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Sea Cod Liver Oil : Health benefits and side-effects

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Everyone of us wants to enhance our memory and cognitive powers to be successful in this competitive world. But are these 'Memory Boosters' good for us or poses a big risk to our health in the long run? In this resource article, I am going to brief you all about advantages and disadvantages of Cod Liver Oil, a popular memory booster and immune system promoter. Go through this article to know all about it.


Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, DHA and EPA. It is the oil extracted from the liver of the fatty fish, Cod and marketed in the capsule form to be used as a dietary supplement to boost up memory, make bones strong and to strengthen the immune system. 'Seven Seas' is one of the most famous brand for cod liver oil and a best supplement for school going kids.

seacod liver oil capsule

Main constituents in cod liver oil and their benefits on our health:

  • Vitamin A: Cod liver oil contains large doses of vitamin A in it. Vitamin A, also known as Retinol, is important to strengthen our brain cells, memory, eye sight and for healthy hairs. As a kid I used to consume cod liver oil for frequent headaches, under a physician prescription and was very much benefited by it.

  • Vitamin D: We all know that vitamin D is most important for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D is present in cod liver oil and thus it is usually prescribed for kids showing signs of Rickets and in aged people to cure Osteomalacia. It is required for healthy skeletal system and for soft tissues in our body.

  • Omega 3 Fatty acid: Cod liver oil is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid particularly EHA and DHA which are considered as the 'good fatty acids'. It is very beneficial for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

  • Other Nutrients present in Cod liver oil: Cod liver oil is believed to contain a number of other dietary nutrients such as biotin, vitamin B-complex, lipoic acid, other vitamins and carnitine(it helps the body in utilizing stored body fat). All these nutrients come under micro nutrient category and are very much required for the normal functioning of the body. It is also believed to have significant dose of vitamin C along with vitamin A and D.

Advantages of cod liver oil:

Cod liver oil is beneficial for overall health of our body. It has a beneficial effect on our immune system and memory power. It makes our bones and teeth strong and promotes healthy vision. It is effective against for a number of ailments and diseases, such as:
  • Rickets

  • Weak bones and soft tissues.

  • Inflammatory bowel disease.

  • Arthritis.

  • Defective teeth.

  • Hair fall and unhealthy hair.

  • Prevents deteriorating effect on vision.

  • Cardiovascular diseases.

  • Good for the overall health of unborn babies when consumed by a pregnant woman under Doctors supervision (overdose may adversely affect the baby so Doctors consultation is important.).

  • Promotes brain development and boosts up the memory.

  • Regular doses of cod liver oil protects against frequent cough and cold in kids.

Adverse Effects of Cod Liver Oil on our health:

Along with so many beneficial effects of cod liver oil on our health, there are some cons associated with it, which are listed below:

Hypervitaminosis A :

About 13.5 g of cod liver oil contains 135 % of daily 'Tolerable Upper Intake Level' commonly known as UL, for performed Vitamin A. Vitamin A or Retinol is a fat soluble vitamin and when consumed in excess, gets accumulated in the body as fat. When it reaches a certain upper value, it becomes very harmful to our body organs and leads to the condition known as 'Hypervitaminosis A'. According to medical General, for an average person of 50 kg weight, the toxic dose of Vitamin A or Retinol is about 1.25 kilogram of cod liver oil.

(Note : Recommended Dietary allowance of Retinol is 900 micro-gram/day for an average adult men and 700 micro-gram/day for an average adult women.)

Important : It is utmost important for a pregnant woman to consult her physician before taking cod liver oil as overdose of synthetic Retinol may result in gestational hypertension and birth defects in the child.

Environmental Toxins:

Cod liver oil is fish based dietary supplement and thus may contain high levels of environmental toxins, which may include mercury, PCBs or poly-chlorinated biphenyls, dioxins and other heavy metals and pollutants present in water bodies that have entered the food chain. In spite of the purification process carried out in the refineries, there still remains some percentage of these environmental pollutants in fish oils and thus caution need to be taken while consuming them.

