How to prepare for the examinations

Are you worried for your examinations? Are you not prepared for them? No need to worry, sit back and follow the tips given in the article. These tips would help you in being relaxed and preparing for your exams with the right attitude and in the right way .

Exams are round the corner. Suddenly parents feel the pressure building up in the little hearts of their children. An atmosphere evolves with games and sports taking a back seat and books being brought out of the shelves and given priority over other interests. It is this time of the year when most of the students get too tensed for the studies with anxiety knocking right at their doors. However, children need to understand that it is also the time to react rather than covering up oneself under the blankets and wishing miracles to take place. Parents play a vital role during this time when the children need their support and cooperation.
With objectives in place, it is quite easy to plan the entire preparation under relaxed conditions. Here are however, a few tips that would go in preparing yourself for the exams.

How to prepare well for the examinations

Proper time management

Please start your preparations well in advance so that you do not pressurize yourself too much for the exams at the last minute. Divide the syllabus over days and weeks.

Study in similar atmosphere

Try to study in the same atmosphere as if you were writing the test or exams. Studying in the similar atmosphere and the similar time as if you were writing your exams makes your mind and body ready for the exam. This does help you a lot while you are actually writing the exam. You may feel like just revising your course book where as you are writing the tests in reality

Writing is two times reading

Write down the portions read and completed by you as if you were writing in your exams. This helps you in memorizing your chapters better.

Take breaks in between

Psychological studies indicate that the brain needs a break for 10-15 mins for an hour of continuous study to absorb and process the contents properly and focus again for your further studies. Hence do not try to complete the entire course a single go. Rather take frequent breaks between the course so that whatever you have studied remains with you for a long time.  
You can also use these breaks as a reward for yourself for the completion of the targeted chapters on time. This also keeps you going while you are studying. Some of the easier ways of rewarding yourself is to watch your favorite show on the TV or to browse the internet for 20 minutes.

Health first

You need to be fit and strong to write your exams. Hence do take proper care of your health. Take enough water and other liquids to stay hydrated. Take food at proper intervals. Include enough fruits in your diet. Also you need to have proper sleep so that you are fresh and vibrant to take up the other lessons.

Stay relaxed

One need to be relaxed while preparing for the exams. A calm mind will absorb better. Herbal tea can be a good choice to relax while keeping the body hydrated. Some people also prefer to have caffeine. However, this should be taken in small quantity only.

Positive Thinking

A positive attitude and a fighting spirit should be taken adopted. Try to be with the positive thinking people. You may also confide your feelings with a good friend. However, here one need to be a little judgmental in selecting a good friend least the friend might make fun of you. You also need to avoid negative feelings like everyone else does better; I cannot do it, likewise. Such negative feelings hamper your speed to absorb.

Revision booklet

A small revision note should be prepared from the very first day. This should contain the chapters in bullets in order to have a glance of the entire chapter in a second. This could be referred before going to bed as a summarization of the lessons learnt.


It is always advisable to be regular in your reading habits so that you need not grab unto your chapters on the last day. Whatever be the situation, you need to stay calm and face the situation, be it with preparation or without preparation. Try to follow the tips given above to be able to write your exams properly.
Good luck!!

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Author: Kailash Kumar22 Feb 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 5

Since generally examinations are conducted in written format, its preparation has also to be done like wise i.e. in writing. While reading a chapter in the text book, it appears to the student that the subject matter is known to them, but while writing only a part of it comes out. Therefore preparation for final examination has to be done since day one of the joining the class. Any kind of short cuts or ready made notes will not help. Many times more has to be studied throughout the year so that at the time of examination, at least enough comes out. The final phase of preparation should be devoted in solving old question papers only in an examination-like environment at home.

Author: Sheo Shankar Jha23 Feb 2016 Member Level: Gold   Points : 8

The best way to prepare the up coming examination is to maintain a cool brain and the aspirants should follow the standard text books prescribed for the examinations. By resorting to too many books in the subject concerned, it may create tension. Clarity in the subject is essential and to proceed in the right direction, a notebook enlisting the progress of the study in a particular chapter and incorporation of important points to be elaborated in the examination should be properly logged down. Such a systematic approach would be very vital for smooth preparation.
The authoress has taken pains by noting down all relevant points so that the examination should not appear as a hurdle to the aspirants.

