Late speech among children- a common issue of today Why?

If your toddler's has delayed speech problem, then you should teach him at home by phoenics method, giving chance to talk, spending time to interact and co-ordination with the other members at home. A mother should always be given the space to talk with the child from tender age.

Today many children are learning to speak late due to several reasons. Usually, parents start worrying if the child is not able to speak after 2 years. The child is able to utter only some words or does not speak at all. Some children may experience problems due to some problems in the throat, larynx or nasal tracts. But most of the children do not have any physical problem. Many children do not speak many words at the age of three because they have not learnt many words. They do not learn many words because they have not listened to many words. Usually, many children grow up in a nuclear family and are not exposed to many people. Earlier, many children were brought up in a joint family or lived as a family member with their neighbors. As everybody is busy with their own routine, they do not even become friends with their neighbors. Many children are isolated today and do not see many people around them until they go to school. In the house, usually their mothers are busy with household chores. Grandparents do not live with the child. Fathers usually go out to work. Hence, nobody interacts with the child for hours together. Mothers interact with their children only when during the time of meals and refreshing the child. Earlier, as children lived with many members, at least somebody kept on interacting with them. So, they do not learn many words until they go to school. When the child is three or more and is unable to speak, the parents start worrying that their child is dumb. They even undertake consultation of ENT specialist to know if the child is suffering from any deficiency. They spend lump sum money for consultation and diagnosis. After spending handful, they realize that their child is absolutely normal. They spend money visiting a speech therapist, but they can try some remedies at home only. In the house all the members should take initiative to interact with the child. If only mom and dad are living with the child, both of them should take interest to interact with the child. Another reason why children not interact today, because the child gets everything even before they ask for it.

Some ways to make a child speak at home

Understand the changing culture

The elders and parents of the child both should understand that the culture and lifestyle of the people is changing day-by-day. Earlier, women performed hard-core tasks for the family and men always went to their offices for work. Usually grandparents, uncles, aunties or neighbors used to interact with the child and take care of the child. But today, people live in small families. But in many houses even today, grandparents of the child or in-laws live in the house. Even today, every elderly person in the house expects women to perform all household tasks on time. Everybody expects that a woman should prepare food on time and also clean clothes, dishes on time. They expect that the house should be always clean so that visitors can come and appreciate. But, they forget that child is left lonely and nobody is interacting with the child. If the in-laws are aged, they cannot interact actively with the child. Everybody at home including husband should understand that a woman should be given time to spend with the child. When she becomes a mother, her role with the child is very important. She should be allocated some time in the morning and much time in the evening to interact with the child. They should be considerate if she is preparing meals or completing chores in the house an hour later or the in-laws should help her as much as she can. If someone interacts with the child more, the child can learn speaking at the earliest.

Mother's interaction with the child

Sometimes a family consists of only three members of father, mother and child. When a mother is constantly working and father continuously in the office, then a child remains isolated. So, during this phase, the mom and dad should comprise with each other to give attention to the child. A husband can eat breakfast in the morning heavily and then return home at night for dinner. Both of them can cook together so that the child is getting enough space. The mother should be able to spend time talking with the child. A mother should interact with the child just as she interacts with the other people from the child's tender age. She should not bother whether the child understands words or not. At this age, a child should only hear, listen and register words in mind. The more the child hears, the quicker he or she can learn to talk. She should remember that she should speak in a slower pace so that the child can effectively listen to the words. When she is preparing rice, she should just say words such as 'i am preparing rice'. Her speech should be effective, louder and she should speak with lots of variations in the tone and in this way, the child can learn speaking quickly. As we carefully and absorbingly listen to the people who speak with expressions, so do the children.

Phoenix sounds

She should teach children every alphabet or letter by phoenics. She should literally produce each sound orally and make the child listen. The child should learn every sound by hearing and observing the moments of the mouth. Then after teaching sounds or letters, she should carefully teach the child some words initially by using phoenics and breaking each word carefully. For eg. apple, she can make sounds aaa-pppp-lll and so on.She can try this when she is free.

Making the child talk

She or even father should always give scope to the child to speak. Do not give the child his favorite chocolate unless he learns to open his mouth and say the word or at least part of the word. Eat something that the child likes in his or her presence, so the child will automatically open mouth to get what he or she wants. Do not strictly give the child if he or she just tries to grab it. Do not give anything to your child when they simply throw only tantrums.

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Author: Sheo Shankar Jha25 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

The delayed speech problem of the child is not an uncommon issue now a days. The underlying cause of the delayed utterance of the child is because of the prevailing atmosphere at home and the chief cause of the same being the nuclear size of the family where the scope of the child to learn a set of new words are greatly impaired. May be both couples are preoccupied with their jobs resulting in less time for the interaction with the children. The servants are not sensitive enough to take care of this aspect and elders living in the families have their problems including the health issues.
The authoress has drawn attention to readers by enlisting all the essential points helpful for children to pick up the words in a more rapid manner. Of all the parameters - interaction of the mother with the baby is more important. Phoenix sound do create a positive impact in the process of learning.
Whatever the methods are adopted, it must be continious one so that the child may pick up the words in a consistent way.
The present article is worthwhile to read and implement the techniques to nurture the learning capabilities of the children.

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