Best tips on how to study for final exams to get good marks

In this resource article, I am going to provide tips and tricks on how to prepare for you final exams especially Board exam to score maximum marks. Loosing motivation and stamina to keep on studying is a big limiting factor for every student and need to be addressed with psychologically. Following simple tricks and making a small change in your study routine can do wonders for you. go through this resource to know all about that special tips.


Getting distinction in final exams is not a magic but requires some simple effective tips and tricks of preparation. You might be doing everything, from taking memory booster capsules like sea cod liver oil, almond milk and so on to enhance your memory and marks; but still you might be struck with the same low grade in exams. In my a decade old journey of teaching higher secondary and college students, I have devised many customized techniques to help students overcome exam phobia and to score maximum marks in their finals. Here, let me start with simple preparation plan for the exam to make studies easy, effective and more enjoyable.
During final year of studies, the whole time of students is filled with project works, assignment and frequent assessment exams and in between them, making a study time table and sticking to it is almost impossible. Further, with huge loads of assignments, sustaining your stamina and maintaining energy to do night studies is very painful. This monotonous and boring life with no entertainment and just continuous hours of study leads to poor memorizing power and less scores. So, let us now break this monotonous routine and make our studies more enjoyable and effective by following simple tricks.

Tricks to make study more meaningful, enjoyable and effective

  1. First of all, when you make a time table for studies, always remember to start with a very short and very easy chapter.

  2. Many students have a starting problem, that means it requires a lot of motivation for them to prepare themselves to start studying. To encounter this starting problem issue, I advice my students to start with very simple and short topic and once their interest and motivation is build up, go with the flow and cover all the topics.

  3. Every time you cover a big and difficult topic, follow it up with a simple topic to avoid over exertion of your brain.

  4. In a week, keep one evening free for yourself. This means, say, 'Saturdays are for me to enjoy and replenish my energy' and on that evening try to do something that you really enjoys like going out with friends or watching your favorite movie or anything else. Though, you may not restrict yourself in this case and always remind yourself that on the next day you have to study harder with double intensity.

  5. Always remember to put a tick mark in front of the topic that you have revised. Avoid cross mark as sometimes, it draws negative energy.

  6. Paste or fix your study time-table in front of your study table where you can see it more often to feel motivated all the time.

  7. Mathematics and physics are very scoring subjects and involves many formulas and theorems, the knowledge of which is very much important to solve problems. To start with, write all the formulas and theorem on a big sheet and stick it on the places where you can see it more often. Such as stick those formula sheets near your bathroom mirror where you can go through them while you are brushing your teeth and in front of your study table for quick reference. Always remember to go through them once just before switching your bedroom lights at night for effective memorization.
    Do not wait till last moment to stick those formula and theorem sheets in places but you may start from the starting of the academic year and keep on adding new formulas as they are covered in the class.

  8. For long and boring theorems and history or language questions, you may enjoy remembering them as a pop song or as a rhyme. Like this you will never forget those important lessons.

  9. Always try to co-relate and categorize topics to make reading and understanding easier.

  10. On the last day of exam, instead of going through complete subject, try to go through their brief notes and in your brain keep on recollecting every detail of that topic for an essay answer. If you think you don't remember that topic then go through it at once in detail.

  11. Always remember to go through all internal, pre-board, mock tests and previous year question papers before the exam as they are valuable source of important guess questions and you would be surprised to know that just by following them, you have covered about 80% of your complete syllabus.

  12. For very boring or difficult chapters, try group study with your best friend. When you study by discussing details of any topic, you will find how easy it will become for you. Further, arranging for group study once a while with your friend also rejuvenates and refreshes you and you will feel more motivated and focus to continue with your regular study after that.

  13. Always remember to switch off your mobile phone whenever you are studying. Keep away from the magnetic attraction of checking status update on social networking sites every once in a while. Such things are very addictive and can destroy and disrupt you study routine. You can enjoy such internet socializing after the exams.

  14. You may reward yourself whenever you have finished revising a very big and difficult chapter by either eating your favorite food/chocolate/ice-cream or may be allowing yourself to watch your favorite serial for few extra minutes but don't overdo it.

  15. Keep a day away from studies for just fun and enjoyment about 4 or 5 days before the commencement of final exams. This is to avoid saturation of study and to refresh yourself. Till now you have been studying and revising continuously for weeks altogether and really needs a break to grab and enhance your study power. This break will motivate you and fill you with new energy and stamina to score maximum marks in the final exams.

  16. Sometimes reading out aloud and strolling around the house or in your garden while you are trying to memorize theorems and other lessons will be very effective. You may try this technique for Biology, history, language and chemistry lessons.


Keep on adding a change in your study pattern for effective learning. Every subject and topic requires some specific tricks for effective learning and it usually differs from person to person so you need to understand what actually triggers the learning process in you for a specific subject and go with that technique.

Hope you would give your best outcome in the forthcoming exams and remain away from any phobia and boredom. Happy studying.

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Author: JyotiS26 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

I am glad Deepshree that you liked my tips. These are the sure-shot tricks for getting maximum score in the exams and to stay motivated throughout without feeling saturated.

Author: Syed Musaddiq26 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

Jyoti Mam,
Thanks very much for such useful tips to prepare for exams and get good marks. I am also a student and after going through this topic I got really convinced especially from the 1st two points that we should frame a proper time table and start with the easy and short topics to build up our interest in the studies.

I have given these tips to my friends also who are studying with me and also to the ones who are junior to me. The really got satisfied after going through this whole article and decided to implement these tips as the rules to study for their examination. I also will try my level best to use these tips to study and prepare for the examinations for the best results.

Author: JyotiS26 Jan 2013 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks for sharing these tips with your friends, Syed. I always tries to give practical tips so that they may be implemented easily in our daily life. All the best for your exams and try to score maximum marks.

Author: Shravan14 Mar 2014 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful tips on how to study effectively for final exams and get good marks. These tips will definitely help me in scoring good marks in my upcoming exams and get good marks. I hope even other members of ISC who are students are benefited by these tips.

Guest Author: M.KHAN11 Oct 2014

Dear Mam, please help me I'm in a big problem. This year was a very painful for me and I didn't get time for study because of some family problems. But now I can give time for studies but it's too late, nothing I have completed just from yesterday I have started to study. So, can I score 80% in higher secondary final exam within these few days?

Guest Author: Sonya03 Nov 2014

Nice tips. Interesting

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