Format of sample letter to lodge a police F.I.R (First Information Report)

Are you looking for a Police F.I.R Application format and procedure? This article gives you the details like how to file an application for getting First Information Report(F.I.R)from Police station? Why F.I.R is important? When you have to file a Police F.I.R?

When you have to lodge a Police F.I.R?

In case of loss/misplace/ theft of your important documents like PAN Card, Election Card (Voter ID), Driving Licence, Passport, Property sale-purchase papers etc. etc.

Why F.I.R is important?

Because when you lost your important documents like PAN Card, Election Card(Voter ID), Driving Licence, Passport, Property sale-purchase papers etc. you must to get a duplicate or reprint of the lost one. These documents are very important now a day for every individual/common man for one or many reasons.

For example
-If you want to drive your vehicle, whether it is a 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler, as per to-days strict Traffic Rules & Regulations and to avoid the Traffic Police harassment it is compulsory that while driving you must carry your own Driving Licence. May be one or two days you will be ignored by the traffic police without driving Licence. But when you have to drive your vehicle daily towards your working place what is the permanent solution?
-If you want to caste your vote, without Election Card not possible.
-For Bank Fixed Deposits PAN card is important for your TDS benefit and also you need PAN card for most financial transaction to Travel Agents, Hotels.
-Over and above, these all documents are your Personal Identity Proof and Address Proof which you require to verify with the concerned department officials many occasions for various purposes such as during enrolment of Aadhar, Election Card(Voter ID), Opening of Bank A/C, Railway Ticket booking, New LPG Connection, Ration Card Telephone connection and for other numerous things.

So for getting duplicate or reprint of your any lost documents namely PAN Card, Election Card(Voter ID), Driving Licence, Passport, property sale-purchase papers, you have to approach the concerned department officials and that time most of the officials ask to attach the copy of F.I.R along with application.

Also any unauthorized person can misuse your lost original documents. For a simple example, one can get Mobile SIM CARD in your name and can misuse it. Like this your lost documents can be used for many other purpose.

Looking to all above, it is important to lodge a F.I.R for your lost documents with your local Police station and get a copy of the same which is an evidential proof for you.

How to make an application for lodging a F.I.R with your Local Police station?

This below F.I.R Application format will help as and when you require.

abc… (Applicant Name)
xyz …(your contact address)
120012…(your contact mobile number/Phone number)
Abc@your.mail...(your e-mail id.


The Police Officer In charge
Address ( Local Police station)

Respected Sir,

Sub. : Loss of my ORIGINAL _____________(mention your lost document name and Number)

While travelling from _______(place) to __________(place) by bus/ train/ walk I have lost my Original __________ bearing No.____________ along with (name other documents if any) some where. (If you have any idea or chance of loss at an approximate area, you can mention the same in your application). Sir, to avoid any misuse of my above ___________ I seek your help and request you to kindly register my F.I.R in the subject matter.

For your ready reference I enclose herewith
(a) copy of lost ____________
(b) copy of ______________ as I.D proof.

Hope you will do the needful favourably at the earliest.

Thanks and regards
Yours Sincerely

____________(your signature)
____________(your Name)

Note : You should make 3 or more copies of the Application.(1 cpoy for police station record, 1 copy for duplicate Document Application & 1 copy for your own record) Please take care that you should get the report (F.I.R) duly signed by Police Officer In-charge with his name and designation, Police station Address Stamp.


Author: Veena17 Dec 2013 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Thank you for posting this article its a very helpful one.

Guest Author: MANOJ SUNDARAY11 Aug 2014

It helps me to know how the F.I.R was written.

Guest Author: Abdullah khan17 Aug 2014

Thanks a lot for posting the format it helped me a lot.

Guest Author: Rakesh Kumar25 Aug 2014

thanks a lot for providing this information

Guest Author: K.G.Thakur30 Aug 2014

No I do not agree with above type of format. It is a case of information relating to loss/misplacement of documents. It is informatory in nature.
F.I.R. (First Information Report) pertain to registration of cognizable offense only.

Guest Author: Jaya Laxmi15 Sep 2014

Thank you. It has helped me a lot.

Guest Author: RM RISBUD11 Oct 2014

Very useful for common man.

Guest Author: Rajkumar Selvaraj13 Oct 2014

Very helpful. thanks a ton

Guest Author: prabhat Das08 Nov 2014

Many many thanks

Guest Author: lisa26 Nov 2014

Before coming to this site I had visited the other sites as well. But it is the best. Thank you so much!

Guest Author: Sandeep03 Dec 2014

Even I lost my scan copies of Passport too, can I apply for the duplicate passport? I can remember my passport number. Give me some ideas.

Author: kb08 Dec 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Dear Sandeep,

You can apply for duplicate passport. i.e you can apply for re-issue of passport accompanying following documents;
1. Your Date of birth proof
2. Your Present Address proof
3. Affidavit stating the loss of your passport ( annexure L)
4. If you have the copy of pass port, then first and last 2 pages.

For more details you refer the website;


Guest Author: poulomi das20 Dec 2014

This article is really helpful Thank you

Guest Author: gul10 Jan 2015

Car theft police complaint format please

Guest Author: A.chakraborty12 Jan 2015

my cheque book and pass book lost

Guest Author: dushyant15 Jan 2015

Thank you sir. Informative

Guest Author: rahul goyal27 Jan 2015

sir I have lost my purse I have fir to the police station they gave me a copy of my application. Is it valid?