According to an article published in March 2006 in Mail online, batches of cod liver oil capsules were withdrawn from the market as they were reported of being contaminated with chemicals that could cause cancer. These batches of capsules contained dioxin levels above the legal limit. This chemical was directly linked with the cancer and has harmful effects on unborn babies and on human immune system with long term consumption.


Cod liver oil has a number of health benefits and can be recommended as a dietary supplement for good memory, strong teeth and bones boost up immune system and for healthy vision. But in any case over-doses has to be avoided and for environmental toxins present in it, try to buy cod liver oil tablets/capsules from reputed, medically approved and qualified branded companies. To be on safe side, never consume it for a continuous period of time and try to give break of a couple of months before opening a new bottle.

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Responses to "Sea Cod Liver Oil : Health benefits and side-effects"
Guest Author: Ramkrishna Taskar   09 Apr 2013
Hi Good Day

Thanks for passing general but precious Tips for consuming Cod. Tablets. Can you prescibe me dosage- Age 56, liitle effect of Diabetes since 2 yrs- Latest Test reports is in fast ok after lunch 288- Having Yoga practice and sound health. Pl. pass on your views.


Guest Author: Rajendra Kumar Dewan   05 May 2013
I have experienced sea cod a hot medicine and cannot exceed only one capsule with breakfast. The body system gets excited if taken more than one.

Guest Author: Alzamil muhammed   28 May 2013
Sir,I am a student of age 16 and much sea cod tablet should i consume per day?

Author: JyotiS  23 Aug 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 2
For a healthy adult, I would recommend one Sea Cod Liver Oil capsule daily. Doctors usually recommend two capsules to a deficient person. But always remember, there is no substitute for a good balanced diet. These capsules only act as a supplement in your body.

Guest Author: wajid   06 Sep 2013
Hello sir I am 19 years old weight 83 height 6 ft.I am consuming seacod for bodybuilding is it helpful for bodybuilding if it is so how much pills should I consume a day

Author: JyotiS  01 Nov 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
Hi Wajid,
Seacod capsules are believed to boost up your immune system. It is a good source of vitamin supplement but I am not sure how it would help you in building up your muscle mass. To build muscles, we recommend protein rich diet but seacod is not a very good supplement for proteins. You can have proteins from eggs, pulses and nuts.

Still, for your information I would like to add that physicians usually recommend 2 capsules daily after the meal. Hope this will satisfy your query.

Guest Author: naveen   04 Nov 2013
Dear Sir / Madam, shall I give cod liver oil capsules to my daughter? Now she is 6 years old. Please give me information about capsules name, brand and dosage details.

Author: JyotiS  06 Nov 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 5
Hi Naveen,
You can give sea cod liver oil capsules to your daughter of 6 years of age but always try to have a gap of atleat couple of months in between two courses.

Brand name:
You can try SevenSeas Cod liver oil which is readily available in Indian market. I too use Sevenseas cod liver oil for my kids.

Give her just one capsule daily if she is not deficient and consumes healthy meals. It is recommended to give two capsules on the Sevenseas cod liver oil capsule bottle but I would recommend only one for your daughter on my personal experience.

Sea cod liver oil is a very good health suppliment for strong brain, healthy teeth and bones and for boosting up your childs immune system. I would recommend it to every child who suffers from headache occassionally due to undernutrition and also to all those who catches cough and cold frequently.

Guest Author: david   08 Nov 2013
Dear sir,
My wife has very lean body and also weaker. Her age is 22. I'm giving daily two tablets to her after breakfast and dinner. Is it better or if not then please give me your advice.

Author: JyotiS  10 Nov 2013   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
Dear David,
If your wife is very weak, she may need doses of multivitamin and protein supplement. Though Sea Cod is quite safe and could be given to your wife, but I do not think just by giving her cod liver oil, her condition can be improved.

