Global warming and green house gas effect on earth

Global warming is the major threat to today's world. In this article, I have stated clearly about the green house gases, its causes, effect, types, impact on earth and preventive measures. This article will be very useful to students. Study and develop your knowledge!


In the present day world, we are facing many environmental problems which are threatening our lives. In such case, Pollution, global warming etc are the major ecological threats we are facing. In this article, you are aimed to know about green house gases, its types, its causes, global warming, its impact on earth and the efforts to control global warming. Let us see in detail.

Green house gases

Green house gases (GHG) are nothing but the chemical compounds which are present on the surface of the Earth. That is, GHG are gases which are present on the Earth's atmosphere. The green house gases form a blanket like structure and cover the atmosphere along with the Ozone layer. The layer which is formed by these gases is capable of allowing the sunlight to pass through. When the sunlight strikes the Earth, some of the radiations such as Infrared rays (IR rays) etc get reflected. The IR rays are heat producing rays and they are absorbed by the green house gases on the atmosphere. Each and every life on this earth depends on these green house gases since if it does not exist, earth will get cooled and will be frozen. But if the rate of green house gases is higher earth will be warmer and it will cause many troubles to most of the living organisms.

Types of green house gases

There are two types of green house gases. They are classified as
  • Nature made green house gases and

  • Man made green house gases.

  • Nature made green house gases

    The gases such as Water vapor (which forms from the evaporation of water), Carbon dioxide (Comes from the respiration of living organisms), Methane (present in atmosphere) and Nitrous oxides (present in nature).

    Man made green house gases

    Evolve of Carbon dioxide from the burning of decayed organic matter, by the burning of fossil fuels, solid wastes, wood and wood made products etc. Another main reason for the increase in level of carbon dioxide is 'Deforestation'. Deforestation is nothing but cutting down of plants and trees. During the process of Photosynthesis, plants and trees intake carbon dioxide (production of food from sunlight). Thus carbon dioxide content was lowered. But deforestation leads to the increase in the level of carbon dioxide. In 1750, the level of carbon dioxide is 281 molecules per million molecules of air. But, at present, the rate of carbon dioxide per million molecules of air is 368 which have dramatically increased 31%.
    Methane is 20 times more powerful in absorbing heat than carbon dioxide. It is produced by man during the production of coal and coal materials and the transport of coal, natural gas and oil etc. Nitrous oxide is 300 times more significant in absorbing heat than carbon dioxide. Apart from these, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which are released by the refrigerators also contribute to green house gases. Recently, scientists have found a new gas called Trifluoromethyl Sulphur Penta Fluoride. The tragedy about the new gas is that the scientists can't find the source of it.

    Green house gas effect

    Thus the trapping of head producing energy radiations from the Sun by the green house gases present in the atmosphere which results in the rise of earth's temperature is called 'Green house gas effect'. Ultimately, green house gas effect results in 'Global warming'.

    Impacts of global warming

  • Ice bergs in the region of Antarctica has started melting and this will result in the increase of sea level.

  • If sea level increases, many countries near the coastal areas will be submerged.

  • Seasons might last longer. This results in increase of humidity. Increase in humidity leads to frequent heavy rainfall.

  • Weathers will be unpredictable and wind will blow in different patterns. Hurricanes and Storms could be more heavier and frequent.

  • Some types of forests will get disappear and the ecosystem will lose its ecological balance.

  • People will get more diseases. Especially, different types of skin diseases and heat stress could occur.

  • Effect of Malaria, Dengue etc (Tropical diseases) will be higher.

  • Measures to control green house gas effect and global warming

  • Deforestation should be stopped immediately. Afforestation (planting trees) should come into active.

  • Alternate energy sources such as solar energy, nuclear energy could be processed.

  • Usage and burning of plastics, bags, polythene covers etc should be avoided.

  • Proper awareness programs should be conducted for the people to know about its effects.

  • Burning of fossil fuels should be stopped.

  • Usage of vehicles could be reduced. Vehicles emit high amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

  • Conclusion

    I hope you have learnt about one of the major threats of environment. Man is thinking that God has created earth only for him and spoiling the atmosphere. We have only one place to live. The other planets are not capable of living. Please save our fragile planet by following the ways which I have written above. Let us save our one and only earth.

    Global warming and green house gas effect

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