Best natural remedies for controlling blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure and trying to control your BP, then go through this article which deals with the natural ways of keeping the blood pressure under control. The hectic life in the present days is one of the main causes of increasing the blood pressure, understand the causes and try to control the causes for a healthy living.

Understanding blood pressure

Blood pressure is actually the force exerted by the circulatin blood on the inner walls of the arteries. The pressure of blood in the human body is measured by a device called the Sphygmo-manometer. The blood pressure is recorded in two numbers - the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure which is represented as 117 / 75 mm Hg and is read as 117 over 75 mm of mercury or in common usage this is read as 117 by 75. The higher number of the two which is written as the numerator is the systolic pressure and this is the measure of the pressure in arteries when the heart beats rhythmically. While the lower number which is written as a denominator is the diastolic pressure and this is the measure of the pressure in the arteries between each heart beat.

Blood pressure chart

  1. The normal range of blood pressure in adults which is considered healthy is less than 120 systolic pressure and less than 80 diastolic pressure i.e, less than 120 / 80.

  2. When the systolic pressure ranges between 120 to 139 and diastolic range lies between 80 to 89, then the blood pressure is categorized as pre-hypertension stage.

  3. When the systolic pressure range lies between 140 to 159 and diastolic pressure ranges between 90 to 99, then the blood pressure is under the category of Stage 1 of hypertension.

  4. And under Stage 2 of hypertension, the systolic pressure measures 160 or more and the diastolic pressure measures 100 or more.

  5. And when the systolic pressure is higher than 180 and the diastolic pressure is higher than 110, then the blood pressure comes under hypertension crisis and this condition is treated as emergency case which needs immediate medical attention.

How high blood pressure is diagnosed

Generally blood pressure keeps changing from time to time depending on the bodily activities. When you have a high blood pressure in a single reading, then it cannot be considered as high blood pressure. But when the readings stays at 140 / 90 mm Hg or more for over a period of time, then such a constant reading for over a period can be considered as high blood pressure. In such a case, you need to be extra careful of your health and try to change your life style and food habits to keep the blood pressure under control.

However, even if your blood pressure is normal and in case there is a family history of high blood pressure, then you need to be cautious with your health and try to keep your blood pressure under control by following natural ways.

Causes of high blood pressure

Though the exact causes of high blood pressure are not known, but there are various factors which cause the pressure in the blood to rise.
  1. Smoking:
    Smoking is considered as one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Smoking over long periods found to be harmful to the individual as the harmful chemicals present in cigarette cause harm to the health. People who are habituated to smoking are easily prone to high blood pressure due to the action of various harmful chemicals in the body. Smoking can lead to a condition called carotid artery stenosis when there is an insufficient supply of blood to the brain. When the flow of blood to the brain is restricted due to the formation of fatty layers or calcified plaques on the inner walls of the arteries, there are chances of increased blood pressure.

  2. Family history;
    People with a family history of high blood pressure have every chance of getting high blood pressure. The hereditary factor plays a key role in inheriting some of such body conditions which are carried through the genes from the parents to the offspring.

  3. Old age;
    Old age is yet another cause for high blood pressure. As the mind and body of the old aged people is exposed to various ups and downs in life, all the adverse conditions in life which is overburdened with several responsibilities results in an increase in the blood pressure.

  4. Overweight of the body / obese:
    Obesity or overweight of the body is the root cause of several health related problems including high blood pressure. The heart finds it difficult to cope up with the body requirement of oxygenated blood and hence the heart works under pressure which might result in high blood pressure.

  5. Too much intake of salt:
    People who are used to consume too much of salt in the food items are easily prone to high blood pressure.

  6. Higher stress levels:
    People who are under continuous stress have every chance of suffering from high blood pressure. In the present day hectic life people are put under work pressure at the workplace or domestic front which results in rising the blood pressure.

  7. Anxiety:
    Some people who are prone to anxiety and panic attacks frequently, they have every chance of suffering from high blood pressure. Though rise in the blood pressure due to anxiety is not long lasting yet anxiety causes several health related problems.

  8. Too much consumption of alcohol:
    This is yet another major cause for not only for high blood pressure but for various other health related problems. Too much of alcohol consumption particularly by the people living in tropical countries like India where the weather conditions are moderate has an adverse effect on the health conditions of the individual.

