Simple Steps To Keep Our City Clean

As we all see garbage and waste materials thrown on streets, public places, almost everywhere. want to know simple steps to keep our city clean, then, few simple steps are discussed here. If each one of us can keep our home, building, colony and city clean, then, the country will ally be clean.

Few months back I read in one of newspaper that in Mumbai at church gate station few college going student were cleaning railway subway. They clean up all the steps with brooms, picked up all the plastic bags, wrappers, paper, bottles etc. After that they washed all the steps and stained walls, with water. Stairs looked cleaned in just 2 hours of hard work. Few of passer-by was making fun of them, students ignored them. But, I appreciate such initiatives and courage.

We all love our family and our home and we keep our home neat and clean. How many of us think about keeping cleanliness outside our resident? Very few, right? That means, we don't love our country with our heart. If I am wrong then why our city, streets, roads are so dirty? Every city, roads, transports, stations etc all belongs to us. Actually this country belongs to us and it is our home. Then, why are we making it so dirty? If you are blaming government then you are completely wrong. It is not only government's fault, ours too.
I know that government neglect these things sometimes. They don't have time for such small issues (according to them), but this is not a small issue and this should not be done by them. They should take necessary steps to keep our city clean.

Necessary steps should be taken by Government:-

• Dustbins should be kept at all public places like Bus stations, Railway stations, Gardens, Theatres etc.
• Dustbins should be kept at proper distance on roads.
• Proper waste containers should be kept in every area.
• Rules should be made and action should be taken if someone breaks the rule.
• Daily cleaning of public places is necessary.
• They should make public aware of importance of cleanliness and should tell them the after effects of not keeping it clean (like diseases).
• Proper public toilets are to be made and they should be maintained regularly.

But, just we are paying tax that does not mean that we can do anything. Spitting, throwing waste in public places is an offence. Still we are doing these mistakes every day. I know that we are not doing these mistakes intentionally but it is happening and because of this we are making our city dirty. Even while travelling or roaming we used to throw papers and chips wrappers on roads. On most of the road we see garbage at its corner and which can be the reason behind all serious diseases like fever, malaria etc . And I don't think that anyone want to get ill. We can avoid such things very easily.

Simple, but important steps should be taken by us to keep our city clean:-

• While traveling doesn't throw any wrapper, paper or any dry waste on road. Keep it in your bag or pocket (as it is a dry waste you can keep them in your bag/pocket).
• Keep paper bags with yourself to store wet waste and throw them in dustbin only.
Avoid spitting on roads (as it can be the reason of viral disease).
• Avoid chewing Pan-Masala, Gutka and Tobacco.
• Avoid use of plastic bags.
• Follow government's rules and regulations.
• If someone is breaking the rule then make them aware of it.
• Stop your friends if they are making such mistakes.
Spread awareness to keep our city clean.

Most of us are in love with foreign countries just because of their cleanliness. I am sure that just following these simple steps can make a big difference in our lovely country and I assure you that you will never feel like going any other country. And every foreigner will fall in love with our country and on that day we will feel very proud.

We are citizen of this Indian nation and we should proud of that and should make everyone feel proud with our work.


Author: Bhakti Savla05 Sep 2012 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

Hi Mahesh,
A very good article written by you. It feels good to know there are people like you who think so much about cleanliness. The points mentioned by you are basic cleanliness habits which have been forgotten by most of us. If everyone just follows the steps and precautionary measures specified by you, our city and hence our country would become an extremely clean place to live in. Great Work!

Author: Mahesh Gaikwad05 Sep 2012 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks Bhakti,
Yeah, even the basic things which I mentioned will definitely make a difference if everyone give their share and one day our country will become the most beautiful country in the world.

Guest Author: MAHESWAR DEKA12 Oct 2014

Our children are never taught about the importance of cleanliness as parents are themselves ignorant of importance of the same. So, the government agencies and other private organizations will need to educate all ignorant people in our country about the importance of cleanliness. If necessary, Laws will need to be framed to make people to follow the rules of cleanliness.

