What is research and its types

This article will help the readers to get a brief idea about the research process and how the management will influence the research and development team to establish their business in the targeted market. Research is nothing but collecting, organizing, analyzing and evaluating the information.

Research definition

Research is an intellectual action with a set of principles to explain or analyze or understood a problem or finding solutions for problems, adopting a systematic approach in the following ways to relate to a problem
  • Collecting
  • Organizing
  • Analyzing

    Many scholars have defined research in a different ways. But the common definition used for the research is as follows:

    Research is a systemic approach in collecting, organizing, analyzing and evaluating the data

    Generally a research activity is carried on to find the solution to the problem. Many of them have their own ways of collecting the information for the problems to find the solution.

    Meaning of research

    Commonly research refers to search for knowledge. In general terms, research is defined as a scientific and systematic search for relevant information on a specific topic. Research is an art of precise study. Many will have various views in research. So the meaning of research is to find the answer to the common problem faced in day-to-day life i.e., it may be in scientific field, business environment or also in military conditions. Research is an activity carried by the management in business environment to find the solution to the common problems faced in their industry. Research can be carried out in many ways
  • Scientific Research
  • Formulating Hypothesis and evaluating the problem
  • Questionnaire
  • Experimental Research
  • Case Study.

    Theory versus research

    Usually there is confusion between research and theory. Let us consider the following example to clear the difference between theory and research.

    Example scenario

    Consider an accident takes place on a highway road. A passenger vehicle hits on a roadside tree. This is the situation which clarifies the difference between theory and research. The accident could have happened due to the following factors:
  • Speed of the vehicle on the highway road
  • Driving conditions of the vehicle on the highway road
  • Experience of the driver driving the vehicle
  • Traffic on highway
  • Advertisement holding on the highway
  • Reflector signs in the road
  • Posters on the highway
    From the above factors, let us consider that due to the reflector paint used on the advertisement holding causes glare and thus disturbing the vision of the driver, causing possibility of an accident. When the traffic police ascertaining the causes for the accident, they would take into account about all the factors and link them together. The traffic police should investigate the accident situations with all the factors which could have caused the accident and also from the witness who saw the accident. This research process carried out the police will estimate the cause for the accident and hence achieving the research process. Thus research is a closely controlled exercise to execute or question the link between various factors and explain the unsolved event.

    The main issue in the research process is to identify the research problem. All the factors which are linked should be carefully collected, organized, analyzed and evaluated to find the solution to that particular research problem. The main activity is to properly link the related factors. There are lot of chances to link the factors which are not related to the research and thus if these factors are linked to find the solution, ultimately these unlinked factors will lead to the wrong analysis and the proper solution will not be evaluated for the research problem. So, finding the factors for the problem and linking them together is the important activity for finding the solution for the research problem.

    Management research

    Research are classified into two broad categories and they are
  • Management Research
  • Social Research
    Let us now see in brief about the management research. Management research is carried out by the management to find out the possible and related problems according to their type of business. Each organization will have a research team to analyze what are the possible problems occur in the market to establish their product among their rival products. The research team work is to collect all the possible ways in which the problem can occur for the product in the market and the ways to relatively collect the information to overcome the problem and establish their product in the targeted market. The research team will collect the information in the following ways:
  • Identify the research problem
  • Formulate hypothesis
  • Decision-Making
  • Observation technique
  • Interview technique
  • Sampling technique
  • Questionnaire method
  • Statistical measures
    With all the above methods and techniques, the research team will create the research report and submit the report to the management. The research report will be reviewed by the management during their management meeting and find the solution to overcome the problem. The same is followed for all kinds of problems by the management team. Each management team will allocate some funds for the research and development team to allow the research team to find the solution for the problem. If the product has to be well established in the market, then the management team has to allocate some funds to the research and development (R&D) team to carry out their research. When a management fails to properly guide the research team, then the product will not be established in the targeted market and ultimately the business will not be established.


    As far as management concern to establish their business in the targeted market, research is an essential process. Research is activities to collect, organize, analyze and evaluate the data or information. Once the research is completed successfully by linking all the essential factors, the solution is achieved for the management problem and the business will survive.

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