Best tips on School/College Farewell Speech with a Sample example.

In this resource I am going to present you with a heart warming and touchy speech for college/school farewell party. After the completion of our academic year, time comes when we have to say good bye to our school/college teachers and friends. We give farewell to each other with a heavy heart wishing everyone great life ahead. If you need any help in giving a farewell speech in your school/college then this resource is for you. Read on to get best ideas for the speech.

About my experience on School Farewell

Today I am reminded of my school farewell party by a young friend of mine. This time of the year, when the session is on the winding up routine, students are busy in preparing for their exams, something is still holding us back. Something that is so heavy that when ever we are reminded of it, we are sure to get tears in our eyes; and that is the feeling of separation from our school/college friends.

I still remember my farewell party in my school. It was on 10th of February. Everyone was so excited about it. Our teachers and juniors tried to make everything as much perfect as possible for all of us. I, being the captain of the school, was handed the responsibility of addressing everyone on behalf of final year students of 12th standard. It was an overwhelming experience. Even though I have decided to speak a lot to express my thoughts and gratitude for everyone, an emotional lump in my throat forced me conclude my speech in between.

I was overwhelmed to see every one of us dealing with the same emotions. We all were super excited at the prospectus of college life ahead, a little bit scared of facing the upcoming board exams and heavy hearted at the thought of missing many of our school/college friends and class mates.

Tips for writing a Good speech

Writing a speech is an art. You have to first know what the occasion is and then decide if you want to give your speech a little bit of personal-touch or want to appear more professional in your approach. Professional speeches look good in business circles and among strangers. But when you are to deliver a farewell speech in your school/college with whom you have spend many years of mischief and obedience, I suggest you to go for friendly and personalized speech.
Making the emotional scene of parting, more memorable one with a suitable parting song just as you complete your speech works very well with the audience.

Start by addressing your elders present on the occasion. For a school/college speech you may address your principal and teachers first and then juniors who are trying their best to make this event as much memorable for you as possible, and lastly, you may address your classmates and friends.

Try to include your important memories from the school and how everyone motivated and supported you. Slowly try to summarize your experience of the whole year in your short speech. Always include others in your mention of incidences of the past so that your farewell speech may not become monotonous and boring. Take others as well in your ride of the past. Let them become emotional along with you.

Without making your farewell speech a very long one, conclude it with a note of thanks to your principal, teachers, classmates and juniors for making your memories so special and beautiful

Here is a sample of welcome speech for your farewell party.

Sample Speech for school/college farewell Party

Hello and a very good evening to our beloved principal sir/madam, teachers and my dear friends. Today I stand here to bid a formal goodbye to all of you. When I joined this school many years back (you may mention the correct number of years in here for your speech), I was filled with lots of doubts and of course was scared a bit. But slowly with time we all got glued so strongly that even 'fevicol' started feeling jealous.

I still remember our small mischief in the class room, teasing each other, laughing out loud on a silly joke, reading a novel in maths class, eating other's lunch boxes before break, fighting on petty issues, competitions on stages, crying over each other's shoulders, and lot more which is hidden in deep in my heart and of everyone's around here. These memories are just too valuable. These walls of our classroom have known so many great moments of our friendship and fight; these walls are like our second home.

I used to hate holidays of more than 3 days as it always meant being away from my friends which was too unbearable and now we stand on the turning point of our life when we have to move on our different paths. God only knows if ever we would be able to meet each other later in our life or not. I am also grateful to Facebook, twitter, email and Google plus for uniting us in our friendship chain even when we leave this school. I have made countless memories that I will treasure forever.

I take this farewell speech as an opportunity to thank my teachers who provided direction to our knowledge and shape to our future. I know, we're one of the naughtiest classes in the whole school but we love you all and would never forget the lessons of books as well as of life that you have taught us. Thank you everyone for making this moment a very special for all of us. I will always cherish this moment.

All the very best for your future. I hope that all of you will get great success in your future. Thank you.

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Guest Author: Sunil Kumar Jena08 Jan 2014

Thank you to the author for such a great farewell speech.

Guest Author: Ajit Kumar11 Mar 2014

I really like this speech I ever read a speech like this. My tear just fell down. Thanks.

Author: JyotiS13 Mar 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 5

Thank you Sunil Kumar Jena and Ajit Kumar. I am glad you like my write-up.

Farewell is the time which brings back all the past memories that we have spend together with our friends, teachers and colleagues. This is the moment when even the one with whom we have always been fighting, seems like a bestie. Yes, it is a moment which can only be felt; no words can ever describe it. While writing the above mentioned essay, it was actually very much hard for me to get the exact words as no word seem appropriate to capture that special feeling.