Author: divyanshi01 Jan 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0

Thanks for the article its very nice I needed this for my HHW

Guest Author: rakshit02 Aug 2015

Can we do something which is interesting and even help in cleaning our city or bring e-media and internet facilities in cleaning our city?

Guest Author: Pihu27 Aug 2015

Very easy and nice tips for keeping a city clean.

Guest Author: nithya01 Oct 2015

We have responsibility to clean our city and create a awareness among your friends will help to keep our society clean.

Guest Author: tanya19 Apr 2016

This article is really good and worth appreciating. We all should follow the points mentioned herein.

Guest Author: Pratik15 Aug 2016

Have you checked out what Keep India Clean does -

Guest Author: Pankaj gupta13 Jan 2017

Very good article. NGO's and welfare Institutions should definitely start regular programs on cleanliness and sanitation drives to work on cleaning places around us and involve RWA's as well in this program.
A mass movement will definitely prompt governments to make mandatory laws and rules for discouraging people spreading waste and dirt around their places of living.
Construction waste generated should be heavily taxed with equal share for RWA's and Municipalty. In big cities open sale of Sand and sand dust, Cement mixing marks should be banned rather should be sold only in sacks and bags premixed with cement same as in foreign countries

Guest Author: Arsh30 Nov 2017

Such a nice article. I was thinking of putting these suggestions in Hindi on banners and put them all over my city. Tell me how should we put these banners so they don't look ugly.

Guest Author: Saeed Mohamed31 Jan 2018

I am not Indian but I loved the way you have written this Article. I wish one day, India will become a clean and beautiful country.

Guest Author: Pankaj Gupta05 Feb 2018

One solution to improve hygiene
1. In place of donations to temples, one should donate to NGO’s active in public sanitation and hygiene. Corporate houses should coordinate with public bodies and corporations to install dustbins and maintain them with their help in every town and city to keep them clean and tidy. In return, they should be allowed to advertise on these bins along with one social message. Donors shall be allowed to advertise for one year then another company shall look after them and maintain for one year and so on.
2. Resident Welfare Associations should find amicable solutions to keep their areas clean and beautiful.
3. Corporators and local MLA’s should be held accountable for poor sanitation in their wards and areas and they should be rated on the basis of public services. There is no mechanism to make these MLA’s and corporators accountable. They just appear when they desire.

Guest Author: Nitish12 Mar 2018

The article undoubtedly has a lot to learn from. As I was lying by my bed and going through the article, I realized that everywhere there is a hue and cry about the current condition of Delhi and declaring it a gas chamber or worst air quality city. But as a citizen what can we do to either eradicate or root out the cause of bad air quality?
What about the huge piles of sand which is lying on the roadside due which to which so much of dust emerges and creates adverse health issues?

Kindly suggest what need to be done on this.

Guest Author: Pankaj Gupta12 Mar 2018

I am living in Uae. The Govt has covered all the open areas with tiles and concrete and landscaping- hard and soft scaping to make it look beautiful and protect dust from flying and mixing in air. All our waste water is recycled which is again used for this landscaping.

But for this to achieve they made strict rules as well with fines and penalties.

But I suppose due to illiteracy and lack of municipal will power in our part of world it would be difficult to achieve in coming few decades.
But still municipalities can make a big difference if they seriously want to work. They need to think out of politics.
Actually in our countries everything is seen and performed from anglenof politics. If some Govt wants to work seriously other or opposition don’t let it to be done.
And by the time it’s done it’s relevance is lost or work done looks small as compared to that time requirement.
So Net shall Municipalities or RWA’s need to be rise above personal level and work for public betterment.

Guest Author: Pankaj Gupta12 Mar 2018

There is one association working in Bangalore and some other cities as well in namenof “UGLY INDIAN”.
They are performing community cleaning sometimes but it’s the common man who first need to be aware of give the cleanliness a priority than his self interest.
Our municipalities are poorly equipped with decades old machinery. Even if they bring modern machinery and first properly train their cleaning and maintenance staff to run the machines and think more technically, lots of work can be done in short time.
They should rather introduce PP MODEL for city maintenance as well to involve private sector as well who has lots of spare funds in their CSR.

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