Some tools/Apps for working on computer in Hindi

If you have the feeling for your national language, then adopt Hindi and be its flag bearer. There are several such tools and applications that’d help you smoothly work on your computer in Hindi. You can mail in Hindi, and even can exchanges messages on your mobile also. Make your mark by adopting Hindi in technology. This article will detail you how to do this feat.

My dear friends, you must be enjoying reading Hindi on mobile and tablets. You must be finishing stories and news papers on computers within no time –that also in a comparatively faster pace. But when it comes down to writing in Hindi, everybody is hung up. We have to write oftentimes the emails and comments on social networks or status in Roman Hindi under compulsions. But now such tools and Apps have arrived with which you can share your feelings on mobile and PCs in an extremely easy manner.

What is unicode

Unicode means uniform standard code which are digital fonts. These are also called open type fonts. You must've observed reading files prepared in English is no big deal any other computer whereas, on opening any Hindi file, junk characters are visible in PC if there is no that Hindi fonts. Under such a situation, it is difficult to read the file unless that Hindi font is installed in the computer. You must've noted written this on in some Hindi websites that if you are unable to see the materials of the website then 'download the font from here'. This happens because the Hindi file hasn't been prepared in Unicode. Had this file been in the Unicode, there would've arisen no difficulties in reading them.

You can activate this facility in your PC. Windows -7 has this facility in built, whereas it has to be activated through the CD of XP in windows XP.

Hindi in Windows-7

It is easier to activate the tool bar in Windows-7 than in the Windows XP. The Hindi tool bar is already installed from before in Windows -7. To activate it, you need to click the programs menu .control panel > and click afterwards on adjust your computer setting Window in the newer Widow. Click thereon the Clock, Language, Region and then after press the buttons of Region and Language Tab .change keyboard and other input Language > key buttons. After this, click on Text service and input language Window after which a new Window will open up. Click on the + sign there after selecting the Add input language in Hindi (India). The Devnagri Encrypt, Hindi Indic input would be noticeable thereon. You could select any from these.

Windows XP in Hindi

If you want to activate Hindi fonts in Window XP first of al keep the CD of Window XP or search 1386 folder from the Window CD and save it into any pen drive. Now click o START.>Setting>Control Panel>Date, Time, Languages Tab>install files for complex scripts> APPLY button you can adopt short cut for doing it in a smart way. Press Windows Key + R, and Run box will emerge up from this- type intl.cpl @ R,v and press Enter. Click on Language tab. Click below the title of the supplemental language support on the nstall files for complet Script andright-t0-lft language (including Thai). Click here on OK. PC will demand for the CD of Windows XP. Now do the mapping of 1386 folder in PC or pen drive. After this, the computer will automatically begin storing files. You will be asked to restart the windows at the end of it all. Now your computer is ready to work in Hindi language or any other Indian language. For installing the key board click on the Add button on the right side of installed button. Then choose Hindi in the input language drop down menu. Hindi tradition will come in below the keyboard layout/ME menu. On re-clicking twice on Add, click in sequence, Devnagri-INSKRIPT, phonetic, and the user of Remington Hindi indic IME and indic Language input tool and add it. Now the option of Language bar will be noticeable to you on the right hand side of the computer screen below the task bar. You can click here to select input language and key-board input. For language switch over, press Alt +SHIFT for changing input language.

Kinds of Hindi typing

  1. Remington typing: To learn this, learning Hindi typing on the type writer is a must.
  2. Inscript Typing: This process is the most popular and very easy too. For learning this, the keyboard of the devnagri can be downloaded from the layout and practice could be started by extracting the print out from it.
  3. Phonetic typing: This also is an easier method of Hindi typing. As you do the typing on the English board, so you also do the typing on the Hindi keyboard. As for example suppose you have to type ‘mera naam Ram hai’, you will have to write in English ‘mera naam Ram hai’. In it, as you speak, so you write.

Online Hindi typing tool

If you don’t want to download the typing tool on your PC, you can well take the help of online typing tools. You have to write in English on it and this would be converted into Hindi. From the online tool, you can write online and copy- paste it. The website is –
  • ,

Offline Hindi typing tools

If you want to do offline typing you can install off line typing tool i.e. IME (Input method editor). After downloading, you can write in Hindi on any Windows application such as MS Word, internet explorer, Google talk. You can also download indic input from bhashaindia of Microsoft website. Websites are:

Free Hindi Tools

If you want the Hindi Unicode fonts, Hindi spell checker, open office, Hindi messenger, Hindi Dictionary, word processor, transliteration, including browser plus other software for free, you can recive free CD of Hindi softwar after registering on the Indian government’s website of TDIL Information Technology-www.ildc, and

Font converter

Oftentimes, documents are in different fonts. If you are using Unicode, difficulties come in reading and editing them. In such a quandary, it is impossible to read files without installing that font into the PC. There are so many converters online, from which, matters written in any font could be converted into Unicode.

Hindi in mobile


  • Hindi for go keyboard: This is the most popular Hindi keyboard on Android phone. Input language has to be changed to Hindi by going on to the ‘go keyboard setting’. There is the option of the Hindi dictionary also in it.
  • DevnagariforAnySoftKeyBoard: This software has been produced by ‘Barah Software’. Its user interface also is good. There is no difficulty in typing.
  • PaniniKeypad Hindi IME: This supports other Indian languages too besides Hindi. Apart from this, there is ‘Halant’ also in it.
  • Sparsh Indian keyboard: This also is a much popular Hindi keyboard. Apart from Hindi language, it also supports Kannad and Tamil language.
  • Lipikar Hindi keyboard: Its base is Hindi keyboard. And this supports phonetic typing.


If you are using IPhone, IPod Touch or IPad, you can instal Hindi keyboard in it too. Select Add new keyboard> in setting>general>keyboard>international keyboard>option after which select the Hindi language in the present language. Press on the globe icon made on the keyboard whenever you have to write Hindi and select Hindi language from list.


This option could activate in only Blackberry torch or Blackberry touch devices. Download Blackberry desktop software and select Asian language support from application section. Click on the + sign and install after downloading.


Hindi keyboard works only on the touch dices of Symbian. Nokia N8, N9af symbian could be written in Hidi in balley. Hindi Keyboard, HindiPaninikeypad, TSITS Hindikey board, devnagari-hindivkb and Baidu Hindi could be downloaded from OBI of the Nokia store.

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