If she is very weak, then consult a good physician and a dietician who could provide you with specific custom detail about what should be given to her to make her strong and more healthy.
All the best.

Guest Author: amrita rohit sharma   16 Nov 2013
Dear sir my name is amrita . I frequently suffer from headache , cough and cold . l am also suffering from hair lose problem . I sincerely take healthy diet but still I am facing this problem . MY age is 27 and weight is 53 kgs . if you can kindly recommend me about what dose I should take . I am just going to start these capsules .
With regards .

Guest Author: Sonia   30 Nov 2013
Hi I am 34 yrs old and wears contact lens with number -3. Pls advise me whether theses sevenseas cod lover oil capsules are beneficial for improvement in poor vision. And if yes pls let me know the dosage of capsules per day.

Guest Author: rajendra kumar dewan   01 Dec 2013
The capsules may not suit to all. To make safe one capsule alternate day may be taken.

Guest Author: Amruta Makherikar   19 Jan 2014
Hi, I am amruta, I have twins baby which are now 8 years old, they both have tonsils and adenoids problem, because of low immunity they have allergy problem and from that they continues have cold and cough, shall I give them seacod tablets for increase the immunity if yes please prescribe me the dose and the brand name.

Guest Author: Anmol   20 Jan 2014

I have a problem with my eyes,i have consulted many eye specialist dey told me drynes in my eyes. So seacod capsules can be a solution for that?

Anmol Malhotra

Guest Author: santosh sahu   21 Jan 2014
hi team
I have problem regarding joint pains and inflammation on joints . I just want to know whether seacod is helpful for this. also getting frequently inflammation on wrist anf knee. kindly suggest wat to do. I have gone through blood test also no findings on that.

Guest Author: ashish john   07 Feb 2014
Hello sir I am 24 years old weight 73 height 5.9 ft.I am consuming seacod for bodybuilding is it helpful for bodybuilding if it is so how much pills should I consume a day

Guest Author: precilla   18 Feb 2014
Hello Sir

Please advice if i can give sea cod capusles to my 4 yr old son and 7 yr old son . They keep getting cold. Presently tbey take kidicare syrup and Procal syrup daily. Can i also give seacod in addition or can i alternate them. Please advice. Thank you

Guest Author: ram singh rawat   10 Mar 2014
Hello my name is ram and my weight is 66 kg and I'm 24yr old.should I take sea cod active for hair fall because I'm loosing my hair almost 150 hairs per day. should I take it for hair problem solution?

Guest Author: sukanya   12 Mar 2014
Hi sir my name is sukanya and I am 20 year old . My weight is 80kg and height is 5 fit. I want to increase my height more than 5 fit. Is this sea code oil capsules is useful to increase height? Please describe all information about my problem and how much capsules I can take per day.

Author: JyotiS  17 Mar 2014   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
Dear friends,
You can use sea cod capsules to reduce hair fall, improve on eyesight, and also to boost up your immune system if you are getting frequent cough and cold but these capsules are not suitable for increasing weight or height.

Consider these capsules as a dietary supplement just like multivitamin capsules but in a natural way.

Hope all of your queries are answered now.

Guest Author: AMITDARJI   03 Apr 2014
I want to take sea cod cod liver oil but seacod website in to mention that cod liver have taking so may be cancer so please tell me is right information yes/no. So I'm not satisfy please give me right answer because i want to take it also course seduel & which tablet i take it daily?

Guest Author: Lina   16 Apr 2014
Is anybody taking these tablets for retinitis pigmentosa??

Guest Author: Pisces   19 Apr 2014
I am looking for supplements to boost memory and eliminate depression, will Seven Seas Cod Liver Capsules prove beneficial for me? Moreover, I am a bit overweight therefore will consumption of Cod Liver Capsules make me gain weight?

Guest Author: N.SUREN   20 Apr 2014
Please advise if I can give sea cod to my 6 yrs old daughter? she has easnofills problem and tonsils.

