How to have a problem free and healthy Menstrual cycle

Are you a female facing problems during your Menstrual cycle every month? Do you have irregular periods? Are you facing lots of pain during your menstrual cycle? If your answer is Yes for any of the question mentioned above, you are at right place to read more about it. Please find the detailed solutions for your problem here.

What is menstrual cycle

Menstrual Cycle is a natural cycle which is evident to adult females only. It is a resultant function of working Uterus and Ovary in female reproductive system. A normal cycle denotes the capacity to conceive in any female and it starts from the age of 12 - 15 years. There are many other factors which may affect the age for beginning of the Menstrual cycle.

Problems associated with Menstrual Cycle and their solutions

Menstrual Cycle is controlled and managed by hormones in female's body. So, anything that affects proper regulation of hormones related to female reproductive system will show effect in their menstrual cycle.
Imbalances in hormonal levels may lead to headaches, backaches, irregular bleeding and many more.
Apart from this, there are other factors which also affect the menstrual cycle negatively, These can be stress, extreme work outs, etc.


Skin problem during and before menstrual cycle is very common but the fact that it is not associated with hygienic is a lesser known fact. It is due to increase in Progesterone and Testosterone. Both of these hormones lead to swelling in skin which cover the skin pores and hyper-activate the sebaceous glands. Due to increase in sebum, skin becomes more oily and hence acne appear.
To solve this problem, we have following solutions:-
  • Healthy diet - Having healthy diet is the key solution for most of the problems. Healthy diets increase the protein production named Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which absorbs the extra testosterone and controls the acne. That is the reason Females having obesity problems are more prone towards acne problem and control over eating habits is a healthy solution.
  • Support from Birth control pills - Birth control pills lessens the testosterone and helps to fight against acne. But this trick is not advisable because it is associated with many side effects.
  • Spironolactone - It is having similar mechanism as of Birth control pills. It also lessen the oil production in skin but again, it has some side effects like regular periods, headaches, etc.
  • Some level of hygiene - Some non-medicated solutions include hygienic habits like avoid touching your face frequently. Clean your mobile, your pillow and all other things which come in touch of your face while using.
  • Avoid some bad habits - Some bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, having caffeine in any form are not good for females reproductive system.

Mood swings

Mood swings are again a physical symptom linked with menstrual cycle. The level of mood swing may vary on individual basis from slight to extreme. It is again due to change in hormones levels at different stages of cycle.
Below mentioned are the tips to treat mood swings:-
  • Diet supplements - Flax seeds, Soya yogurt, brown rice, lentils, etc are some supplements which helps in treating mood swings by balancing hormone levels in body.

  • Medication - It is another good option which makes your body to learn how to control mood. It gives positive energy to your body which brings goodness in your mood.

  • Small frequent meals - It is advisable to have small frequent meals in place of 2-3 big meals to fight against Mood swing during periods.

  • Calcium supplements - Calcium supplements have also worked for some. You can have it in natural way like milk and milk products, or it can be taken as calcium tablets. It does not have any side effects for normal dose.

Variation in Bleeding

A normal variation in bleeding is normal in terms of the color and thickness of blood. Many times, females experience clotting in flow and that is more during heavy flow days. All of these symptoms and signs are normal. The color from bright red to dark blackish red is also normal to some extent as this bleeding contains amount of clots and shredded layer of uterus.
Apart from this, if you face any kind of irregularity if flowing or inconsistency, then it amounts to a concern and needs care. The reason can be any of the following-
  • Excess weight gain - Excess weight gain causes problem in body and affects the hormones functioning. This will lead to disturbed menstruation.
  • Thyroid - If a female is having thyroid problems, either hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, this affects periods. She may face frequent periods with flow and she may also face no periods for 2-3 months. It needs doctor's consultation on immediate basis.
  • Excess stress- Excess stress also affects hormones in our body this eventually affects the periods in females. One need to balance her life properly. Tensions and stress should be avoidable to have healthy life.
  • Menopause- It is natural phase, which occurs during age of 45-50. It is the ending of periods and females facing menopause are no more capable to give birth. During menopause, females face irregularities in periods. If it is at certain extent, it does not need extra care but if it is very much frequent and you are facing excess flow, please consult a doctor immediately.

Breast Tenderness

Cyclic changes in breast tenderness are mostly due to hormones, specifically Estrogen and Progesterone. The cyclic changes in these hormones cause changes in breast bringing in tenderness and sometimes with soreness and pain.
If these are cyclic changes, then there is nothing to worry but if you may want to consult your doctor.
Below are the points you can consider to minimize the pain-
  • Using proper supporting bra is the best solution for any problem related to breast
  • Do massage with appropriate oil before going to sleep
  • Exercising regularly is again a non-medicated solution which does not have any side effect
  • Avoid having caffeine and alcohol at least during your periods
  • Have fresh fruits and vegetables and increase the amount of salad in your meal.
  • Lastly, if any of these does not work, go for proper prescribed medication


Having healthy and pain free periods is a dream of every female and its key solution is to have healthy meals and healthy lifestyle.

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Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman29 Feb 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

Well explained by the member about the problem in ladies. A lady only can understand the pain and difficulties of a lady due to which they ask girls and ladies during such situation to avail rest. But some ladies think otherwise and start moving outside with much strain. By utilizing this type of mentality some manufacturers gain much by introducing/marketing sanitary napkins of different kinds. Advertisements display models skip/jump/run etc on using such napkins during periods. Ladies also, without knowing the consequences, adopting this type of lifestyle and face health set backs.

Author: Venkiteswaran20 Feb 2017 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

A good, relevant and apt article on a subject that is important to half of the human population.
Ignorance and traditional, blind, conformity is now slowly giving way to rational analysis and scientific awareness.

In that regard articles like the one here go a lot to help those who need to know.

Apart from the tips and guidance given in the article let me also add that Indian Ayurveda has general and custom medicines for maintaining regular menstrual cycle and reducing the problems and extra pain associated with it. Those who suffer from such issue may consult a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor.

Author: Juana25 Feb 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 8

The periods or the menstruation is a normal biological phenomenon which is usually uneventful. However, some women can face various problems as explained by the author, though, there are a few points that have not been covered:
• Missed periods or delayed periods – If a woman misses her periods it is generally due to an underlying medical cause and in most cases due to conception. Hormonal imbalances caused by the thyroid (as mentioned by the author), diabetes and obesity can cause periods to be infrequent.
• Contraceptive pills are also responsible for altering the hormonal balance in the body and this causes a change in the menstrual cycle. It can cause heavy to mild bleeding and extend the number of days the period lasts.
• A drop in oestrogen levels can also stop periods. Female athletes are prone to this since they do not have enough body fat to support the hormone, necessary for regulating periods.
• Women who frequently have heavy periods must supplement their diet with iron and vitamin C rich foods.
• Exercise is a must during periods. Resting only aggravates the condition.
If problems continue a doctor should be consulted.

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