Preparing for Advance Mathematics for SSC (Main) Exam

Majority of questions these days are being asked from advanced math in the SSC (main)/LDC examination. How the students should prepare for this is what forms the crux of the discussion in this present dissertation.

Much of changes have been brought in the questions asked in the SSC/CPO/FCI etc examinations during last many years. Over 50 % of questions are asked from the section of advanced math. Only this year round, in the examination just concluded in the month of July last in the SSC( graduation PT) examination, 10 questions from geometry, 7 questions from algebra, 7 questions from trigonometry and 2-3 questions coordinate geometry were asked. The students should make strong grips over all the four sections- geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and coordinate geometry. For this, develop the fundamental assumptions first by diligently studying the entire syllabus.

Preparing for geometry

For its preparation, begin with the chief definitions of Euclid, Axioms, and Postulates by properly clearing off and understanding its concepts. Besides the main fundamental units of geometry such as point, line, rays, plane, skies etc. In fact questions from this section in the exam are asked based on analytical and practical nature.

In the question of geometry, students re expected to answer questions after understanding the language and facts. Therefore to understand and analyse questions, pay much attentions on the parallel lines, oblique lines and external angles. Memorise all the conditions of flat equation, and similarity. Clear the concept of centre and gravitational centre fully. Clarity of Parallel quadrilateral, trapezium quadrilateral, and even quadrilateral should b vividly conceptualized. .

Circle also is an important chapter. Speciality of the cyclic quadrilateral angles, their mutual relationships with the external and internal angles etc are such topics which could be the base to ant any question. Chord of a circle, contact/intersecting lines, and the relation should be understood clearly.

Preparing for Algebra

For preparation of Algebra, students will have to pay attention on the concept of the matriculation standard. Simplification is the most important chapter in it. Students must pay specific focus o algebraic expressions and their addition-subtraction-multiplication ad division. It is imperative to repeatedly memorize the algebraic equations and their group sections. Polynomial needs to be prepared separately. Memorize the remainder theorem and factor theorem. Finding the values of Polynomials is asked in the examination. Quadratic equation should be prepared in detail. A little study of inequality can enable you answer 2-3 questions.


Students should memorize the formulae three methods of angle measurement and expressions with each others- degree, grade and radian. Trigonometrical ratio will have to be remembered properly. Concept of auxiliary and supplementary angles should be made clear off. Understand well the periods of trigonometrical functions well and the related formulae to answer questions based on these formulae. Exercises on transformation formulae should be practiced too componendo and dividendo should be properly understood also to solve geometrical problems. Then chapters such as multiple angles for example 2A, 3A etc should be practiced as much as is possible. Properties of angles, side angle of triangle, height and distance, properties of triangles based mathematical sums should be practiced upon as much as is possible. Preparation for fractional multiple can be done within a very short time period.

Coordinates geometry

Reduction to cartesian form (mathematics), finding distance between given two points, finding the directional values of line section dividing in the given ration, the condition of straight lines of three points should be understood and its formulae should be got by rote. Prepare all types of equations. The angle between two lines, the equation of bi-dividing lines and the formulae should be well memorised. To prepare for advance, studying the matriculation and higher standard books is imperative.

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