Guest Author: Anand   23 Apr 2014
Hi sir I have eye problem like improper vision my age is 17 and weight is 54kgs and height is 6 fts would I should take this capsule.

Author: jigar  04 May 2014   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0
Hi can we use Cod capsule if the beilirubin is elevated (2.07 mg/DL)?

Guest Author: shankar   17 May 2014
Hi Jyoti,

I'm 24 currently and a Diabetic since 7 years, with an average HBa1c ~200. Do you suggest Seacod capsules for me? if yes, then what can be the dosage.
kindly advice.

Guest Author: sonikha   20 May 2014
Dear Sir, I need a clarification. I am fat and I am worried whether consumption of sea cod would increase my weight even more. Please recommend me - Will Seacod increase my weight? Can I consume seacod? If yes, how many capsules a day?

Thank You in advance.

Guest Author: Anu   30 May 2014
Hi. I'm am planning conception. Is it safe to consume two tablets of seven seas orginal cod liver oil capsules during pre conception and pregency as it contains large quanity of vitamin A.

Guest Author: shivu   05 Jun 2014
I'm a boy (age 19) from bangalore and I'm using seacod from past two weeks because I'm taking fat burner capsules at gym to lose weight im 5.9 feet tall and 96kgs and my trainer suggested me seacod . Does seacod prevents liver and kidney?
and does seacod prevents from any side effects???

And suggest me how many capsules i must take per day??

Guest Author: ajit   12 Jun 2014
Hello sir I am 24 years old weight 68 height 5.9 ft. Due to gym and all I got lots of stretch marks on my body and my gym trainer suggested me to seacod and my question is it beneficial for stretch marks and I also have sinus issue so should I take it if yes so how much pills should I consume a day?

Guest Author: neeta   16 Jun 2014
Dear friend, I am having just 1 day period and second day too light Does cod liver capsule help to have regular periods properly. I saw some where that it is due to stress and improper diet. Please give me some solution on this.

Guest Author: Nathi   25 Jun 2014
Hai My kids are going to complete 5 yrs can I give 1 tablet regularly any side effects?

Guest Author: prachi   21 Jul 2014
Hi, my mother is 40 yrs old. she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She consulted many doctors, but because the steroids caused many problems, she is now eating 2 seacod tablets per day. Can seacod capsules really help her to get rid of it completely ?

Guest Author: nim bhutia   27 Jul 2014
Sir, it is come to know from my ultrasound report that I am having fatty liver. so is it OK to take sea cod tablet daily. If possible can you pass some suggestion to me.
For that, I shall remain thankful to you!

Guest Author: Suresh Dev   29 Jul 2014
Can Take 1 tablet, Per Day, That also have to consult with the Doctor. Once he said OK just godhead.

Because it is a supplement Tablet, If you take two much, that affect your brain so be careful before you use

I am taking one per day.

Guest Author: Anil   10 Aug 2014
My Dad is suffering from arthritics since long. He has tried many treatments but no avail.
Someone suggested to take Seacod Capsules.
Kindly advice can we take these capsules, he is 58yrs old, Weight 75kg.
He is already suffering from BP.
Please suggest.

Guest Author: Atul Gupta   12 Aug 2014
I am 25 years of age how many sea code capsules i have to consume please let me know. While sitting for longer hours in office my backbone sometimes pain very badly so in that case consumption of sea code capsules will work for it. Please let me know.

Guest Author: deepak verma   16 Aug 2014
I'm 36 years old,my weight is 94 kg. I start seacode capsule once in a day for hair grown, I have lost many hair, please suggest me is it good for hair growth and how many capsule I take in a day

Guest Author: neeru   20 Aug 2014
hi sir, my mom is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can seacod tablets help her to reduce inflammation and pain in knee joint . Please respond soon .

Guest Author: Swarit sinha   23 Aug 2014
Sir,my hair falling very rapidly.
How many capsule I must eat to stop hair fall.
And how much time will it take to stop hair fall.