  9. Sedentary life / lack of physical exercise:
    Leading a life without much physical exercises is one of the major causes of various health related problems like obesity, high blood pressure etc. It is a fact that the human body is a wonderful machine which keeps working continuous. If the body organs has to remain in good condition, then the parts need to be exercised regularly and lack of exercise to these organs might result in improper functioning of the organs.

  10. Improper food habits
    Improper food habits like too much consumption of fatty food or carbohydrate-rich food results in the accumulation of fats and bad cholesterol in the body which results in high blood pressure.

  11. Health ailments:
    There are certain health ailments like kidney problems, diabetes and other such health ailments are found to cause high pressure in the individuals.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

Mostly the symptoms of high blood pressure remain unnoticed till the pressure reaches a particular reading which is usually 180 / 110 mm Hg. However, there are certain indications for high blood like:
  • Headache which last for few days

  • Nausea sensation or a feeling of discomfort in the stomach

  • Vertigo or dizziness with a blurred vision or at times with double vision

  • Palpitations or feeling the irregular or forceful beating of the heart

  • Besides these it is common to easily get irritated unnecessarily for small issues / matters and easily getting into anger are the other symptoms of high blood

Natural methods to control blood pressure

As blood pressure plays a key role in maintaining the health of the heart and other health conditions of the body, you need to be cautious about your blood pressure after you cross 20 yrs. In particular if there is a family history of high blood, then you need to be extra cautious with your health and need to take necessary precautions right from the beginning even if you blood pressure is not high.

It is better to develop a healthy lifestyle to keep a control over the blood pressure and thereby keep the heart in healthy condition. If you are suffering from high blood pressure - systolic pressure 140 or above and diastolic pressure of 90 or above - then you need to visit your family doctor to follow the prescribed medicines. Following are the natural ways of keeping the blood pressure under control:
  1. Understanding the root cause:
    First you need to identify the root cause of high blood pressure and once you understand the root cause, you can follow the natural ways to rectify it and thus keep your pressure under control.

  2. Say 'no' to smoking:
    As smoking is one the habits which causes several health related problems, it is good to say 'no' to smoking. Try to have a control of this habit of yours for a healthy living. If you are too much addicted to smoking, you can join a nature cure center for coming out of this bad.

  3. Reduce weight / control obesity:
    As overweight of the body and even obesity are one of the major reasons for a rise in the blood pressure, you can first try to reduce your weight by natural ways and also control obesity which would be helpful in having a control over your blood pressure.

  4. Reduce stress levels:
    As increased stress levels is one of the major reasons for a rise in the blood pressure, hence you need to have a control over your stress levels by following various natural methods and thus keep your stress levels under control which would be helpful in having a control over you blood pressure as well. For reducing your stress levels you need to understand the benefits of having a hobby and accordingly you can divert your interest and start a hobby. Besides developing a hobby, you also need to understand the fact that man is a social animal and thus maintain a cordial relationship with others which is helpful in reducing your stress levels. In addition all these you can even enjoy family vacations to some of the best places for reducing your stress levels and thereby keeping a control over you blood pressure.

  5. Regular physical exercise:
    Yes, a regular exercise for the physical body is very effective in keeping the body not only in a healthy condition but also helps in staying fit. The best possible exercise is a walk at least for 45 minutes a day for 5 days a week. If not for a walk, you can even practice yoga under the guidance of a yoga expert which is really effective in many ways.

  6. Eat a healthy diet:
    Eating a healthy diet is the most important mantra for staying in good health. You need to concentrate on the essential nutrients required by your body and accordingly change your diet habits. Try to concentrate on the following:

    • Eat a diet rich in whole grains.

    • Include lots of fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet.

    • Consume low-fat dairy products.

    • Try to boost the potassium intake as this helps in lessening the effects of sodium on blood pressure. Try to supplement your diet with potassium rich food.

    • Reduce the intake of sodium content in your diet. As salt is the best source of sodium, take less salt for having a control over your blood pressure. However do not zero down salt unless and until it is advised by your family doctor.

    • Increase the dietary fiber in your diet.

    • Reduce the consumption of fatty food and carbohydrate rich food.

    • Avoid taking too spicy food and totally depend on simple and easily digestible food.


Blood pressure plays a key role in maintaining the overall health of the body. Hence keeping the blood pressure under control by following natural methods would be helpful in keeping the body in good condition and thereby leading a healthy life for a happy living. However remember that in case of serious condition it is always good to consult your family physician for the right diagnosis and prescription.

Disclaimer: The author is neither a certified physician nor a dietitian. Hence readers are advised to take their own best decision and consult doctor in case of severity of the condition.

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