Author: kb11 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


It is valid if the copy of application returned to you is duly signed by Police Officer In-charge with his name and designation, Police station Address Stamp. Because it is a proof that you have already filed the FIR and the same is received by the concerned Dept. So the copy you received must have the sign & stamp from the recipient dept. with date. On the basis of this only you can make any enquiry further. So in short it is an official proof for you as well as a record reference.

If they have not stamped and signed with date on your copy, you can once again approach them and humbly request for the same (don’t argue with them and keep in mind that it is a police station). Carry extra copy with you.

Author: kb11 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Mr. Chakraborty,

I think first of all you should inform in writing to your banker for the loss of your cheque book and pass book along with a stop payment request letter against your lost cheque leaves bearing No. from____ to _____. If you do not know the used cheque leaves, you can get it from the bank only. The bank branch manager will also guide you for further action as per their bank procedure. Then you can lodge a complaint with police station as per the above format so that it will help any future misuse of your lost cheques including any bank employee of the branch who knows this fact.

(Format of stop payment request letter)

Account Holder Name
Full address

Date __________

The Branch Manger,
Bank branch address


Sub. : Stop payment against my lost cheque leaves bearing Number from ________ to _________.
Ref. : My saving Account No. __________________

I, the undersigned, hereby request you to kindly make stop payment of all above subject cheque nos with an immediate effect as the same are lost from my end.
Hope you will do the needful.

------------ ( Account holder’s signature)
-------------( Account holder's name)

Note : Take an acknowledgement copy of the above with stamp and signature of the bank branch authority.

Guest Author: Abhishek Tiwari23 Feb 2015

very helpful Sir can You help me with my boards exam FIR format

Guest Author: Prabhat24 Feb 2015

Dear Sir,

I lost my Driving Licence.
When I went to the Police Station to write an FIR, they first told me to get an affidavit of the lost document from a lawyer then only they will note my FIR.

Is this a valid procedure?

Guest Author: Rawatsinh chauhan22 Mar 2015

I have lost my wallet containing DL pan card when I went to police station 1st time they said u have to write application with attachment of lost document,I made the application attached copy of docs as I had kept scan copy and went to register FIR they said you will have to take stamp paper type your detailed get notarized and give then will register FIR
Please advise me which is correct way to register FIR n also i m doing job n staying in Bhayandr so what would be tyming for register fir

Guest Author: NEERA KAMBOJ15 Apr 2015

Thanks its really helpful for me, my daughter lost his college id proof.

Guest Author: kuldeep sharma16 May 2015

Thanks so much for this magnificent information

Guest Author: ANANG29 May 2015

sir,I have lost my election ID.Kindly give me a FIR format for this .

Guest Author: nagendra05 Jun 2015

What GD VOL number in FIR certificate.It is for applying duplicate passport, is it necessary?

Can any one please tell me if knows it.

Guest Author: Neelam13 Jun 2015

can you give FIR format of fraud against job consultants. It is very common today.

Guest Author: Pabitra Pratim Das20 Jun 2015

Can you give format of F.I.R. for fraud of money against cheat-fund company?

Guest Author: Laddu25 Jun 2015

I want to complain against 3 young people. Because they are doing noise at my home and beating me daily. So please help me informing how to write complain letter to police.

Guest Author: Riju Das14 Sep 2015

How to FIR c-form lost of my company?

Guest Author: hutoka26 Oct 2015

There had been an accident in our locality .Can you please help me with the format to lodge fir..?

Guest Author: murali03 Nov 2015

I had sold my 4 wheeler (yellow plate) and handed over the RC, but ownership was not transferred to the new owner. It has been more than three years. Now, the buyer is not traceable.

Pl help me writing F I R.

Guest Author: Naval Driver23 Nov 2015

The article is party misleading. In the event of documents/items being misplaced/lost, it does not attract lodging of an F.I.R. but only a missing complaint at the police station. The Station House Officer will then make an entry in the Station Diary and will issue a certificate to that effect which will help in procuring a duplicate document from the concerned authority. Only in the event of a cognizable offense being disclosed will an FIR be lodged.

Guest Author: Francis08 Jul 2016

Could you give FIR format against fraud education/study center consultants. It is very rampant and causing mental distractions to the students today.

Guest Author: Akash Asthana24 Sep 2016

Regarding - Buying Second hand I Phone 6 (IMEI: 359256068750970) Email ID locked

I bought one second hand I Phone 6 from OLX Site on 9 Sep 2016, when I formatted that phone, it was asking email id & password. When I called to seller mobile, his mobile was switched off, then discussed with OLX team they suggested first you make a complaint of this issue on your local police station and mail mark to FIR copy on OLX web site. So please guide in registering my F.I.R in the subject matter.

Seller detail has been below mention.
Name: Atul Rai
Mobile no.: 8606365340
Block Email ID:

For your ready reference I enclose herewith
(a) Photo copy of IPhone 6 Bill
(b) photo copy of my Aadhaar Card as I.D proof.

Hope you will do the needful favourably at the earliest.

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