Ways to avoid conflicts with your boss

You can often avoid conflicts with your boss by openly communicating with him, earning respect from him, avoiding conflicts in the office, accepting all his assignments and not arguing with him. You should maintain a healthy relationship with your boss for your own good.

Clashes with bosses

Usually when a candidate is new, he fears his boss and does not do anything to oppose him. But eventually as he is settled in his career, he becomes self-oriented and experiences clashes with his bosses. He may not speak very rudely, but yet your boss thinks that his sentiments are hurt because you have opposed him for some reason. Then he may have a grudge on you and use various strategies to pull your leg. Usually many people do not speak against their bosses unless they are frustrated with their behavior. You may not easily enter into a conflict with your boss, but sometimes due to your over frustration you may lose temper. But you can learn different ways to avoid conflicts with your boss.

How to build a healthy relationship with your boss

Open communication

You must openly communicate with your boss always. Hence you can understand his requirements clearly. Hence he can also know your problems and try to resolve them. if you openly communicate with your boss openly, you can update the status of your office. You can avoid conflicts with your boss by openly communicating with him because you both can properly understand each other. You must openly communicate about the official matters to him and not about the personal issues or any ill-feeling about him. You will not remain suppressed if you communicate with him openly. If you are suppressed for a longer period and you feel that your boss is not effectively interacting with you, then you end up with conflicts.

Try to earn respect

Once your boss starts respecting you, he never doubts with your work. To earn respect you must perform his work sincerely, diligently and with intellect. Apart from performing his assignment perfectly, you must also prove and convince him that you are performing as per his requirement. You must confidently and fearlessly communicate with him. Many people perform tasks well but they are not able to effectively communicate with their boss and hence their boss loses respect for them. you must be confident about yourself after you have worked for him with sincerity. To earn respect, you must also show your vigor nature because you prove yourself like an interested candidate. You must present yourself as happy-going because your boss should be ensured that you are happy working with him.

Do not enter into conflict with anybody in the office

If you appear to be conflicting in the office, then your boss loses his confidence over you. He remarks your rude and ill-behavior and maintains a distance with you. He does not feel happy because he thinks that you do not respect him and hence you are so fearless even to enter into a conflict with someone. Hence he behaves rudely with you and finally you may get frustrated and enter into conflict with him.

Do not argue with him

If you do not agree with his point, then you not rightly disregard his point. He feels offended. Instead you can speak to him in a questioning manner. 'Sir' do you think that my point is right?.can it be like this?

Do not refuse to do his work

Sometimes, he may assign you the work that should not be assigned to you or sometimes that makes you feel degrading, then do not immediately refuse him to do the work. He may assign you because nobody is available in the office and he needs somebody immediately. Do not refuse to do the work because it may be very urgent. You can discuss with the boss if it is consistently happening.

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