Regular study of the subjects and to have positive attitude at all the costs are the best means to succeed in the examination in a brilliant manner.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman25 Feb 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

In one daily paper, Dr.J.Sangumani, a doctor of Madurai Government Medical College given the following suggestions to the students preparing for examinations:
1.Using Cotton dresses is good. There is possibility of sweating in excess during summer, so it is better to wear cotton dresses.
2.After taking bath, hair should be dried immediately.
3.Drinking more water, that too the water should be boiled before drinking.
4.Not consuming fast foods. Eating half belly food as full belly leads to sleepy.
5.While reading using cleaned apple, orange, grapes etc which energize the body as well brain.
6.Keep the body without constipation. Using carrot, greens, beans etc is good.
7.To avoid tooth ache, brushing twice both morning and night is good.
8.Position of sitting while reading is much important. Lying on the ground/bed and reading should be avoided. Sitting in a correct position in a chair, relaxed position is good.
9.Specs wearing students should wear the specs without fail to avoid head ache.
10.Excess sweating lead to have head ache.
11.Not to wear tight shoes or slippers and avoiding old/wet socks is good.

Author: Ramachandran Pattabiraman02 Mar 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

Sri Ramakrishna Mutt released a book ‘Students! This is for world to watch you’ and the tips to improve in examinations as mentioned in the book.
• Tension before examination and fear of memory can be avoided by relaxing our mind one hour before the examination
• Some students remembers but while enters into the exam hall forget everything. To get rid of this problem students should study the subjects well with clear understanding but without mugging up.
• Many students unable to write in the examinations though studied well. To remove this fear, students should train themselves by writing the studied subjects.
• A question raised in students as writing practicing is a time waste. This is not correct as one time writing is equal to ten times reading.
• While reading one subject the other unread subjects are coming in mind in some students’ case. To remove this problem the students should fix time for each subject and concentrate in the reading subject by having in mind that they are going to study in the next allotted time.
• To avoid distraction the concentration from studying the students should 1. Stop watching Television, cinemas etc., 2.using mobile often 3.wandering outside 4.discussing or thinking about sports and games.
• When having confusion in mind it is unable to study is the complaint of many students. To get rid of this the suggestion is lack of interest and lack of target leads to confusion. Lest, Intention and hard work leads to the level of out of confusion.
• How to get rid of the interferences is the question in some students. For this, the interferences should be analysed whether is from our side or outside and plan accordingly to get rid from this.
• Using Mobiles and computer distract our concentration may be correct on one side, the students should see the limitation of using them with purpose.
• Some students may ask whether individual preparation or group study is better. Answer for this is explained as unless one student have something with him to explain/share with others group study is waste and in such cases the students should study individually to get himself to that level.
• A question rose among the student whether loud study or silently study is better. For this silent study is best as loud study may interrupt others.

Author: Jagdish Patro02 Jun 2016 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Parents play an important role at the time of examinations and during the preparatory holidays. It is quite common that fear and tension would try to find some space at this juncture and a positive motivation is needed from parents and teachers. Time management is crucial one which helps the students to cover the syllabus and make a proper revision and parents have to monitor their schedule periodically. Previous years' question papers and some ready reference should be practiced well and the running notes should be gone through. Reading hours should be strictly followed and early morning hours are best reading time apart from night studies. Proper sleep should be there and night continual study should be avoided before the day of the exam. This results in exertion in the examination hall and chances of forgetting what we have read may not be ruled out.

While attempting the question papers, one should go through the paper thoroughly and attempt the questions which the candidate is sure of and confident. This would help in gaining confidence and attempting the other questions.

Author: Swati Sarnobat19 Mar 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Start preparing beforehand and consume moderate hours for study instead of studying whole day when the exams are fast approaching. Study the chapters in the order you feel comfortable, but maintain a notepad or notebook for that purpose. Whatever notes you prepare should be kept neat and tidy.

Read the textbooks also and find out the assignments behind each chapter.

When the exams are fast approaching, begin revising.

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