Computers - changing the world

Today computers are become the essence of our life and it create the huge impact to the world. We can do our work in a proper and effective manner. This is the best invention of science and technology.


Computer is the major example of science and technology. Computer is the best example of inventions done by the scientist. Really today Computer make the huge impact in this world. We fill bless by using this magnificent device. Computer is widely use in industries and in the universities. Today most of the official task done through the computer. In every field computer has become the important part for any organisations. Computer is becoming the necessity of life in today's world. We are heading fast to the position where computer become the part of man's daily life as a phone or calculator.

Work of Computer

Computer is capable of doing extremely complicated work in all the fields. Computer can solve the most complex mathematical problems. Computer collect all the facts and arrange in order. Computer is work accurately. The best part about computer is that they save the workers time and do all the work in a fast and accurate way. Whether it is company or school/universities today everyone utilizing the benefits of the computer. We are heavily depending on the computer for every work. Now computers are become more effective than ever by the additional function called Internet.

Computer change the work style

In past time, workers felt so much workload and tiredness because of heavy workload. At that time they didn't have the super machine like a computer. In the 80 and 90s decade they did most of their work through typewriters which take so much time and accuracy was also not so effective.
So you can find out the difference which computer make in this world.

Past computer vs Future computer

If you compare the past generation of computer with today's generation of computer you find unexpected changes in the computer generation. In past computers, computer was not easy to do our work and computer was not suitable for everyone. Another problem was that in past generation computer operated only by computers specialist. Those computer was not easy to operate by anyone. It was highly required professionals. Also the programmer and software are not so good in that generation. But today the scene is fully change. From design to the style of working has completely change in this era of computer. Today computer do not need professionals to operate.In this modern generation everyone can operate computer smarter. Today computer is so easy to operate and it is use widely. Really computer become the part of our life. It has everything which we want for our work. If you use computer in best way then it will definitely give you a huge benefit.


We have to accept that we are fully depend on the computer for every single task.The Computer makes the work so easy and effective. It is a smart way of doing every work in a proper manner.

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Author: K Mohan02 Jan 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

Yes computers have really changed our lives to great extent. Previously usage of computers were restricted to big offices and now it is seen at every home. Previously it was considered a luxury and now it is the necessity of life. The usage of computer is increasing day by day and schools are also going for paper less studies through computers and thus students are also exposed to the usage of computers at primary level itself. The highlight of the computers is that those who are working in MNC's and other companies are opting out to work from home culture and thus saving money for them and the company. This new technique seems to be a major hit that the employee is having spare time for the family too and that is leading to happy life. Jai ho Computer and its inventor.

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