Electricity problem of rural India

Here in this article I has given brief of electricity problem faced by rural area of our country. Even if agriculture sector is giving high employment ratio our government is unable to provide basic need of electricity to agriculture sector.

India has majority of populations in rural are and all these are depending up on agriculture. Whenever we are talking about national development, it should be the first question that, are we developing are agriculture sector? Are we promoting agriculture sector of product in the interest of farmers? Our answer will be don't know. Whenever it comes in the discussion about development we starting to think about cities, highways, public infrastructure etc. but we never think about ultimate development of nation which remains in rural are. One of the point that can be discussed is electricity to rural area and to agriculture.

Supply of electricity at agriculture sector

India there are more farmer are remains without electricity for agriculture. Many small farmers are not given electricity connection or many who had by private line of connection. Private line means not given by government but they got connection by paying their own expense for connection. And who are given electricity connection are getting power for 4 to 5 hours per day in night time and this is not enough to say because this 4 to 5 hours power is with low voltage.

Revenue generation by agriculture sector

It is also necessary to mention that according to one figure agriculture sector is consuming 25% of electricity and giving around 5% revenue in the GDP. Even if majority people are in agriculture sector we are not able to generate enough revenue from are agriculture sector. Yes it is accepted that consumption of 25% electricity by farmers is not bad but when it is providing highest rate of employment to people it can said to be not good point. Government is providing subsidised power to farmers or in concessional rate but actually it needs for quality of power and to provide all farmers. Low quality power is not only reducing significant capacity of submersible pump but also result in to motor burnout.

Issues to be noted

It is also surprising that in the 21st century and in the time of technology , rural area of India is still suffer from basic need like electricity. And more surprising thing is that are ministers and policy makers have not considered this things. It is also notable point free power of very high subsidised power will also going to create problem so it should be affordable rather to make it free. Because free allotment of power even to agriculture sector will decrease capacity of power generation because of loss in this sector and cause for many unexpected problems.
Big promises of political parties at the time of election that we will provide free power to agriculture sector ends with on power to agriculture sector. So it is time to consider these unsolved things at this point of time by the all related parties that are people government which includes minister of concern department, policy maker and adviser of political party. If India has fail to provide this basic needs to it farmers after 65 years of independence, it is not worth to say that 65 years of independence because there is nothing like independence.

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