Good and Bad about Cholesterol & Fat

In this article I have shared few important details of cholesterol and fats. You can understand the fats and cholesterol which are helpful to our body and which are harmful to our body. I gave a list of few vegetables and fruits which are helpful to reduce cholesterol levels in our body and which keeps our heart safe from other diseases.

People who are much concerned about their health get worried about words like Fats or Cholesterol. These days we find many of us becoming victims of obesity. Due to this obesity they are facing many other diseases as well. These days we even find food products with low fat and zero cholesterol. These ads are confusing a common man. Few product ads are making common man to get scared of this cholesterol. In fact fat and cholesterol are also needed for human body but we should keep them in control. Generally 1gram of fat contains power of 9 calories. Human body gains fatty amla because of the fat only. Fat helps us in keeping our skin soft and healthy.

Types of Fat

We get fat because of few food items we take like Butter, Jam, Milk, Milk extracts etc. Even our food oils contain fat but not all fats are same. Few fats help our body to keep healthy and few cause damage. Unsaturated Fats help our body. So in these fats there are 2 types.


Mono Unsaturated Fat:

Vegetable oils like Groundnut oil, Avocado oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Soya oil etc remain in liquid form at room temperature. Badam, Cashew nuts, Walnuts have these oils.


Poly Unsaturated Fat :

This fat gives Omega 3, Omega 6 fatty acids for our body. These are considered as healthy fats. This is also available in Groundnut oil, vegetables, pulses, soya and walnuts.

Saturated fats

are considered as dangerous fats to our body. These stay stable in our nerves and stop the blood circulation in our body. These saturated fats are available in butter, ghee and coconut. These are also present in hydrogenated oils and palm oils. Meat and coconut contains high quantity of these saturated fats which are dangerous to our heart.

Killer Trans Fats :

When oils are converted into solid fats they become dangerous to our health. This process is known as Hydrogenation. Cookies, Cakes, Chips and fried items contain these fats.

After knowing about these types of fats we need not decline to have food items containing fats. Our body needs fat so we should take them in limit so that they don't turn dangerous to our health. Care to be taken while having foods which contain saturated fats. About 30% of more fat content is acceptable to our body than required. Fats help in utilizing vitamins in our body. Vitamins A, D, E & K are extracted from our food items to our body are through the fat only.

How fats help our body organs

Mind development : Fat plays a vital role in brain development. The fat helps us in passing the instructions from brain to other parts of the body fast.
Strength: Fat can give more strength to our body than other Proteins and Carbohydrates.
Skin Care: Our body gets dried if our body lacks enough fatty acids. By this skin wrinkles easily. So these fats help us to keep our skin moisture.
Food taste: Fats give a good taste to our food items and even strength to our body.
Security: Fats helps our organs to stay stable without getting wounded. These organs are surrounded by fat only.

Care with Fats

If the fat content gets increased more than enough then the person gets affected with obesity and even organ disorders are caused. Have control on your food. Do not have snacks. Have less quantity of saturated food items. Avoid food items prepared with Maida, Fried items, Cool drinks, Biscuits, White bread, cookies and other junk food. Fats obtained from animals is dangerous than fats available through trees. From these we can obtain required Vitamins & Minerals. White meat or skinless chicken can be taken. Remove the unwanted fat from the organs before cooking it. Use non stick pans for less requirement of oil and it's better to quit fried items. Potatoes are healthy when boiled than fried. Black chocolate is healthier and contains less fat. Oats, Barley, Raagi and Nuts are healthier. Have skimmed milk. It's better to have limited quantity of dairy products. Soya oil is healthy than others.

How Cholesterol helps us

As fats does even cholesterol helps our body and hurts our body. Even cholesterol is divided into good and bad cholesterols. Good cholesterol helps in improving our health. Bad cholesterol can result with heart attacks. Good cholesterol helps in development of Hormones, Vitamin D, Bile liquid in our body. About 75% of cholesterol is developed by Liver in our body. Remaining 25% is due to our food habits.

Cholesterol can be divided into 3 types.

Good cholesterol HDL:

Good cholesterol is also known as HDL cholesterol. This helps in no blocking of nerves by sending into the liver. To remove LDL from blood, this HDL cholesterol helps us. By having more ghee, fried items, sugar, meat, smoking, alcohol intake, tensions, stress, hereditary might be the reasons of high content of cholesterol in the body.


Bad Cholesterol LDL:

This helps in proper working of blood cells. When its quantity gets high the cells cannot use them. These LDL stuck in the nerves and doesn't allow the flow of blood properly. Finally results in heart problems.


Bad Cholesterol VLDL:

This stores the unwanted cholesterol in the body. This is also caused because of LDL only. Saturated foods, fried foods, should be avoided to keep cholesterol in control. Yogurt, oat bran, fresh vegetables and fruits can help us to control.

People who don't have any heart problems can have bad cholesterol level up to 130. Hyper tension & Diabetes patients should have up to 100. For heart problematic people the level should be below 75.

Foods to keep bad cholesterol in control

Bad cholesterol can be in control by cycling, walking, and swimming or through yoga. By daily exercises our heart can be strong and even bad cholesterol levels gets down.

Apple: This fruit can decrease the cholesterol levels in blood. Apple contains Pectin which can decrease the cholesterol.

Avocado: This fruit contains Vitamin A & E, Potassium, and B6 Vitamin. Glutathione can dissolve the cholesterol from our food items.

Beans: These contain Lecithin which lowers cholesterol. This also contains Potassium, Folic amla and Manganese.

Brinjal: This vegetable contains different kinds of Fighto Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals.

Berries: Blackberry contains Vitamin C and E. this helps in circulatory system. Berries contain Pectin, which can lower the cholesterol level. Blueberries contain Terostealbin which can lower the bad cholesterol and Tri glyceroids.

Broccoli: It contains Betacortin, Vitamin C & E, Folic amla which can lower cholesterol.

Carrot: Betacorotin helps in lowering cholesterol levels. By having carrot daily about 10% of cholesterol can reduced.

Grapes: The grapes contain Anthosynis and Tansins which can lower the storage of cholesterol in the body. Potassium kills the bad objects in the body.

Guava: It contains Vitamin C, Nicotinic amla, helps in lowering cholesterol and keeps heart strong.

Mushrooms: They contain Vitamin B, C, Calcium and other minerals which can lower cholesterol.

Nuts: Badam helps in lowering cholesterol. They contain Oliac amlam which helps in preventing from heart diseases. Cashew nuts contain Mono Unsaturated fats which can keep your heart healthy. Walnuts contain Omega 3 fatty amla which can lower bad cholesterol.

Pears: They contain Lignin and Pectin which helps in not allowing cholesterol mix into the blood.

Black Pepper: These help us to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. They contain Capsisis, which acts as a pain killer.

Pomegranate: Because of cholesterol in blood the intensity of nerves gets reduced. This process is known as Aetheroscerolysis. This process can be reduced by having Pomegranate juice regularly.

Soya: By having soya daily we can get about 2.4% of good cholesterol, and lowers bad cholesterol about 12.9%.

Oatmeal: They contain Betaglucus which can abstract cholesterol very easily.

Yogurt: You can have it in breakfast and lunch but not in dinner. This can lower cholesterol levels very easily.

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