True farewell speeches can never be copied, but they are custom-made for each person having his own emotions and experiences. This write-up just gives an insight about how to go about writing a segmented speech but real writers are you, who can make any simple word, a very special one by dipping in the sauce of feelings and emotions.

Guest Author: Sneha sunil11 Apr 2014

Emotional lovely speech.

Guest Author: Sunaina14 Jul 2014

Thank you for posting this speech, it gave me an idea to write my own personal experience.

Guest Author: Sundeep27 Jul 2014

Great job. thank u so much sir

Author: K Mohan30 Aug 2014 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

My appreciation to the author for posting this wonderful article dealing with tips to prepare for school or college farewell speech. But in this regard I wish to state that every college has its own past and the students are also different with different qualities. We cannot generalise a farewell speech. As per the past conduct of the college the speech has to be made and that is more important. Moreover while giving speech , the present small achievement of students must be highlighted and along with the contributions of best teachers and professors.

Guest Author: vishal31 Jan 2015

I would like to say thanks to the writer for posting this wonderful speech. This was really heart touching and I got an idea for my farewell speech. So thanks once again.

Guest Author: Vishalgiradkar05 Feb 2015

You gave me back my college life memories. Thanks to you.

Guest Author: shiwani shankar07 Feb 2015

Thanks thank you so much, its very nice really helpful, once again thanks

Guest Author: SALONI CHOTHANI09 Feb 2015

I would like 2 say thanks to the writer for such a wonderful and heart touching speech and I got some points for my farewell speech.

Guest Author: Priyanka11 Feb 2015

Thank you so much for such an emotional and valuable speech!

Guest Author: Shashank12 Feb 2015

It's a heart touching speech, gave me an awesome guidance for my upcoming speech. Thanks a lot to you.

Guest Author: sudhanshu dubey13 Feb 2015

thanks a lot I have hd full of tears in my eyes I really wants to say that this was heart touching story

Guest Author: Nitin Wankhade18 Feb 2015

Hello author,
Very nice work. I appreciate it for providing a layout format for preparing a farewell party at college level.

Thanks a lot.

God bless you and gives you everything which you expected in life.

Guest Author: abhilipsa19 Feb 2015

it was a great speech. thanks.

Guest Author: Javed khan20 Feb 2015

Thanks a lot for this much wonderful speech Now I got an idea how to give a speech for farewell

Guest Author: Dimple Santoshi20 Feb 2015

oh my's really really awesome speech that I had never ever read awesome sir.
thanks a lot

Guest Author: Malleswari21 Feb 2015

First of all thanks a lot for this valuable speech which gave me really a good strength to speak in farewell.

Guest Author: Sheikh Ganga24 Feb 2015

I really like this page. It gives me best ideas to speak speech in the farewell.

Guest Author: aqsa25 Feb 2015

please help me to end my comparing with extra ordinary sentences and some poetry like things to invite principal on stage

Guest Author: chinni26 Feb 2015

very valuable speech and lovable thank you so much to all of u for this speech, but it is not efficient

Guest Author: vivek shukla04 Mar 2015

its a very nice speech I use this speech for my farewell thank u so much

Guest Author: shruti kant04 Mar 2015

Thanks a lot for this much wonderful speech Now I got an idea how to give a speech for farewell

Guest Author: Shaziya06 Apr 2015

Nic speech I like it a lot n thank you

Guest Author: Viratian Asif06 Apr 2015

Awesome speech - Thank you Author for this speech.

Guest Author: shantanu malakar19 Apr 2015

I'm going to use this speech on my college farewell.

Guest Author: Muskaan Sharma14 May 2015

Its Short & Sweet.
Full with Realities of Incidents..
Thanks a lot

Guest Author: krishna04 Aug 2015

Thanks, this is an emotional speech. You reminded past memories. It helps each and every student to deliver speech.

Guest Author: Nandu13 Nov 2015

Farewell is a word about saying good bye to our loved ones. Some of guys were seperated due to ego, ego will not show range, expect strange. Come on guys, just recollect the moments happened between you and your friends. Don't be egoistic with friends. Farewell means recollecting the things happened in school /college life. So once just look back, go hug your friend, put your head on shoulder and let him get wet with your tears.

Guest Author: gautam. shrinivasan18 Nov 2015

Thank you for such a wonderful sample speech.

Guest Author: Sejal Dubey27 Feb 2016

Thanks for such a heart touching speech which has bought tears in my eyes. Farewell is a time where all are gathered for the last time so it should be memorable and remembered. Thanks once again for giving an idea to write a speech.

Guest Author: Anjali Singh13 Feb 2018

Thank you so much. It was a really heart-touching speech and I got some great ideas for my farewell speech.

Guest Author: zulkar15 Feb 2018

Heart touching farewell speech which made me think about my memories and visualize things which are present deep in my heart. Thank you for such a speech.

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