance, if a person wants to go for a tour to China, and he is having knowledge of Hindi and English only, then it would be difficult for him to communicate with people of China until and unless he doesn't hire a language linguist. Although it's not too difficult to find a guide in developed countries like China, but it is very difficult to find a guide where there is no facility of tourist language guide.
    The basic necessities of our life is food water and shelter, so can get these necessities easily and conveniently from a place where the local language is not our mother tongue, if we have knowledge of local language of that place. We can have real and interesting conversations with the people we meet, if we a little advanced knowledge of their language and it adds to new dimensions to our vacation .
    "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head, if you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart."- Nelson Mandela.

  8. Studying abroad:

    For students applying for a foreign university to do MBA, MS or any other course, it is very essential to have a sound knowledge of the local area language where they want to opt for. Therefore most of the students apply for a foreign language learning course before joining a foreign university. Learning it helps students to communicate with friends and faculty easily. The college or university also provide short courses to improve language skills throughout the degree program.

  9. To understand our own language and culture better:

    Learning a foreign language is the best way to understand our own language (mother tongue) and its culture and other aspects in a more detailed way through comparison between them.

  10. To help people in need:

    One can provide aid and assistance to those people who cannot communicate in your language by learning their language. For example, if their arises any epidemic situation in eastern states of India, then people can be aware easily about the situation there by communicating in their own language .Therefore it is very necessary to have knowledge of such minority languages.


In my opinion, learning foreign languages is very important in an individual’s life. It has lots of benefits as mentioned above. If language skills are to be improved then it is necessary that everyone should play their role- Firstly, the parents should encourage their children about learning foreign languages. Secondly, local education authorities and schools should emphasize on learning foreign languages through short term courses of languages. Colleges, institutes and universities should focus on adding an additional subject of certain foreign languages such as Chinese, German, Spanish, French; etc.
Media and the general public should understand the value of learning foreign languages and its importance in future and adhere to it accordingly. Our quality of life and personal development is enhanced significantly if we have knowledge of foreign languages. We will definitely enjoy and cherish the time spent in educating ourselves even if we never use foreign language in practical situations.
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