How to lose weight fast at home with diet and exercise

Losing weight is not a very easy task and it takes lots of time to shed few kilos. Every one wishes to lose weight as early as possible. With lots of patience and hard work it is possible to lose some weight within one month at home. The period of one month or four weeks is a short period but with dedication, proper diet and exercise you can easily shed 5 to 7 kilos in the time of one month. Here are some tips for losing weight within one month at home.

Set a Target & work accordingly

When you start your weight loss program, the first and most important thing is to set a proper target. Check your weight and decide in your mind, how much weight you wish to lose within a month. While you set your goal you need to take into consideration many things like the time you can spend for your fitness and your health. After setting the particular goal about the weight, try to make a schedule for your exercise and other fitness programs. It is very important that you follow a particular routine during this month. You need to remember that trying to lose more weight is not possible within one month. You can lose approximately 1 kilo per week that is per month you can maximum lose 3 to 4 kilos.

Measure and make a record

Before starting your weight loss program take your body measurements so that you can keep track about your progress in weight loss program. Keeping record of your weight and measurements is the best way to understand your improvement towards fitness. It is important to make note of everything. Right from first day, start writing about the target you have set about losing weight, what kind of schedule you have prepared and how you are following it. It is also important that you make note about your daily food consumption also. Keeping track of your diet will make you aware about the calories intake. According to the notes in your record book you can fix the level of exercise needed to burn more calories. You need to note every minor change in your weight or inches, so that you can get encouragement for your next task.

Healthy and proper diet

Instead of eating less, focus on eating proper and healthy food. Diet doesn't mean starving. What you need to do is to keep watch on your calories intake. Take advice of your dietitian and check about the calories needed for your body. When you are planning to cut off nearly one kilo in a month, you need to reduce nearly 3500 calories in a week from your food intake. Avoid eating more carbohydrate and fat food items. That means you need to cut off around 400 to 500 calories from your daily diet. Prefer eating low calorie food. Give first preference to lots of fruits and vegetables that can help you in shedding weight.

What is healthy for you

The most beneficial thing in your weight loss program is to drink lot of water. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables to be fit and healthy. The food that is rich in protein, fiber and vitamin is low in calories. Fiber rich food will make you fill full and you will not feel hungry, this will help you to shed weight easily. Whole grain is the best choice when you are trying to reduce your weight. They can provide essential nutrients to your body and they are very less in calories also. Keep yourself away from unhealthy food like chips, sweets, soda, bread, pasta, rice, energy drinks and other canned food. They can be a big hurdle in your weight loss program. Along with healthy food, consume lots of water. Water will keep your body hydrated and will help you to suppress your hunger. It is necessary to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily

Exercise is most important

Along with diet, exercise plays an important role in weight loss program. You have to spend some time for your regular exercise as it helps you to lose weight quickly and gives a proper shape to your body. Walking or cycling is the easiest exercises you can do daily without much effort. If possible you can join a gym for proper training and advice. Swimming and dancing are also equally beneficial for reducing desired weight within one month. Initially start with few minutes of exercising and slowly increase the time limit as you get habitual to it. Apart from exercising, whenever possible keep your body in movement. You can change small things like using stair case instead of lift, walking when you are on mobile etc.

When you find a change in your weight or inches after a week, reward yourself. By doing so you will get encouragement to continue with your schedule and keep yourself fit.

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Author: Kailash Kumar23 Feb 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

One of the most important factors in a weight loss program is to have firm determination to do so. A halfhearted or dilly-dallying approach is not likely to yield any positive result. It requires conscientious efforts and a passion to meet the target. People generally believe that the health food means tasteless food because intake of high calorie food like fried food or sweets is to be stopped during the weight loss programs and even afterwards. It is a myth to believe that restricted food can be taken and losing weight can also be achieved simultaneously. Doing household chores also helps in controlling weight.

Author: Swati Sarnobat22 Mar 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Fiber diet is one of the quickest ways of burning calories. Eat raw vegetables and perform vigorous workouts or aerobic exercise during the morning and evening time. Some Yoga exercises help in losing weight such as ''garudasan, suryanamaskar, etc. After you get up, you can perform 'manzarasan.

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