How to achieve 9 points in WBUT semester examinations

Getting good marks in any examination has become a basic need in our life, just like food and water. This has especially become a pertinent question for students of WBUT or West Bengal University of Technology. This article aims to give some important ips for this exam.


Who doesn't want to score high in the examinations of WBUT. But let me say a few words about WBUT to those who are not so familiar with this term. WBUT is the university of technology looking after every possible course under technology domain in the state of West Bengal. These courses could be of graduation or master degree in any subject related to engineering and technology. The students get grade points once they pass out this university. The grade is given according to the performance of the candidates in their semester examinations.

All about the significance of high grades points in WBUT

The grade points range between 3 to 9. But definitely obtaining 3 as the grade point is not a great idea.The pass percentage in WBUT is 40. So below a grade point below 3 in any subject will mean less than 40% and hence a fail in that subject. So I guess no students would like a grade point below 3.

Now, even if you don't fail that is not enough. You need to score as much high as possible. So you can say the "9 points" term that I have used over here is basically a metaphor. The higher you score in your B.Tech course in WBUT the better will be your chances to get admitted in M.Tech course. Even if M.Tech is not your ultimate aim, and you are aiming for getting a good job, being a 9 pointer in WBUT helps.

Job and 9 point CGPA

The corporate sectors mostly look for or B.E. or B.Arch. people passed out from WBUT. They fill up around 80% of their current vacancies with the graduates of WBUT and then they go to other universities to fill up the rest of the vacancies. So when they come with the mentality of recruiting freshers in a bulk from certain university, they will not allow people who have obtained very low CGPA. This can be easily comprehended. Remember, you will be competing with thousand other students for may be 200-300 vacancies. So you will have to work hard and obtained as close as 9 points or even more if possible.

How to secure 9 points in WBUT

  • First of all I will give a general tip and that is, please don't be absent for the classes. Classes are a very important part of your curriculum. If you do not attend classes in a subject, you will be have to make up for the numbers of hours the classes were taken. So why do you want to go into such complicacy? If you have real emergency then you can skip one or few more classes as applicable. The moment you skip classes, you will be disconnected from the coherent flow of the subject in the class. Teachers can't repeat anything that was completed when you were absent. So think about the loss that you will suffer.

  • Make a proper routine on how much time you will give to every subject. Make sure that every subject gets same attention from you. Do not miss any subject any day. You may ask how to read all the subjects every day? Assign half an hour to each subject. This will give you 5 hours to go through 10 subjects. The routine does not mean, you have complete every subject in one day. If possible just go through 3 pages of each book every day. On Saturdays and Sundays revise all the subjects covered entire week.

  • Always submit assignments and project works on time. If you delay in submission, you will get lesser marks than those who submitted them on time. This will lead to the degradation of the overall marks. If you are identified as a student who does not do his work on time, then your overall impression also will be bad. This in turn will effect your term end marks.

  • Please go to the official website of WBUT and download the past year question papers. The format of the past year question papers help in understanding the pattern of the current year question papers. If you practice the answer of the question papers regularly and that too in the stipulated 3 hour format, you will have 2 benefits:
    1. You will have the answers ready for most of the probable questions in a particular subject.

    2. You will be able to learn from your committed mistakes while preparing the past question papers. You will not repeat them again.

  • Last but not the least read the Organizer book under WBUT course curriculum thoroughly. This book contains a lot of questions solved. If you match the questions of WBUT past year question papers and that in the Organizer book, you will see a lot of similarity. You have answers ready for all such questions. So it is a big help during the examination.

Will all these helps in scoring high in general? You can score even more than 9 points in WBUT if you follow these steps.


I would like to conclude by saying, getting good marks is in the hands of the student. The more the student works hard, the more is he liable to get good marks in WBUT examination. With this article I tried to structure the possible domains of hard work and thus eliminate drawbacks as much as possible.

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