Top reasons to use organic beauty products

Do you use plenty of beauty products and skin care products? Are you aware of the advantages of organic beauty products over conventional beauty products? Please read further to know the reasons for using organic products instead of non-organic products for beauty, hair, lips, skin, etc. Here, I have listed top organic beauty products in India and mentioned the reasons for using them.

Need for proper skin care and beauty products

With the hectic life schedules most of us lead, we seldom get enough time to try home remedies to protect our skin and enhance our beauty. Even when some of us try any home remedies, they fail to implement it on a regular basis. And for any skin treatment or beauty treatment to work, consistent usage of the home methods is a must. However, since not many people can use the home remedies regularly due to lack of time and may be lack of interest, there is heavy demand for ready-made beauty products and skin products. People watch advertisements of such products and get highly influenced to buy them. Once they buy such products, they use them extensively without realizing the side effects such products can have on their body and skin from a long term perspective. You won't even know the chemicals present in your favorite beauty cream or skincare cream. These chemicals are harmful when your body and skin is continuously exposed to them. Hence, there is a growing need to make use of organic beauty products and skin care products instead of the regular non-organic products that you use. In this article, we shall check some of the main reasons for using organic beauty and skin care products.

Top reasons for using organic beauty products and skin care products

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process

    The manufacturing of the usual non-organic products emits lots of harmful chemicals to the surrounding environment and water, thereby posing a constant danger. However, the organic products do not emit so many chemicals to the atmosphere and thus they are more environment-friendly.

  • Absence of harmful chemicals

    The non-organic products may contain several chemicals like nitrosamines, glycol, mercury, polyethylene, etc. These chemicals get absorbed by our skin very easily and make way inside our body. In comparison, organic beauty products do not contain any chemicals that might enter the body and cause harm later.

  • No allergic impact

    The ingredients and chemicals that make up any non-organic body care product have the potential to cause allergies to certain people. Quite often we hear about people experiencing itchiness and skin irritation due to use of some non-organic product.
    Some of these allergies occur instantly, while some allergies occur after certain prolonged usage of such products. One would hardly suffer from any skin allergies after using organic skin products.

  • No artificial fragrance

    It is often observed that most of the organic products will carry a strong fragrance of the natural ingredients with which they are made. In fact, many people even buy them because of the soothing natural fragrance of such organic products. Also, several organic products with natural oils can be used for aromatherapy and massage. But, as far as the non-organic products are concerned, they contain use of artificial fragrances to overcome the odour of chemicals used in their making.

  • Healthy impact during winter

    In winters, the number of skin related problems increases and people have to be extra cautious to avoid dry skin, rashness, dry lips, hair problems, etc. For such a cold climate, organic skincare products, hair products and beauty products act as a perfect protective gear for our skin and body. Organic almond oil and coconut oil are good for the hair during winter. Organic Aloe Vera juice products are also very useful for a healthy skin, strong and shiny hair, etc.

  • Use of harmless natural preservatives

    To stretch the shelf life of the traditional beauty products we use, a preservative called paraben is used. This synthetic preservative can alter the functioning of endocrine system in our body. For organic beauty products, only natural preservatives are used and they do not contain paraben. Such natural preservatives do not affect the functioning of our body in any manner.

  • Provide useful oils as protective skin barrier

    It is believed that our skin is capable of absorbing about 50 to 60% of the stuff that is applied on it. This makes it possible for various chemicals (harmless and harmful ones) from skin care and beauty products to enter our body and cause any potential damage over a period of time. To avoid such a negative impact, it is advisable to use organic products which may contain healthy essential oils like avocado oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc. that act as a protective gear that prevent any harmful chemicals from entering our body.

  • Edible lip care products

    Organic products include edible products to protect your lips as well as make them rosy. Even if any organic and edible lip balms are used extensively, they will not harm our lips or cause any damage if one accidentally consumes it.

The list of reasons mentioned above make it sensible to swap the use of conventional beauty products with organic beauty products. There are plenty of good organic products available in the market and one can make use of them after carefully going through the list of ingredients. This awareness is necessary and will help one to use organic products without worrying about any side effects. Some of the popular organic beauty product brands in India are Omved, Auravedic, Rustic Art, Biotique, Prakriti Herbals, Lotus Herbals, etc.

Please do not hesitate to share any good organic products that you may be using for your skin, hair, lips, etc. and also share any good experiences that you had while using them.


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