Low cost house construction methods in India

In this article I will explain the low cost construction of a house. Also I have mentioned the low cost material for construction, different technics and proper planning for low cost house. By reading this article you will get an idea about how to reduce cost of house construction.

Now a day the cost of construction is increasing day by day. Every construction material like cement, brick, laterite and labor charges are increasing. In this situation the need of a low cost housing material is important. Most important thing to reduce the cost of a house is the start the construction as early as possible if you have plan to build a new home. Or start collect the material for construction. It is good idea to find the money for construction by taking a loan. There are lot of banks and other institutions are giving home loans in India.

Cost reduction by proper planning.

Proper planning will reduce the cost to a great extend. Planning means consult a good structural engineer for safe structure with durable and low cost material. A structural engineer can reduce the unnecessary cost and optimum utilization of space. Avoid too much height and lot unwanted rooms or spaces in the plan. Collect all the resource likes material before starting the construction. Using alternate low cost material like steel door, plastic door instead of wooden will reduces the cost. Consider the vaastu concepts before starting the work to avoid the demolition and extra cost for correction in future.

Preparation of low cost plan model

cost saving from square room and plot

Preperation of good plan can reduce the cost of rooms and boundarywall to great extend. The boundarywall length will be shorter for square plot compared to rectangular or triangular plot. From the below figure it is clear that cost of 60m length boundarywall can be saved. This is applicable to room design also. By planning a square room, the cost of brickwork, plastering, wallbase and paint will less.

How to make low cost foundation

Avoid large width and depth for foundation. For a good soil likes sandy or gravel type only two feet width and two feet depth is enough. For loose soil or black soil Use piles. And provide arched foundation to bridge across places have large pits. Provide beltbeam only if needed. If the you are providing rubble masonry well packed with mortar, then there is no need to belt beam.

Low cost wall systems

Precast wall system can be adopted in place of conventional laterite and brickwork. Precast wall systems are made in factory and transported and placed with the help of equipment. Another method is by use of hollow concrete block as low cost material . This is blocks with dimensions similar to laterite in factory or site itself. Lot of clay can be saved by adapting this method. This method is a cost saving and provide thermal insulation. The precast stone is used instead of laterite and brick masonry. Semiskilled labors can prepare this precast stone in site or factory. Unskilled labor can easily construct wall with this type of block and reduce the cost. Length and height are 30 and 15 with width varies from 20 to 10 cm. Soil cement blocks are another substitute for brick work. For this stabilized soils and cement are mixed and compressed with the help of machine and form the blocks. Rat trap bond is type of brick work inwhich bricks are placed in such a way that a cavity is formed in the brickwall. This system will reduceS the cost and a help as thermal insulation. Half thick brick wall will reduce the cost of construction in more than 50 percentage. Usually non load bearing wall are constructed by half brickwork. But properly arranged half brickwall can be used as load bearing wall in single storied house. The strength of wall can be made by overlapping halfbrick wall. Place a belt ring of 23cm and depth 7.5 with ten mm dia MS bar is required.

Low cost roof systems

A structural engineer can accurately calculate the steel required for the concrete and hence reduce the overplacement of steel. Filler slab is another method roofing. In which concrete in tension zone can be replace by low cost material like brick and soil.

Low cost windows and doors

Cost of wood is increasing very fastly and not available also. RCC door and window frame can be used instead of wood door. It is a good practice to use wood door and window in front and others are Rcc. Another substitute for wooden door are hollow steel frame. Plastic door also used in many palces to reduce the initial cost and maintaince cost. Construction of Jalies are another method to reduce cost. These are the several small openings in the palce of window.

Cost comparison for door frames

Let us compare the cost of different material like teak, irul, concrete etc used for door frames. To make one door frame approximately 3 cubic feet material is required. Then for
Teak wood door frame : 3*5100 = 15,552
Irul wood door frame : 3*2079 = 6,237
Plavu wood door frame: 3*2241 = 6,723

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Guest Author: Praveen Katti06 Mar 2013

Yes, I want to build a low cost house and I want to know where the precast concrete walls are available in India and what will be the price of walls

Guest Author: surovika das15 Apr 2013

it will be more helpful for us if we get answers of our questions directly as raised in our mind....

Author: K Mohan23 Jun 2013 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 3

This is really very good article which envisages the ways and means to construct low cost homes. But people generally feel that if we compromise on the quality of the material that goes into the construction of the house, they feel that safety is compromised and wont agree. In Hyderabad there are so many builders who came forward to construct low class homes at cheaper rates for which there are no takers and ultimately the builder has to leave the profession.