Guest Author: Taylor   04 Sep 2014
Hi,I am 24 and my weight is 64kg. I had high bad cholesterol and low good cholesterol. So I am taking one seacord omega 3 pills everyday. May I know if I continue to take this sea cod omega 3 pills, my bad cholesterol will reduce? Really looking forwards for your reply. Thanks

Guest Author: sudheer   04 Sep 2014
Hi Jyothi this is Sudheer, Which is best capsule. Seacord or seven seas. And why?

Guest Author: prateek   12 Sep 2014
my doctor say take 1 capsule in a week only because excess of vitamin A may cause of headache and other diseases
which is the branded company providing cod liver capsule ?

Guest Author: mantosh kumar   21 Sep 2014
I am 26 years old. My body weight is 70 kg and height 163 cm. I am suffering from cold and cough. I do exercise daily and someone told me to take one capsule daily to control body weight, cough and cold. Will it good for my health? Will it reduce body weight?

Guest Author: Ashok   25 Sep 2014
Hi All,
I have problem with joint pains and inflammation on joints . I just want to know whether seacod is helpful for this. also getting frequently pains on wrist and knee. kindly suggest what to do. I have gone through blood test, found that have more Uric acid (6.8) and CRP positive, RA factor Negative.., Please suggest me whether i can use Seacod tabs.,

Guest Author: Mellboy   28 Sep 2014
My age is 26 and I do my workouts regularly. I just want to know whether liver oil capsules can prevent my hair fall. Is it useful for skin?

Guest Author: Gudiya   27 Oct 2014
Hi, My daughter is 20 months.Should I give her seacods?

Guest Author: kavita sangma   07 Nov 2014
I am going through severe hair fall. I am 27 years old, female. What dose of liver cod capsule should I take as dietary supplement? Please suggest.

Guest Author: aakanksha   17 Nov 2014
I am suffering from a severe hair fall. I am 18.
Are these capsules actually beneficial and what dose should I consume ?

Guest Author: Mohit   18 Nov 2014
Is it true doctor that cod liver oil can make your fat reduced? I mean I want to lean my skin. I used to go to gym but I heard DAT omega3 can lose fat.

Guest Author: sam   21 Nov 2014
Hi sir kindly tell me I have to much hair fall and I also want to reduce my weight should I take 1 capsule of seven sea cold liver for weight loss and breast farming?

Guest Author: senthilraj   25 Nov 2014
Sir I am 20 years old and suffering from thinning hair due to hair loss so taking these codliver oil capsules in long term will reduce my hair thinning problem? is it suggestible for me?

Guest Author: Kanchan   27 Nov 2014
I am Kanchan suffering from thyroid. My weight is 89 kg and age is 37 yrs. I am planing to take sea cod liver oil of Sanofhi company ltd. I am having problem of hair fall, dry skin, skin allergy. Is it safe for me to consume this tablet?

Guest Author: Amit   28 Nov 2014
Please advice whether I shall swallow these capsules directly or take it with water.

Guest Author: murali   08 Dec 2014
Hi I am Murali . I am 25 years old my weight s 45. I want increase my weight 65 kg how. I take daily 3 sea cod tablets after breakfast lunch dinner. so totally 9 tablets per day. Any side effects ll come ah please tell me.

Guest Author: farooq   26 Dec 2014
Hi I am 19 years old. I am only 42 kg and want to gain weight. will liver oil help me with this?

Guest Author: prani   07 Jan 2015
Hi I have Thyroid and taking 2 Capsules daily .Will it be ok..

Guest Author: manjunath   12 Jan 2015
hi sir I am Manjumath my age was 18 and 50 kg weight so how much capsule I have to take

Guest Author: Sujatha Sridaran   19 Jan 2015
My son and daughter are twins, they are weak & always affected by cough & cold. They have completed 8 years. Shall I use sea-cod capsules?

