How to deal with irate and unhappy customers

Satisfying each and every customer is not an easy task. Sometimes, the customer service associates have to face tough customers. In this article, I have described about some specific tips and techniques which can be used to deal with the irate and unhappy customers. These tips can be used to calm down the temperament of the customers and provide satisfaction to the angry customers.

How to deal with irate and unhappy customers?

Dealing with the customers is one of the most challenging jobs. And, when the customer is angry, then it becomes more difficult to deal with them. Often, the customer service associates have to deal with the customers who are unhappy with the product and services. But, if the customer service representative is well aware of what to say and above all, how to say, then the angry customers can be handled easily. If D.E.F.U.S.E methodology is followed to deal with the irate customers, then the customers are sure to be satisfied.

  1. Do not lose your control when dealing the client : According to customer service mindset, each customer is a king i.e. they are the first to be given the priority. When dealing with the customers, the feelings should be set apart. As soon as the customer service associate is aware of the fact that client is angry, they should adjust their mindset to satisfy the client by providing proper response and solution. Even if the client is at fault and you have done nothing wrong, but then also you are being criticized, you should control your speech, because a little change in the tone may upset the customer. Talking in slow and calm voice lowers the stress and tension. A customer service representative must try to give 100% focus in solving the issues of the client.

  2. Encourage the customer to speak and listen to them with full attention : Next step to deal with irate customers is to listen to their problems with great attention. If you want your customer to be satisfied with your service, then it is very important to listen to their issues actively. One may initiate the conversation by asking about the problem. This will encourage the clients to discuss the issues freely. One point to remember while dealing with the customers is to never interrupt them while they are speaking. Clients should be allowed to tell all their issues. When they have finished with their problem, then only customer service representative should try to come out to any conclusion and provide the solution.

  3. Find the real fact by repeating the raised issues to the customers : Before proving any solution to the customer, it is a good idea to repeat the raised problem to the customer. This will ensure that you have understood the right problem and the clients will also get an impression that you were listening to them with full attention. If this step is followed, the anger and stress level of the client lowers down. Another advantage of repeating the issue is that you will be able to deliver the right solution to the raised problem.

  4. Understand the feelings of customer and show empathy and apologize for the problems : After the problem is known, it would be good idea to be empathic and tell the client that you can understand the reason for being upset very well. Also, apologize for the problems that the client has to face due to the mistakes from your organization. The body language must also communicate the same feeling i.e. you understand the problem and reason of being upset.

  5. Suggest the solution to fix/resolve the problem : After the actual problem is known, the customer should be presented with the appropriate solution. If the customer is satisfied with the solution, then it is fine. If the client is not happy with the proposed solution, then ask some time to come up with proper solution. Otherwise, offer the client some power to solve the current problem. For example, if the customer complaints about any malfunctions in the mobile phones, which cannot be resolved, you can offer them to provide new advanced model of the same mobile phone. This offer would make the client happy and will be satisfied.

  6. Take immediate action and follow-up : One you and the customer have agreed to the solution, action need to be taken immediately. The client must be explained each and every step in detail which you are going to apply to resolve the issue. If the client contacts the representative though phone, it is necessary to provide them the name and contact details, so that if in future, any problem arises, they may be able to contact the representative directly.

    Once the problem is solved, the customer service representative should do regular follow-ups with the client in order to know that everything is running in smooth way and the client is happy with the resolution.

  7. End on the positive note and ask for feedback : After the issue has been resolved, ask the customer to provide the feedback. Feedback has many benefits. You may become aware of the initiation of the problem. And, if in future, such problem arises, quick solution can be provided. Feedback also helps in improving the customer service quality. Based on the feedback, one may bring the necessary changes in dealing with the irate customers.


Sometimes, the customers say abusive words in anger. Some clients criticize the representatives without any fault. This may upset the customer service representative. But, a good representative always remains cool and calm in such situations. A good representative knows how to manage anger and resolve the issues. Though, customer service is a tough job, but it has lot of opportunities. Dealing with irate customers and being successful in making them happy, adds a star in your job profile. Therefore, one must develop anger management and conflict resolution skills to deal with irate customers.

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