How to prepare tasty and nutrition rich Tiffin for good health

Excuse of lack of time and taste is an enemy of your health. Give some time so that people from your home go out for their works with tasty Tiffin rich with nutrition. Prepare something new and keep trying newer items always. This article will tell you how to do this feat.

The noon lunch is important from the health point of view. If you are a working woman, it’s clear your lunch would at your work place whereas same is ditto with the children as well. Their lunch would in their school. Due to the rush outside, the body needs additional nutrition. It’s therefore necessary for the lunch to be tasty apart from being enriched with nutritional elements. For this, give priority to such items in your lunch box, which contain protein, fat and carbohydrate like nutritional element in ample measure.

Begin preparing in night for the next day Tiffin

Oftentimes it so happens that we keep sandwich like lunch in our lunch Tiffin in a hurry. If you have to hurry up in the morning hour, keep rajma, moong, masoor types of ingredients boiled in night itself. In the morning, you can prepare chat by mixing onion, tomato and spices. You can prepare ussal or missal also to be eaten during lunch time with paranthas and bread. Along with pranthas and bread, chholey and salad are also better option.

Try to cook something newer

If you want to try something new, pack the toast with cauliflower, baked beans, onion, and tomato. Packing toast, beans, salad separately would be better off. You can make rolls by wrapping baked beans, salad and vegetables in bread. Protein in abundant quantities is present in beans which is essential for the proper growth of children. There should be the combination of grains along with beans from which, all the required would get included in your meals. Grains would provide carbohydrates which would supply energy to the body whereas the protein will help the proper growth of the body. Abundant of flavonoids and antioxidants are found in beans and gram. This strengthens body’s immune system.

Paneer- is excellent for different types of wraps

If you like paneer, you could prepare several varieties of wraps with it. Apart from the paneer wraps filled up with vegetables, paneer paranthas, chutney and salad are also a healthy option. You shall both protein and carbohydrates from these.
  • Vegetables should also be included as a compulsory ingredients in meals as the fibres present in vegetables help digest food.
  • Uttapam too is a tasty food stuff and healthy too. Uttapam could be prepared with the sujji solution also.
  • Children love hamas with paeta bread and vegetable sticks.
  • If you love rice then byrayani, matar pulav, or masala khichadi and Mexican rice, Chinese fried rice could be prepared also.
  • Us raeta and curd with the Indian cuisines.


Take special care of this that whatever cuisine you are cooking, include vegetables in them in plenty. It’s not good to eat daily outside, hence take out lunch prepared at your home.

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