Ways to avoid temptations in children

To avoid continuous temptations among children you should teach them about hunger, explain warning signs, giving their necessary dose and not show reactive behavior. The parents should use intellect to solve such problems and reduce their stubbornness.

Today, children get tempted over many things and when they are too young, they cannot understand reality of life. Once they become tempted, they become stubborn. Their stubborn behavior can create a lot of disturbance in the house. The parents or other members of the house cannot live peacefully. They want something that they like repeatedly or they demand excessively more which is not affordable to the parents. The parents also feel irritated if they are not able to comply. Some parents just try to give the child something that he or she wants every time the child asks for it. But in the process, they waste their time and money. A child's temptation should be curbed at the earliest.

Some of the ways to curb child's temptation

Teach your children reality

Teach your children that they cannot receive anything they want anytime. Teach them the concept of money and tell them that you do not have sufficient money left with you because your children are always buying expensive edibles or toys from your money. Take them to the shopkeeper without taking your purse and show them that the shopkeeper is not giving anything because you do not have money left with you. Let them know that money does not grow on a tree. Also, explain to them about health issues saying that if they eat more junk food, then they experience pain and hence should visit a doctor. Show how a doctor pulls the syringe and inserts needle. Even if they cry over something, do not surrender and let them cry as much and realise that they can only waste their energy crying over petty things.

Teach them about hunger

The best way to avoid temptation is to teach them about hungry feeling. Children whose bellies are filled only feel tempted over special treats. A beggar can never ask you to give a chocolate or an ice-cream. He can only beg you to quench his hunger. If your child is over-stubborn, do not give anything to eat unless they are hungry. When they eat something healthy when they are hungry, they feel relaxed when their bellies are filled. Then they do not feel tempted to eat anything junk. Children's chief temptation is usually to eat something junk. When their temptation to eat something junk reduces, then automatically other temptations reduce.

Show them warning signs

You can keep some banners or posters in the house that indicate danger signs. You can show them those danger signs and tell them that people with bad habits always fall into trouble. Tell them that how many adults feel tempted to smoke and the consequences they face after becoming addicts. So, teach them that these small temptations can lead to larger temptations later on and now they should learn to control their mind.

If your child is stubborn to eat sweets or your child is repeatedly demanding for a sweet, then put a teaspoonful of sugar into your child's mouth. So, let them understand the displeasure of eating sweets continuously. If your child is stubborn to eat something spicy, then show them a chilli and tell them to chew it. Then you can explain that by continuously eating chili, you face a burning sensation from within.

Do not show your reactive behavior

When your child is continuously showing his urge over something, then do not react acidly by hitting, shouting, screaming or punishing the child. But you must use your intellect to solve the problem. Just prove them that they are behaving in a wrong manner.

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Author: Kailash Kumar26 Feb 2016 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 6

The positive point to the advantage of the parents is that the children are totally innocent. Neither the children are born stubborn, nor they are born greedy. They are made so by the parents themselves. The parents should discuss among themselves even before the birth of the child as to how they will raise their child in future. As a matter of fact the parents get ample opportunities to inculcate in their child right moral and ethical values since very beginning in real life situations e.g. while explaining to them the value of money as described by the author in her article, they should be explained about the value of hard work, sincerity and education also. It should be made clear to them that through hard work and dedication one can earn money to acquire the object of their desire. The examples of comparatively richer should be cited relating their success to hard work and education.

Author: Juana16 Aug 2017 Member Level: Platinum   Points : 4

It is nice to read something that is so relevant. Parents today do not stop themselves from spoiling their children. They give into their every demand, just so that they can have a bit of peace and to make ‘parenting’ easier on them.

The fact of the matter is that good parenting involves disciplining as well. A child whose every demand is met will never know the importance of things. They fail to value things, because they get them easily. Good parenting includes saying ‘no’ to the child. This is a way of preparing the child for the future – which will have many situations where the child would not get what he wants. A ‘no’ now can a go a long way in inculcating the right attitude in a child.

Children who are explained things learn to understand them better, rather than a refusal without an explanation. Every refusal must follow with an explanation.

Children throw tantrums because they can get away with it and also have their demands met. But, parents must learn to tackle such behaviour in their child. I have explained how this can be done in my article - How to deal with a child's tantrum

Author: Nilesh18 Aug 2017 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

It's true that parents should not allow their kids to become completely stubborn but they should not be very strict. A parent should fulfill some of the demands of his/her child. Parents should be cautious about which demands to fulfill and which to decline. I have seen many children who get completely spoiled when they go away from their parents because they feel this sense of freedom which they were missing with their parents. They get indulge in various bad activities. So a parent should give his/her child freedom as well. You feel anything is bad, show them how it is bad. Ex- If you want your child to stay away from alcohol, give him example of some nearby person whom your kid knows. Show them how alcohol destroyed their life. Don't let these things remain taboo to them, be open with them about everything.

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