How to make a multiple generator ?

Generator is a device, which is use to convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy. We can use generator for many purpose. Generator works on the principle of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. In this article, I have told a process, from which we can make a multiple generator. To make a generator, this process is very cheap.

Introduction to Generator

When a current carrying coil is placed in a magnetic field, a torque acts on it that rotates the coil. What happens if a coil of wire is rotated in magnetic field ? Can a current be produced in the coil ? The answer is Yes. Such device is called current generator. The current generator is a device that converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The Faraday's law said that, when a coil is rotated in a magnetic field, by some mechanical force, the magnetic flux changes in the coil, and in the result an emf is produced in it. If the generator is connected to an external circuit, an electric current is the output of the generator.

Composition of Generator

The generator is made up of several parts. The three major parts are,
  1. Rotor Part
  2. Stator part
  3. Self Exciter part
These parts is further subdivided into many parts.

Rotor Part

  1. Shaft
  2. Ball Bearing
  3. Armature Core
  4. Rotor Core and Coil
  5. Fan
  6. Coupling Plates

Stator Part

  1. Field Core for Exciter
  2. Stator Core and Coil
  3. Frame and End Bracket

Self Exciter Part

  1. Automatic Voltage Regulator
  2. Voltage Regulator (Hand Trimmer)

Making of Multiple Generator

Making a generator is a very simple task. Everyone can make this without doing much effort. Instruments which are using in this project are very cheap and everyone can afford it. There are some steps by which we could make our multiple generator.

Instruments which are using

  1. 2 CDs having 15 gram weights
  2. 5 coils of 38 SWG (Standard Wire Gauge)
  3. 5 LEDs of 2.5 volts
  4. 4 Magnets of diameter of 2.2 Inches
  5. 1 Glue stick
  6. 2 Washers
  7. 1 Bolt

Steps to make it

There are some steps by which we could make our generator.

Step 1

First of all, do attach 4 magnets on CD, with equal spacing by using glue. For making the equal spaces, draw two lines perpendicular to each other from the center of the CD.
magnet on cd

Step 2

Make 5 coils of a wire of 38 SWG by giving about 500 turns. This is a tough job for you. Make coils in such a way, that we should have 2 ends of the wire.

Step 3

Attach these coils on another CD. Connect 5 LEDs with the ends of the wire. Make sure that, you have connected the LEDs in a proper way. You should know about the polarities of the LEDs.
led with coils

Step 4

A CD which have magnets on it should be placed on the other CD, which have coils. Make sure that, there should be some space between them.For making some space, use washer between these two CDs.

Step 5

Put a bolt in the center of the CDs, which will help them to rotate easily. To make our generator more beautiful, attach a color paper on the upper CD. Rotate the CD so fast as you can. As the result of rotation, magnetic field will change inside the coils. Due to this change, the LEDs will glows.The glowness of the LEDs will depend upon the rotation of the CD. More mechanical force will produce more electrical energy.
color paper

Applications of this concept

There are so many applications of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. Some are,
  1. Induction cooker
  2. Magnetic flows meter
  3. Transformers
  4. Electrical motor
  5. Wireless energy transfer

Similarities between Motor and Generator

There are some Similarities between electric motor and generator which are,
  1. They both work on the magnetic effect of electric current.
  2. Both can generate power, which we can use as an output.
  3. Both of them have the armatures, for the rotation of loop.
  4. The motor uses current flow to produce a movement but a generator uses movement to produce an electric current.

Differences between Motor and Generator

  1. Generator is a device which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, while motor converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  2. Motors obeys the Fleming's left hand rule, while the generator obeys Fleming’s right hand rule.

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