Author: Chitra03 Nov 2013 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 20

Building a house to ensure the safety and security of one's family is the biggest dream in one's life. But many times we see people ending up no where due to lack of planning. I would say a proper plan with details regarding all the facilities that you require has to be laid down first before starting the construction work.

Planning and its advantages
Planning is the act of deciding in advance what is to be done and how. When you have already prepared a master plan, you just have to work accordingly rather than making changes and corrections in between which is time consuming and might end up in wastage of resources and money. I suggest that all the members of the family who are intended to stay in the newly built house should sit together and decide on the things they need at their home. One should not go for houses with good square feet as the cost of construction will be high and if it exceeds a certain Sq feet, we will have to pay luxury tax as well. But this should not make the house look over crowded, by properly arranging stuffs, we can make it look spacious. Why don't you take the help of an experienced architect?

While planning, try to utilize all the free spaces available. For eg: Some people make an inbuilt aquarium below the stairs or they built their bathroom there. This way you are saving on the total square feet. While planning keep in mind long term views and act accordingly. Your plan has to match your budget and that is very important.

Be wise and creative
We are making a house for life time hence all of us want it to be excellent both in comfort and appearance. As we do not have sufficient money to buy top quality and highly attractive products for our house, we need to be creative. Some tips to be creative are listed below.

  • Instead of using wood for stairs, we can use steel rails. It will neither get rusted nor has to be painted.

  • Another suggestion is to avoid the concrete beams or racks built above to store things (like a godown). Some people put the used books in a carton and dump it there. Why don't you built a showcase in you room, so that you can keep your used books there. Or else, you may buy a bed with storage facility. In this case all the unwanted things can be stored there and no one visiting your house will get to see those.

  • Try to build concrete cupboards with wooden doors and with a mirror or so, this enables you to avoid the cost spend on buying cupboards. The charges for constructing a house does include the expense incurred on buying necessary stuffs as well.

  • When it comes to bricks, you may go for the concrete bricks rather than the red ones made out of clay as they are more cheaper and stronger.

  • The kitchen should have inbuilt cupboard and racks to store the utensils, this gives a better look and it makes the kitchen look spacious.

  • Using flat screens with wall bracket can save the space for TV stands.

Tax, another burden
Many of us just ignore the tax part and invest our entire money on constructing the house. Tax is a vital thing to considered as we are bound to pay it to the government for the rest of the years. The total square feet of our house, the facilities inside, the flooring, number of rooms etc are taken into consideration while calculating the tax. It is not ethical to hide any information from the concerned people, hence lets us cut down on such things well in advance itself. Using wooden flooring or other expensive flooring, installing air conditioner, increasing the number of rooms etc has to be controlled, this will save your money in the long run.

Guest Author: Muhammad Umar18 Dec 2014

this is a very good article and such article should be published more and more for the benefit of the people. I appreciate your thinking. Please keep on guiding. God will give you the regard. my prayers are with you.

Guest Author: Rakesh09 Mar 2015

Hello chitra Maam,
Your tips were very helpful. But can u please tell whether this type of house for just 7 lakhs on 660 Sq ft. Please guide me

Guest Author: Sandeep21 Apr 2015

Your tips are very helpful. But can you please tell whether this type of house having 500 sq. ft. can be made for just 7 lakhs? Eagerly waiting for your reply.

Author: Shaji K P22 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Cost of 500SF house is roughly 9Lack. If you are replacing all wood with concrete door and using cheap floor tile, cost will go below to some extend. Cost depend on many other factors like labor rate, wheather, soil condition etc.

Guest Author: K Sudhir Kumar26 Aug 2015

I want to build home of 1100 sq. ft. having 2 bed rooms, hall, kitchen, bathroom within 13 - 15 lacs. Soil of my land is of good quality. Need some plannings from you.

Guest Author: Nofal06 Oct 2015

I am a Civil Engineer working in Hongkong, I recently built a house with modern kitchen, sliding windows upvc which don't need maintenance etc. I purchased everything on my own. I planned my construction and gave instructions to workers from here. Since I am the designer, engineer etc I was able to build a 1000sqft house in less than 12 lacs (if with same design if I had given as a contract then I would need to spend at least 25lacs). I used good materials too. My house is located in a somewhat congested area so I have to design in such a way to get natural lighting plus making it energy efficient and safe. If you give small attention to details of constructing, you can make your house, water resilient, energy efficient, acoustically good, thermal efficient (that is, making room cooler without or with less cooling even in hot climate).

Guest Author: Chandra03 Aug 2017

I would like to know about the method of construction by Clay bricks with gum for walls

Guest Author: lipika26 Nov 2017

Can this article be illustrated with pictures?

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