What are the best foods advisable to prevent cancer

The reason for cancer is still unknown. But, the recent studies show that majority of the cancers are linked to lifestyle factors and food habits. If you are a bit careful about the food you consume, it is possible to reduce the risk of being a cancer patient. Here is a list of foods which can possibly prevent and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

What is cancer

Cancer is the mutation of normal cells in the body. When mutation occurs, the normal structure of our cell changes. The mutation starts in one cell of the body and continues to the neighboring cells. When this mutation becomes uncontrollable, it forms a tumor / cancer. Not all mutations lead to cancer. Some of them are harmless.

Treatment for cancer

Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 people are prone to cancer. Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery are the conventional cancer treatment methods. But, the results are not guaranteed. These treatments can cure cancer only if detected in early stages. In later stages, treatments will only suppress the growth of cancer cells to some extend and prolong their lives. Cancer can come back in 3-4 years even after radiation and chemotherapy. The survival rate is less even after undergoing all these treatments and pains. This is because radiation and chemotherapy kills healthy cells along with cancer cells there by weakening the patient. We hesitate to undergo natural cancer treatment methods since they are not medically proven. Following a complementary natural therapy and changing the lifestyle & diet along with the conventional treatments can make the cure faster.

Natural ways to prevent and cure cancer

1. Supply adequate oxygen to the cells
2. Follow a fruit & veg based diet
3. Drink plenty of water
4. Have a stress free mind

1. Supply adequate oxygen to the cells

There is more chance for the cells to mutate and become cancerous when there is a lack of oxygen. Taking deep breath can supply more oxygen to the cells. Practice and follow breathing exercises. Also find time to do regular exercise and stay fit and healthy.

2. Follow a fruit & veg based diet

Everyone in this world has cancer cells in their body. If you have a strong immune system, the healthy normal cells in the body fight with cancer cells and destroy them. If your immune system is weak, then this process will not happen and the number of cancer cells will become uncontrollable and the person will be diagnosed with cancer. Our food has a major role in strengthening the immune system. Include more fibre / protein rich food in your diet. Protein and calcium can improve immune system.

Ideal food for cancer patients

Lack of appetite is common during the cancer treatment. But, it is important to get adequate nutrition to fight with cancer cells. Choose protein and nutrient rich food.
A fruit & vegetable based diet is ideal. Include carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, tomatoes, berries, green leafy vegetables etc. in the diet. Eating whole fruit is preferred than fruit juices since it provide the required fibers. Go for organic fruits and vegetables if possible.

Food to be avoided to prevent cancer

It is scientifically proved that cancer cells flourish in acidic environment. So, avoid eating/ drinking food that has acidic property. Quit smocking since it is one of the main reasons for lung cancer. Consumption of alcohol will damage liver. Here are some of our favorite foods, which are favorite for cancer cells too. Avoiding them can reduce the risk of cancer.

Maida is made from wheat after removing the bran and germ completely, which contains most of its nutritional value. The flour will then go through a chemical process called bleaching. Many dangerous chemicals like potassium bromated, Chlorine dioxide, alum, chalk etc are added to maida while making it.

Sugar, also known as white poison is one of the favorite food of cancer cells. Also, refined sugar highly acidic. Cancer cells thrive in acidic environment. High intake of sugar can adversely affect cancer patients. Limit consumption of sweets since it has no nutrition but high sugar content. Avoid drinking soft drinks since it contain high level of sugar. Cancer cells feed mainly on glucose. By cutting sugar from the diet, the growth of cancer will also be reduced.

There are different opinions about the relation of milk and cancer. The estrogen in dairy products can be a cause for breast and ovarian cancer. At the same time the calcium in milk can reduce the risk of cancer too. Anyway, if you are at a high risk of cancer, it is better to avoid milk and dairy products. Substituting soymilk for cow's milk will be safer.

3. Drink plenty of Water

The blood in our body is highly polluted. Only water can wash away the toxins in the blood. A person should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. The ideal time to drink water is early morning. Drink 2-4 glasses of water in the morning before tea / breakfast. Never drink water along with your food. This will dilute digestive enzymes and you may face acidity and digestion problems. There should be at least 30 minutes gap between food and water consumption. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated always. Avoid eating processed food. The nitrates and preservatives in these food can cause stomach and colon cancer.

4.Have a stress free mind

Stress increases the acidic level in the blood. Cancer cells grow faster in an acidic environment. So, make your mind free from stress. Watching funny movies and videos, spending time with family and friends etc can reduce stress. Have a positive attitude towards everything.

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Author: Adila Kabeer13 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 7

Read the whole article and quite happy that I got some new information. Still adding what I know regarding the subject. Whatever your intake is, it will never help us to cure canser if we already have cancer. The only remedy is proper medication. And like the ads in some sites promises there is no shortcut towards that. However it is possible to keep away cancer cells from attacking our body by having a regular healthy diet and confidence.

Basically cancer is the abnormal multiplication of cells. Thats a growth which we are afraid of. A single mutated cell can affect the nearby one. So healthy cells are the finest option to prevent cancer.

Incliding garlic, berries, tomatoes, leafy vegitables, grains, green tea, beans, grapes and all kind of fibre food wilk reduce the risk of cancer. Say goodbye to drugs and be friendly with fresh juices and raw fruits.

Indians with in the last one decade is blindly behind fastfood. Its the most dangerous cause of cancer. Junk food and tin food also share this status. So try maximum to have organic self cultivated veggies. Those who are lucky to comeout of cancer must follow a cautious diet because as the author mentioned in his article cancercells are so fond of its xlover and anytime and every time you can expect him to come back.

Prevention is always better than cure. So i hope the above article will give a direction to all its readers to take effective preventive measures. Eat to live and dont live to eat.

Author: Venkiteswaran13 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I have my own doubts about mentioning Milk a an item to be avoided. Milk is an essential and useful food and drink from time immemorial. Advise to substitute it with Soya milk defies logic and brings doubt about business interests of the originators(not the article author) of the suggestion.
Cancer is anne enigma still and that which eludes a sure cure because the real cause is also not known. It is not a single one, but a name for many such maladies which the medical profession is not able to solve. It is one dependable word upon which can we thrust full responsibility for some severe suffering of humans from their body.
The best is to try to follow the time tested life style as far as possible.

Author: Purna Prasad Sharma13 Mar 2016 Member Level: Silver   Points : 1

Intake of vitamin E content food helps to prevent cancer.Actually Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and strong the immune system which helps to eliminate cancer cells.

Author: SuN01 May 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 2

Cancer is a disease that no one knows the origin and the cause for it. It is the destiny of a man and he suffers according to the fate written on his pate. As there are no medicines to cure, nothing can take care of this dreaded disease. Few says it is the non-veg food that causes cancer. It is not. Even a pure vegetarian who follows very strict routine in life also suffers with cancer.

Let us not get into advertisement or advice rendered by medical specialists who are also dependent on ads of medical reps to sell their products.

Let us wait for the day to know what is the exact cause for cancer.

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