Guest Author: Tayiba   20 Jan 2015
My child is 8 yrs old. He was born with lumboscaral meningococcal. He was operated at 6 months of age, He can walk & run but his legs are weak as he has continuous pain in legs daily in the night. Can I give him Sea cod liver oil capsules? Please reply.

Guest Author: Parna   27 Jan 2015
I have expired seacod capsules (expired recently). Can I continue to take the same or should I throw them away?

Guest Author: Balu   02 Feb 2015
My age is 29, weight is 70 kg. Can you inform me that how much tablet can I take daily?

Guest Author: gifty   19 Feb 2015
Is it true doctor that cod liver oil can make your fat reduced? I mean I want to lean my skin.

Author: Mathi Gopal  26 Feb 2015   Member Level: Gold   Points : 3
Great information,thanks for sharing. Sea -cord liver oil is beneficial for human health. It is rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acid which are beneficial for bone health. Cord liver oil is considered beneficial for brain cells and memory improvement. It is also useful for eye sight and hair growth. It is recommended for children as it is good for their bones and teeth strength and improves their immunity power. It prevents the risk of heart attack in elders. But along with all these advantages, there are certain disadvantages also.

The excessive consumption of cord liver oil supplements can lead to weight gain as it contains Vitamin A which gets stored in body as fat. Pregnant woman are highly warned about the consumption of cord liver supplements as the child can get birth defects because of high level of mercury and other toxins present in it.

Guest Author: milind   26 Feb 2015
my son is under treatment for multiple sclerosis ,how useful will be seacod capsules twice a day?

Guest Author: Faizal K   28 Feb 2015
Madam, My daughter, she is 1 year old having the problem of Rickets, calcium and Vitamin D deficiency. We are living in Saudi Arabia and she didn't get the appropriate exposure to sunlight.
Can I give this cod liver oil to my daughter who is 1 year old? If yes how since it is a big capsule. Is there any substitute for the type like tablets or oil?

Please advise

Guest Author: Ranjith   02 Mar 2015
Dear Sir / Madam, shall I give cod liver oil capsules to my son ? Now he is 4 years old and weighing 13 kg and having frequent issues of cold and cough. Please give me information about capsules name, brand and dosage details.

Guest Author: Arushi Bansal   08 Mar 2015
Dear Author,
I will be highly obliged if you could help me with my query.
I am 20 years young girl with 55 kgs weight and 5 feet 6 inches height.
I want to start with these capsules.
So, what could be daily dosage for me?


Guest Author: Megha   15 Mar 2015
Hello I am 25 years old and weight 90 kgs which is too much how many capsule can I take and when to loose good amount of weight.please help...

Guest Author: Payal Joshi   23 Mar 2015
I am 19 year girl what dosage should I take . And what dosage should my brother take 15 years old

Guest Author: robin   24 Mar 2015
hello sir., m robin.. i have taken seacode capsule with milk.. is there any side effect ??
like white patches on skin?
I am in tension.?

Guest Author: robin   24 Mar 2015
can we take seacode with milk.. is there any side effect..?

Guest Author: L.Srinivasan   25 Mar 2015
Sir, My daughter is 19 years old. She is having regular hair loss and pimples on her face. Whether Cod Liver oil will help her to overcome the same? If yes what is the dosage.? pl reply.

Guest Author: Ashok   29 Mar 2015
I wish to know whether I can give sea cod tablets to my mom who is 67 years old. If yes, please inform the number of tablet per day is allowed. She has high Blood pressure.

Guest Author: Chetan Kangokar   12 Apr 2015
Hi Can I consume two Multi- Vitamin at the same time e.g Surbex-T and Sea Cod live oil tablet, Please advise?

Guest Author: Sonam   14 Apr 2015
Hi I am 22 years old and I am suffering from Hepatitis B since 2 months.

I am taking Vitamin B complex and Ursoliv tablet. Is it good for me to take Sea Cod??

Guest Author: Ovais Uddin   20 Apr 2015
I'm 25 years old male, underweight and also vitamin D deficient. I'm consuming 2 cod liver oil capsules daily after meal.
Shall I recover all my problems?

Guest Author: Rahul Borana   29 Apr 2015
I am Rahul, age 27. I have hair fall problem. Can sea cod liver oil help me to stop it?

Guest Author: Rajini Mutyam   05 May 2015
Sir I am suffering from ibs since 8years.i lost b12 and I am taking methycobal ingection as monthly once, life long suggested by doctors. I am using ultra Sistine eye drops for dry eyes.iam 46 years old now iam taking vsl3 tablet daily what can I take health supplement pls gave me sugestion.I also have spondilysis problem from the last 6 years

Guest Author: pranjal   10 May 2015
I am pranjal. my age is 16 years .my weight is 45 . my hair is short, but I like long please suggest the seacod about hair please reply fast

Guest Author: Richa   21 May 2015
Can I use seacod capsules directly on my hair my mixing it with other oil such as coconut oil...

Guest Author: Richa   21 May 2015
I'm Richa age 20 my weight is 45 n height is 5'2 I wanted to knw if I can use seacod capsules directly on my hair by mixing it with other oils such as coconut oil.

Guest Author: Priya   03 Jun 2015
hello Sir, I am diagnosed of RA factor, I am 25 years old. along with my prescription I consume 2 seacod as a supplement for Vitamin D. Wil that be useful?

Guest Author: purva shukla   03 Jun 2015
My baby 1 year old and he is suffering from ricket can I give this capsules of my child?

Guest Author: Pooja   11 Jun 2015
Hi, i m Pooja actually I want to sharm my grasping my age is 23,seven seascod liver oil is now suitable for me,and my daughter is 2 year old,can I give her that capsules for strong bones because she is very weak.

Guest Author: K G Sinha   07 Jul 2015
My father is 82 years old and suffering from lever sclerosis. Can I give him cod liver oil capsules.

Guest Author: Ram Kumar   08 Jul 2015
I am 26 years old and my liver functionality is weak due to heavy consumption of liquor and smoke, I want to consume codsea oil. How much in quantity should I consume? Please recommend me if I should consume it or not?

Guest Author: R P MAHESHWARI   09 Jul 2015
Can you tell me how effective is SEACOD gel capsule in curing prostate problem?

Guest Author: Siddharth   17 Jul 2015
Hi Sir, I am 24, I want to know if Seacod helps in increasing the height as it contains VitD which helps for HGH.

Please suggest.

Guest Author: Priyadharsini   02 Aug 2015
Hi sir,

I got over hair falls and pimples.Whether Cod Liver oil will help her to overcome the same? If yes what is the dosage? please reply.

Guest Author: Priyadharsini   02 Aug 2015
I have pimples and hair fall problem. Will Cod Liver oil to overcome the same? If yes, what is the dosage? Please reply.

Guest Author: Prasanna   03 Aug 2015
Hi sir, my sister is suffering from stomach ulcer and having a little bit cholesterol. She is 33yrs, 5.5ht and 65kgs. Can she take sea cod capsule? If yes, how much dose is recommended and for how many months?

Guest Author: Pramod Vashist   12 Aug 2015
My name is Pramod, my son is 2 years old. He is getting cold very frequently. Can I give him cod liver oil? Please inform me whether it comes in liquid form and the amount will be used.

Guest Author: Pradeep   15 Aug 2015
My daughter is 2 years old. Shall I give her Sea Cod? If yes, then please suggest dose.

Guest Author: sukhpal singh   15 Aug 2015
I want to maintain my health. Which cod liver oil is perfect? My age is 22 and weight is 78.

Guest Author: Aparna   02 Sep 2015
Can you please tell me individual fraction of vitamin A, D and omega 3 in the seacod cod liver oil type b BP.
Any unit is fine by me, mg/g/percentage.. anything

Guest Author: Marvin   05 Sep 2015
I am 17 yrs old. Weight: 53 kg How much should I consume daily?

Guest Author: Deepak   15 Sep 2015
My my age is 25 and weight is 85. How to lessen my weight?

Guest Author: Brijesh   23 Sep 2015
Sir, I eat one sea cod tablet 3 times a day because I am having weak eyesight. So to correct my vision I eat it. Is it good or it may have any side effects on me?

Guest Author: Dr. Raghuram   29 Sep 2015
2 caps in a day is more than enough. Don't eat it like chana matar!! It can affect also because excess of vitamin also creates problems in our body. Take for a full month then stop again, start in another month so it will keep the balance.

Guest Author: SATHISH KUMAR   04 Oct 2015
I am 22 years old and 182cm 86kg weight. How many capsules I should take per day?

Guest Author: piyush   13 Oct 2015
I have read your article on Cod Liver Oil. I am 17 years old and weigh 65 kg. Can I consume this capsule?

Guest Author: raj deshmukh   21 Oct 2015
I am experiencing hair loss. Please let me know if I should use Sea Cod.

Guest Author: Manoj   03 Nov 2015
I m suffering from psoriasis, can I have seacod for improvement of my condition?

Guest Author: sanju   22 Nov 2015
I am Sanju. Does the Sea Cod Liver Oil capsule help in sexual problems like premature ejaculation? If it is helpful, how should I use it?.

Guest Author: thomas   29 Nov 2015
please let me know the dosage of cod liver oil capsules for children in the age group 2 -5 years

Guest Author: Naveen srivastava   22 Dec 2015
My age is 15 years and I normally take sea cod once in a day but sometimes 2 also. I don't have any specific problem but I have heard about sea cod that its good for memory,etc so shall I continue taking sea cod 1-2 times in a day daily? Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated.

Guest Author: Abi   26 Dec 2015
I am consuming two capsules per day. I used this tablet for only one week and I feel they caused minor headache and cold. So can I continue with this tablet or not please?

Guest Author: jisna   02 Jan 2016
I am consuming two capsule thrice a day , and I am a women with 62 kg weight,so can you please explain me the correct dose and the course of medication ?

Author: sanam thapa  05 Jan 2016   Member Level: Bronze   Points : 0
I have weak eye sight as well high blood pressure. How many capsules should I take in a day?

Guest Author: Gulshan   20 Feb 2016
I am a Vitiligo patient for the past 15 years. I was taking UV rays but stopped six months back. These days I have pain in whole body. Can I take these COD liver caps? Please suggest me the way forward.

Guest Author: sameer   26 Feb 2016
I am 17 years old. I am very weak and thin. Please tell me how to take this capsules.

Guest Author: Sindhura   26 Mar 2016
Hello sir. My daughter's age is 1 year 8 months. She has seizures. My Dr. Suggested me to give 1capsule daily for brain development. She recommended universal medicare seacod liver oil capsules. Is it okay to use daily the capsules for that age.

Guest Author: Afsha   07 Apr 2016
I am 21 years. My height is 5.6 and weight is 78kg. How many Sea Cod capsules should I take along with dieting to lose 8 kilos?

Guest Author: Preethi   09 Apr 2016
I have a 3yr old kid and am weighing 87/KGS with 162cm height. Since the day I got pregnant I lost so much of hair and am very depressed due to that. I have tried all possible ways. Will this sea cod liver oil reduce hairfall and will it increase density of hair? I even have irregular periods. Please advice.

Guest Author: Sonu Saurot   16 Apr 2016
I am suffering from aquagenic urticaria from last year. My body feels itching after taking bath. Will cod live oil capsules recover my problem? If yes, then please suggest me best capsules for it.

Guest Author: RAJIV KUMAR   25 Apr 2016
Dear sir my name is Rajiv . I frequently suffer from headache, cough and cold. I am also suffering from hair loss problem. I take healthy diet but still I am facing this problem. My age is 37 yrs and weight is 84 kg. Could you kindly recommend me the dose I should take? I am just going to start these capsules.


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